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Blue Floral - USA

(sorted by price before rebate from merchant located in or delivering to USA)

5 External Comments

Found cutest blue floral spring bag at target that seemed so uncharacteristically them, then realized it was a liberty of london. Go figure. (Redpe*****)

Cute girl on redline cta belmont, im sorry im a wuss and didnt say hello to you and let you know how gorgeous you r in blue floral dress! (Willo****)

Random : My Dad-in-law-to-be wants to know where got his shirt - the blue floral one he's wearing on QI now. Any ideas? (BeadsB******)

Oh dear woman on bus is wearing a blue floral dress underneath a purple coat. Maybe I should pull a GOK WAN on her. (Matth*****)

Anyone in need of a blue floral couch. It's not the greatest, but you could put a couch cover over it! They're antiques;) (LaurenCa*******)

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