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Polo Shirt - USA

(sorted by price before rebate from merchant located in or delivering to USA)

60 External Comments

Black Polo V-Neck. Pink Polo Shirt, Black and Pink Liz Claiborne tie, and my sperrys. Of course like duh (BAMxb*****)

Costume foR CG on friday: white sHorts- bLack adidas poLo shirt- white adidas Shoes- ponytaiL hair- GoLf Hat- Handband.. So simpLe hahaha~ (Michell*******)

Ma swagga: Ralph Lauren polo shirt or white tee, Evisu or Rocawear jeans, gucci prada or Jordan shoes (Yello*****)

ChelceaEasterFit: is a pink Ralph Lauren Polo shirt w/ the U. S. P. A. underneath the horsie w/ some brown Fila hoop shorts and Skechers (Marcjof******)

I really should have bought another 2 pairs of levi's jeans in hawaii, maybe another ralph lauren polo shirt too. (addicted to shopping) (Hcib****)

On 21 I threw away my camabon first one to wear polo shirt n polo hat to my high school prom.. Don't gimme yo numba cuz I aint got a phone (Dstinc*****)

Uknew ur polo shirt was fake u just thought nobody else wud notice (MzWri*****)

DidntWannaTellYou but the horse on ur polo shirt on got one leg (Fingered*******)

Ralph Loren 3-color polo shirt with huge polo logo. Ralph what are you thinking? Oh right I'm in the Cheesecake Factory. (Livespa******)

Ok I got a lotbof things of today a polo shirt a watch 2shirtts and a fitted (Trixsar******)

The cashmere loosely knotted around one's neck over a polo shirt is so newenglanddouchebag. Time to play badminton with Muffy! (Stevi*****)

Polo shirt american eagle jeans and sperrys plus my hair is in a messy ponytail. I feel like a white girl right now (Iamnikk******)

Even when im goin 2 ma fam house i gotta look good polo hat polo shirt true religion jeans nd jordans (SheCallM*******)

Rockin da yellow polo hat yellow polo shirt yellow g-shop polo watch polo khakis. boaw nutin left 2 b said!! (Nuk_pol******)

Feelin like young dro in my pastel yellow polo shirt and my plaid vans lmao. (Int**)

Just cuz you got 1 polo shirt DoNoT make you Mr. And Mrs. Ralph lauren ! (KaybLi******)

Red Polo shirt blue horse, levi's color blue, white midtop forces (THISIS******)

I love it . polo shirt . polo blazar. polo dress pants . and pradas . with a rugby bowtie . i know im drressed all the way up! (JAMEZMA******)

Polo this polo that polo shirt polo hat. im ralph lauren phresh everything polo ya girl ride me like da man on da logo. -phresh (PHRES****)

I just saw a Ralph Lauren polo shirt & these horses are getting ridiculous (MeetMeA*******)

I love it when thrift store ppl don't know name brands. I got a polo shirt and a banana republic shirt the same price as a cato shirt 2day (Kkdav****)

Just witnessed my brother have a mental breakdown because a) he couldn't assemble the ironing board and b) his polo shirt wouldn't iron. (Timeist*******)

Quince tonight. Gunna go buy a new polo shirt. Yellow & black or Blue & black (CRiS_*****)

Goin to the Hagerstown outlets to get some new button downs and a purple polo shirt. (JakeS****)

Think I'm gonna hang on the ave with those lighter than me. Polo shorts. polo shirt with the buttons open. Real South Florida like! (BigMi*****)

Polo shirt, lee dungarees, polo boots, fossil watch, curve cologne. Ready for class 8:30 ugh (1THi***)

Saw a mock version of the Polo shirt but the Poloman was throwing the hooks (Doita*****)

I wish would've got that camo Ralph Lauren Polo shirt I saw yesterday. (The_real*******)

Aight. time to cut my hair then shower up. Polo shirt by Ralph Lauren, Seven For All Mankind Jeans and John Varvatos Chucks= my wardrobe (Curtis******)

Got the blount. bout to get dress.. pink polo shirt black kargo pants, black forces, gold chain, gold polo watch, gold earings.. courtyard (LilDu*****)

Bustin' out the new superdry polo shirt my sister got me as a late birthday gift. looking forward to seeing all the family later :) (Gregg****)

Dinner at the Black Angus. Our waitress was back from vacation. Sporting my new M's polo shirt. openingday is one day closer. Good night. (Dscott******)

Omg! this guy had a striped polo shirt with a wifebeater over it! No (Tkin***)

Going out in a polo shirt in the middle of the night Is not the best idea .. Shouldve worn a jacket (Shutupyo*******)

Fred perry black polo-shirt, casio calculator vintage, fred perry white shoes, levi's brown corduroy jeans -that was yorke style wew! (Reccar******)

Im a romantic shopper. i feel it. just bought a polo shirt frm mint after a week's wait. it was really for me.. (Utakpi******)

Ok yup someone think they are the same he has on a upsa polo hat and a real polo shirt (POZ***)

Dude its spring time. do you really have on a long sleeve polo shirt on in the club (Jal***)

Oka so ilook fly, polo'd down kk so yellow polo shirt whit royal blue skinnies&heart; &,, thee yellow polo shoes- real never fake ;) wink! (Track_St*******)

Shopping in little boys section at Old Navy, saw a pink polo shirt. We went ahead and popped the collar then bought normal clothes for Joe. (Kai***)

My mama just bought me another polo shirt yay but these pant i am not feelin lol but ima wear em just to make her feel good lol (RISKYBA******)

Bob Huggins felt like a polo shirt would be overdoing it today. He almost went with pajamas, in fact. (Schuc****)

Washing G's 1st Easter outfit now: blue/white madras overalls and a white pique polo shirt. ZOMG cute! (Collag*****)

Holding a polo shirt for ransom. Because the boy had OCD am threatening to throw it on the floor if he doesn't brush his teeth. Ha! (Hellc****)

Had to make a stop at the mall, gettin a polo shirt for easter Haha (Pretty_b*******)

Attire 4 tomorrow: Ralph Lauren Polo shirt, AE Flight Plants and some grey chucks! Gotta love being a musician! (JRob****)

That's so col!! I want a purple polo shirt like Pettersen wear on. (A9ua***)

U still wearing girbauds with the 2 straps with a 6x tee & Small polo shirt you're (JustD****)

Dude w the turned up collar on ur polo shirt: unless it's still the 80s or ur name is GordonGekko, give it up baby. It's been played. (Racheli******)

Saw a guy with a neon pink polo shirt with popped collar today playing with his new ipad Your cool factor is completely negative even w/ipad (Jeffbr******)

Damnn shawty u ain't all dat but that female cut POLO shirt is tho lmao (NibbsM*****)

Tempted to buy the new Vampire Weekend album, but I don't think I legally can since I don't own a Polo shirt. (Andygi*****)

Flip flops, swimming trunks, polo shirt, blazer = HAM in the verizon store. (Eleme****)

When you wear loafers and a polo shirt 99.9 of the time you probably are a douchebag (Coolstor*******)

Geez. i wear one polo shirt in ten years and now everyone is wearing them. (AJSte*****)

I qott dat souf side fade bout to get a new polo shirt. mayb sum pants. (Ocbfea*****)

Take a piece of paper & pen, walk thru the house. List 10 items you could sell. Don't forget jeans, polo shirt, lot of 10 playing cards. (Faye****)

Theres an emo kid in a hot pink polo shirt on the corner of the street selling roses ahaha (Leith****)

If I c any1 w/ a polo shirt on and you have 2 men on a horse that r actually playing polo. imslappinu killyoself right now (Vip_****)

You ever put an a polo shirt and look in the mirror and ya nipples are showin (PDie***)

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