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Dog Shirt - USA

(sorted by price before rebate from merchant located in or delivering to USA)

60 External Comments

Im so excited. cousins from Japan'll go here :D dog shirt for ember! :D (Hoolx*****)

I stil have that picture, I've prob told you that a million times, but I'm wearing a puppy dog shirt & ur wearing a blk one. (JadaSch******)

Whimper* I have. *wibble* looked through so many. *whine* websites. *sob* and I can't. *breaks down* find the DOG SHIRT! *dies* (Mturn****)

Yes!! if our co-queen allows it! beware though, as i'm certain that our national costume will be dog-shirt. (Mischa******)

It was fine all morning, thank you very much! I'm stealing your brown fox/lazy dog shirt for that. (Snarky_m*******)

Saw you modeling weiner dog shirt on Etsy this weekend . I have the same dachshund purse at home, ha. (Lucy***)

True! I have a Big Dog shirt that says Just Do It Tomorrow, with the big dog on a hammock! :) (Bourbo*****)

Just came back from the library rocking the RUNNING DOG shirt. chicks were choosin (Brando*****)

Bottom line is it doesn't matter who won because I'm wearing my Android walking the dog shirt! Just so you know. (Wgpet*****)

When i wear my wussup dog shirt you know its gonna be a good day :) (Heyom*****)

Had to send my daughter to sleep in a DOG shirt to be safe from the storms and lightning LOL (Raven****)

Its passing over but it is a boomin & i sent her to bed with her teenage bros upstairs to protect her and wearing a DOG shirt (Raven****)

I actually do have those new Lucky jeans, thanks for remindin me! I'll wear those with my Salty Dog shirt (: (TWSCa*****)

If u wear a dog shirt inside out only u will know its a dog shirt. Its more meaningful that way. (Mmaxine*******)

Help me pick a number ; 5 or 9 ( its the number I'm gonna put on my road dog shirt) (JonasAd*******)

I love my under dog shirt! A lil 5 year old jus askd me wear i got it ahahaha i felt rly cool lmfao (INTd****)

Dam jus waking up omg so dnt wann get read but i think ima wear my under dog shirt! (INTd****)

Look it's simple: when I wake up in the morning I think 2 things: 1) when's my dick gonna get wet? 2) which big dog shirt am I gonna wear? (Roybe*****)

I had a choice between a cat shirt and dog shirt. Picked cat. Now experiencing self-doubt. But I own a cat! He's a PITA. (Caro****)

Okay, hipsters. Are the 90s "back"? Because I've got a Rude Dog shirt, Oakley sunglasses, and some canvas Airwalks just begging to be worn. (Washin*****)

Finally making my Narv Dog shirt. I will be sporting it Saturday in support of my hubby. (Mcca****)

I wore my hot dog shirt the other day & ppl asked about it & I told them u were reaching out to a community of cannibals. (Little******)

Scoop didn't do so well his 1st time in ABCHA Nursery. The sheep were so far away. Honest Dog shirt sales were great, tho (HonestD******)

My mom found a XXL dog shirt for her lab that had the Legalize Gay, Repeal Prop 8 Now! logo. I was jealous. (Buffyne******)

Ha, Nichole just called me, all excited because her Corn Dog shirt came in the mail. Now we can all be awesome together :3 (Jadey*****)

The other day I found the snoop dog shirt you snagged for me when you and pat did his merch. Good ole days. (MAMAHE*****)

No puppies. I told you you can have my face puppy dog shirt that no longer fits me though (Ara***)

Amost bought my dog Davy a dog shirt that says Better Than a Boyfriend!! =D (Just****)

On my want list: Lines. Vines, & Trying time shirt, customized Road Dog shirt, and a Price RACQ Pack Backpack. (ChuckD******)

I just got the new bvb cd :D and 3 skinny jeans and 4 shirts and one is a courage the cowardly dog shirt yayy (TylerRy******)

Watchin courage the cowardly dog in my courage the cowardly dog shirt = ) (2mit***)

Don't forget to wear clean underwear. I'll wear my purple dog shirt. It almost fits again now that I've debloated. (TXCan*****)

I saw a girl at cvs wearing the dog shirt that me and made fun of. LOLIP(: (Cattlel*******)

Just wt out to feed the fat babies(horses) in my stewie pj pants and extra big bull dog shirt (= (Emo_Oki******)

This man is wearing a "These colors don't run!" Big Dog shirt, and talking to someone about termites. (Hotdogh*******)

Ordered new RSArmy stuff on Friday! 2 new shirts, a dog shirt and a button. Can't wait for them to come in. (KaylanTh*******)

Hmm, reptar shirt or courage the cowardly dog shirt tomorrow?? (Sled****)

Yea go get my Upitty negro on Black dog shirt hat an sweater around my neck! (Mann_*****)

Parents just rang from Florida, they went to daytona bike week and there was a dog shirt there saying "I'm not fat I'm just big boned" . (Bowiet*****)

My girl will tolerate collar-ish stuff. She looks so cute with people necklaces. I tried a dog shirt, she ate it. (Emily****)

Ever think about creating dog clothes for Chihuahuas? I'd love to get a dog shirt for my chihuahua! (ItsAma******)

BackWhenIWasAKid . I looked forward to getting my Salty Dog shirt when I went on vacation every year. (TheAusti*******)

To think there is an alternate universe where a Big Dog shirt reads "bark if youre a fascist" (ButtJ*****)

If your Fat and own A Big Dog shirt. I think you should be put down like old Yeller. (JakeGoo******)

This man got a o-dog shirt on and some damn church slacks. He real wack for that (_Jimmy******)

Hhahah i found the dog shirt at walmart and was like "I have the same exact sweater in my closet!!" haha i had to get it (Anno***)

Jamming to sac brown band and wearing my salty dog shirt. hoping to chase this snow away (Macyl*****)

Corso for dictator. I'll get that kid who wears the sea dog shirt to deal with my press (Corsoth*******)

I am not watching the BOS-DAL game. Is Rondo wearing his pink puppy dog shirt? (Cardboar*******)

Imma rock both foams at the same time.. But imma rock a hot dog shirt lol (Mr8o***)

Just realized that rolls up into my house with a Flying Dog shirt on (Caycr****)

Putting a dog shirt on my cat and almost getting clawed in the face too funny lol (Ciara*****)

Stfu. at least I don't look 2 with a puppy dog shirt on and green ugly ass shoes! (_clai*****)

Now gotta mop the floor ' put my dog shirt in the washer & give him a bath . (Justsay******)

If another person wears that ugly givenchy dog shirt i swear. (Twwn***)

If I ever, God forbid, make a trip to 'the Wal-Marts,' I always see a larger person wearing a Big Dog shirt. (John****)

I renued my team jonas membership i am getting my this year free gift from them its rd dog shirt (Simjonas*******)

I just renuied mine i got a gift last year so renuied it so they send me a link so they will send rd dog shirt now (Simjonas*******)

I'll definitely miss her bell ringers, running into her at family video all the time, her big dog shirt, and so much more (HannahS******)

If i die in this rain and hail because i can't see the road bury me with my dog shirt on and and serve soup at my funeral. (JakeS*****)

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