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Bottle - USA

(sorted by price before rebate from merchant located in or delivering to USA)

32oz Fifo Bottle photo32oz Fifo Bottle
$ 9.12 ($8.66 after rebate)

60 External Comments

Damn I forgot her baby bag home. Now I gotta go buy a bottle, milk, pampers and wipes. (Shotta******)

Thelowestdirtiestthing you can do is take ya baby to da liq store ; cop a bottle ; take a sip then put da bottle in da baby bag (LA_GET******)

Ho, ho, ho! Well, if it isn't fat stinking billy goat Billy Boy in poison! How art thou, thou globby bottle of cheap, stinking chip oil? (Ko**)

Things to pack for the regional: camera, extra battery, hand sanitizer, water bottle, safety glasses, side shields, drinking game. (Space****)

Hey wine peeps. Not a huge wine drinker, just accidentally pushed the cork into the bottle. how do you get it back out? (MitchMc******)

I just spent an hour and a half digging a shredded cork out of a wine bottle with a screw, pliers and a hammer. (RubyB****)

FFS. there will be no "Celebration Whiskey" tonight.(the cork in that bottle is mocking me now!). (TheAbr******)

Girlfriend just broke a corkscrew in a bottle of wine. I pulled out a hammer and a nail and pulled out the cork with a screw. HELLYEA! (Hyl***)

So I dropped my cork to the wine bottle, it bounced under my couch, that means I MUST finish wine 2nighr, right? (Jen**)

WHAT the HELL is this? I have a bottle of wine but my cork opener is nowhere to be found! (Jon***)

Just broke her wine cork . Oh well ill just drink the whole bottle. My fast does start tomorrow (Notori******)

Remember pedal-driven sewing machines. carpet beaters. Franklin stoves, irons heated on stove, push lawn mowers,& bottle caps lined w/ cork? (HarryK*****)

OK, I've critiqued an investment deck, and gotten a cork out of a wine bottle. I've been productive enough for a sunny monday. (Mhall****)

Just picked up a bottle of Sierra Nevada's 30th Anniversary Fritz & Ken's Ale. Looks beautiful but it's going in the collection for later! (Timmy****)

Fraud finds its way in the front door--and to China: The 8-inch box held a 3-inch bottle of pills labeled "Acai Berry Detox" and a bro. (Freetri******)

Listening to Bonnie Raitt and about to break open a bottle of wine. (Super*****)

Going to gets me some frozen yogurt. Then have round table fill my whaturr bottle. And sleep. :D (Erico****)

Stupid gerbils, Choco&Vanille, are in major trouble for chewing through their water bottle, soaking their bedding and stinking up my room! (SwinginS*******)

Waiting for old Vegas to light up & I SIP the rest of my yard long margarita. The guy put in a whole bottle of cuervo, small one & then some (Jiizz****)

My moral compass: 'if C- can get away with smashing a bottle across that skank's face, i can totally park here.' Legal sliding scale. (Jenj***)

Sipping some kind of leftover Kefir from the bottle. Extra rinsing Contact lenses. (Lina****)

Um so why is their a guy dressed as a Great Clips shampoo bottle running down my block? (Lilo_AL******)

Quick! Lock the door i found my straight razor and bottle of jack! (Monta****)

Woke to find Advil bottle on the floor next to cat's water bowl. And the cat on counter reading diner menu, pointing at bacon, egg & cheese. (Matti****)

Filthy talkin. bottle poppin. disco rocking. park go. party. i feel life. money and cashmere. these thngs make the world go around (Vally*****)

I feel like I drank a bottle of fire extinguisher last night. Which I'm not ruling out. (Mysweet******)

Watching a water polo game between Seladang and Harimau (D'sara) with a bottle of Barbican in hand and the sun on my face. (Diyana******)

I am quite over trying to find a bottle of propane for this stupid gas grill. George Forman ftw (Joshrb*****)

Glimpsed the gold/white label of a bottle at the bottom of my tote bag. Alas, it was not a Shiner; it was Snapple. (Lithiu*****)

A teeny bottle of common shampoo costs RM4.80. Gone are my Redken days. Cannot afford it anymore T_T (Samde****)

Oh what a terrible morning! My water bottle exploded in my backpack. everything is wet. (Rebs***)

JellyBean is walking around the house with her bottle, her binky, and a Polaroid Spectra SE camera. (Dbr**)

Bottle rockets, power cookies, capsule toys, free parkas, import slingshot, mini donuts, 2am nachos, Beatles Rockband, yesterday and today. (Klov****)

On the way downstairs, saw a worker bringing someone an uncorked bottle of wine and two glasses on a tray. Drinking wine screams hockey fan. (DLoz****)

Yea stooptard got me some food. Opend the box and it was corona salt and pepper shakers and a bottle of tobasco. Healthy. (Macrum*****)

If you had your choice between a bottle of Nickel&Nickel Zinfandel and a Plumbjack Merlot which one would you pick? (Binke****)

Skipped lunch. not go to toilet since 9am. empty water bottle. bad hair. and JUST finished the drawings on time for the client T_T (TfS***)

Interesting. When I have a see through water bottle I drink more water during the day, than wen I can't see the water. Sigg v Camelbak (Rat***)

I just figured out my Camelbak bottle functions as a make-shift Shake Weight. (Cleva*****)

E milestone 1: she can suck water out of a camelbak water bottle. And don't you try takin' it from her. She'll tell you! Mine! (Jimmy*****)

Dear Camelbak, where can I get a replacement bite valve cap for my water bottle? I've broken 3 now. (Lanej*****)

I have a camelbak water bottle that has a rubbery spout that you have to bite to drink. It is almost impossible to spill. I LOVE it. (Jajaa*****)

I've got a Camelbak water bottle I haven't used in a while, and it appears to be clogged, any suggestions? (STLC****)

IF you drop a bottle of wine. Not of. Now, of course no one will believe me that it fell out of the cabinet when I was putting away dishes. (HopefulM*******)

Has anyone seen the new show Cougar Town? The name is unfortunate, but Courtney Cox is hilarious, drinking wine outta a sports bottle!! (ShaRa****)

Bottle is taken care of! i need sumbody to have my water ready and a spunge for my hard to reach places (NoWinnie*******)

I did not know the movies: A Walk To Remember and Message In A Bottle were both Nicholas Sparks books! (UsesInne*******)

Almost done reading "the choice" next will be message in a bottle. I'm half done with Nicholas Sparks books. I love them! (SRS**)

They didnt have the big bottle of red bundy only the yellow so i got the smaller red one (BlackGo*******)

LostS6Spoilers -So if the Island is the cork, what's the bottle, and how will Smokey smash it? (NumberTh*******)

I just discovered that one of the cats BIT A HOLE in the spray bottle I use for cat discipline. My money's on Slippers as the culprit. Brat. (Wyrding*******)

Dang Diego's sister is legit. She can carry a guitar towel water bottle and other nonsense in her rescue bag. Yay Go Diego Go! (Wowitsc******)

I just wanna have a big fiesta with mariachis elotes horchata carne asada my nana singing w/ a tequila bottle in her hand (Glazed*****)

Crush wine bar open in argenta: 318 main st. , n. little rock. by the bottle or glass & appetizers. mon-thurs 4-10 pm, fri-sat 4 -midnight (ASHAH****)

Bought a bottle of new perfume from Burberry called Burberry Sport for women. It smells good! (Mzdana*****)

This bottle of Urban Decay Primer Potion is shaped like something that takes batteries and gives me great pleasure in the wee night hours. (Vina****)

My husband comes home with a bottle of Rebel Yell and Austin Travis Rose. This is the life! (Tizz****)

If I see a twigga with a Pea Coat I'm going to hand him a bottle of Water and Pray for Him (FLYWO****)

Get Ready for Our Last Giveaway 4 for 2night: Weil Baby Bottle Gift Set, Green Babies organic cotton onesie and hat (Iluvmy2******)

Shes used the typical cucumber, toothbrush holder, glass bottle, remote control. shes ridiculous lmfao (KINGTon*******)

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