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Chambray Shirt - USA

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22 External Comments

Just got the most gorg denim chambray shirt from club monaco! (420gree******)

My wardrobe for the day? A madras plaid skirt, polka dot chambray shirt and sparkly shoes. (Pinkth*****)

Current attire: Viking horn helmet; 3XL chambray shirt; Hooters girl booty shorts. I wish I were lying. (Not_schw*******)

Finally got the Chambray shirt in the wash I wanted . I'm good for this school year now . (_deanna******)

Neverfull fall: Target Chambray Shirt; H&M Faux Leather Skirt; Urban Outfitters Sunglasses ( a target="_blank" href=. (Gloria******)

I'm rockin a chambray shirt and darker jeans and cheetah prints flats let's see how many people don't like my outfit :-) (Liquoric*******)

Today is definitely a grunge day. I'm wearing desert boots, a JDL chambray shirt, Fillipa K cardi, leather jacket & tartan Johnstons scarf (ASOS_*****)

Yeah this all hinges on whether I can find an XXL denim or chambray shirt the Salvation Army. Will need good olive oil too (Jarrod*****)

Definite yes. You should carry around a food processor and pop the collar on your chambray shirt. (Graham_*******)

I finally found a chambray shirt I approve of and got a field jacket. I can die happy now. (_YoD****)

Realtalk my chambray shirt, it's my favorite piece right now I find a wear to wear it in almost any occasion (Rachel*****)

Favorite outfit of the morning: fleece Patagonia vest layered with chambray shirt, riding boots. approved? (Kfa***)

Ready stock chino. denim pants for men n women, chambray shirt SeventhHeaven add pin bb: 278CF57D cc: (Bayu****)

Via Ready stock chino. denim pants for men n women, chambray shirt SeventhHeaven add pin bb: 278CF57D cc: (Iklanb******)

Chambray success today cause I just bought a chambray shirt finally!! cause I bought it a couple hours ago! Ha! (Babyha*****)

So I went through the massive effort of trying to dye a lab coat dark for my Bob costume, only for it to look like a big chambray shirt. (Shut_up*******)

Well, i guess i could wear 'em with a long chambray shirt or something. they are still leggings, so it's weird w/o it. (Lurking*******)

Your home bedazzled chambray shirt so turns me on, Hobby Lobby lady, but I can't risk making the love to your coverage-free self. (Charlesm*******)

Finding AE receipts with schedules written on them in my chambray shirt pocket months after I stopped working (Nuuun*****)

Omg I look like Tyler Oakley too! I also bought a sleeveless chambray shirt today and I just feel so Daniela. (Chictra*******)

Honestly can't remember what I wore on weekends before I realized the perfection of the chambray shirt (Avcl****)

My weekend outfit consists of converse sneakers, yoga pants, a skull t-shirt and chambray shirt. (Mcost*****)

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