How does it work?

Simply, you will save on any online purchase you make at online retailers via this site either by:
a) using special deals, coupons, discount codes you find on this site to pay the lowest price
b) getting some money back (rebate) on the price you paid
c) finding the best price for a product (price comparison)
d) combination of the above

How do I get paid?


Once your Deals Rebates account acquires a minimum balance, you will be able to request the payment. The minimum balance is set at $20 for US, Canadian, and Australian members, and GBP20 for United Kingdom members.

How long does it take for a rebate to be posted to my account?

On average, your rebate amount will show up in your Deals Rebates account within 3 days from your date of purchase.
How long does it take for a rebate to be approved (become payable)?


It may take up to 2 months for a store to approve your rebate. Returning the purchase within this period will result in cancellation of the rebate.

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