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Blue Green - USA

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60 External Comments

In Abu Dhabi today. Amazing to see how quickly everything around Yas Marina Circuit has been built. Love the blue-green sea in AD, beautiful (Jenha****)

I've got pink/golden, turquoise/silver, blue/green/white/silver and brown/turquoise/silver. All done and waiting to be covered with polish)) (Trisk****)

Just saw the sexiest white boy.. tall.. blue green eyes.. sleeve tattoo.. ooh baby! Hahaha (Teon***)

Blue&green to school tomorow. whats the betting hunners ae folk'l have a blue jls hoody on "/ (_wils****)

So far in the family she is my favorite . She is very lucky she has Blue/green eyes , its very attractive , :) (ShaniiM*******)

UCSB at CalPoly is part of the Blue-Green Rivalry Series. Will be a good match between teams that love to compete against each other. (BigWest_*******)

That orange blue green called my mom up and wants to see her tmrw. LOL. Owned. (Sevent******)

Blue green red yellow orange pink o and white thank you GOD for all the pretty colors! (Becca****)

Bourbon blues on the street, loose and complete under skies so smokey blue-green. (Elam****)

Realized that the staring was due to my putting ketchup on the sundae, not the too blue-green dress. (Azra****)

Red meat is _not_ bad for you. Now blue-green meat, *that's* bad for you! (Rs23s*****)

I'mso gay. =)) my nails are alternating colors of blue-green and red. xd (Islovet*******)

New stock tokyoflash pimp2 for woman! ukuran lebih kecil warna led banyaak (red. white. blue. green. yellow). available silver and black 400idr. (Dimasad******)

And that's what I get for inadvertently wearing blue/green pj's tonight. Sigh. Let's go Coyotes! (Cass****)

So I was wondering if anyone knew what time the hunt for all blue/green eyed, blond, Christian right-wing terrorist nuts starts!? (Liberal*******)

Some douchebag kicked my thigh so hard and it turned blue/green within 5 minutes (Fueledb*******)

Its not real modeling if u have really bad hair (aka pink, blue, green), Giant hair, Giant hair bows, bad piercings etc. thats trash. k bye (Kelly*****)

Happy birthday to vicki peerless at venuefinder. com / blue&green (Doug***)

T. observed that I prefer men with watery blue-green eyes. I guess it reminds me of where I'm from. (Copious*******)

The blue green algae 'red alert' has been lifted for the Murray River from Hume Reservoirto Wentworth. (ABCMildu*******)

N urhair is black. blond. brown. other. n ureyes r blue. green. black. brown? darkbrown. other. i like all:D (Afaca2******)

Last night on NET I scrolled the rainbow~red~blue~green~brindle. Reminded No matter how you vote a politician is elected. Damn Shame! (Mush****)

His fingernails are uber fun, too 8D They're long and blue-green, and shiny, and gay, and . . . (AdorablH*******)

The world is no longer blue and green but blue green and yellow. (Wep***)

Yellow+Blue=Green. As in, the thick layer of yellow pollen has turned my blue car a nice shade of green. (Debha****)

Bout to go to vlados shoe store and get me some spectros 3 i might get red. black. blue. green. and gray (Jerki*****)

Oy its storming really bad. im charging my phone just in case the power goes out. the sky's a really weird color. sorta a blue green. :/ (Thecaba******)

Eating an Easter egg. Now my hands are stained with blue-green dye. (Donteat*******)

One of my guitar hero songs is on. hit me with ur best shot green green green red yellow blue green green green red yellow blue (Megs****)

Esterday was a pretty cool day, I went to sea was super ..,, then went to a river the water was beautiful blue green color had was super . (Andream******)

I Had 2 Choose Between Blue Green Yellow Or Red 4 my Nail color i wanted all of them but mum said was being awkward So it had 2 Be Bluee x (Lauren******)

The jon spencer blues explosion "blue green olga (remix)" (xtra-acme usa) (Erikad*****)

He says (about his mom): "She made my baby food and had me on blue-green algae probably since I was in 3rd grade. (Iansom******)

My fingernails nail polish color is blue-green and my toenails nail polish color are light blue and light pink :" so cute : (Thunder*******)

My wallet needs a hug from those blue green and yellow bills. Kya. (Princess*******)

I'm in between pink-blue-green and that Hollywood style: pink-blue-red!! Which ones? Please Help (WhoIAm_S*******)

I decided to go with a blue/green polo levis and black/ red griffeys today. as usual almost everyone else is in sweats and gym shorts smh (E_goi****)

Today's greensmoothie is Parsley, Bee Pollen, Blue Green Algae, Apple & Pear. Yum yum! (Dannyv*****)

New Solotica colour just listed, MARINE blue/green in the Naturals range, see online store link via profile. (Solo****)

Stay San Antonio Texas, my fav colors are red, blue, Green, orange, yellow, and Purple (KELL****)

Interesting: The blue-green spectrum in that drawing is similar to my view of foxfire; it generally falls between those colors. (Fenri****)

There's a horrible greenish, browny, dark Khaki coloured stripe on my otherwise Blue/Green/Purple duvet cover, it needs to go. (MrSc***)

Fact 3 my eyes dnt hv any color. those are always chanching . blue. green. gray. (Katab*****)

Shoutout to the girl in the library with a big ass red hockey jersey, purple tights, and navy blue green and pink argile socks on! (A_Ra***)

Going to paint my nails. just can't decide on a color. Crown royal purple. blue green. or hot ass pink (LilyIn*****)

Your wall art piece is so neat! I think you should make some more in summer colors! p. s. I like blue & green ocean colors ;D (Amystw******)

I am a yugoslavia killa german bricks I am a yugoslavia dealer paint killa blue green chevy navy seal marine ready (S3ll****)

New limited edition ghd's now in choose your destiny. blue. green. purple and red! they are gorgeous! (Creat*****)

Yes. Fun fact, the senior crayon maker at Crayola was blue-green colorblind. (Mor***)

Omg my life is semi complete. I saw da lite blue, green and red suede heels at steve madden and i want them. (Tcoo****)

Just found some more of my comic books and Magic cards. Ah, Magic the Gathering. how I've missed playing Blue/Green Madness. (Dannyng******)

Bubbling white clouds foam around the blue-green horizon, marking the boundaries of otherwise unblemished blue. (Weathe******)

So if it the kingdom key? ( cuz i have modeling clay w/ red blue green yellow) (Dee_***)

The body is in grey and the stripes are in a light blue-green (Knit Picks Comfy Fingering in whisker and sea foam). (Rachel******)

FASHION: Emerald-green pants with fleur-de-lis pattern and black short-sleeved mock turtleneck, blue /green fingerless gloves! (BuzzyB*****)

I'm a get a custom pendent made thats iced out with the words "I like things" in blue, green and purple diamonds lol! Stunt hard bb! (CaseyA*****)

Incredible striped, blue, green, gray tie on QVC host. Nice, blue suit, but white shirt (some color best). (Pass***)

Like Victorian Era draperies? Add lace, elaborate swags, fringed valances w/ ornate cornices, bold colors like burgundy, blue, & green (Iri***)

Color your world with a dell laptop available in blue, green or pink. 3gb memory, 320gb hdd, amd dual core processor. ask an agent included! (BestBu*****)

Just bought an amazing ring with a beautiful blue-green druzy stone from The Market NYC in SoHo. Designer: Kim Lyons (PTris****)

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