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60 External Comments

The ewolski Tracker is back due to high demand from Krowny, Blue, Frank "The Tank", and SVI. (Ewolski*******)

Whichever fricking genius decided to make a neon blue light for a laptop charger needs shooting!! (Helennn*******)

Anyone want to trade Lamy ink cartridges? I have blue. looking for . not blue. (DIYS***)

InSchool there was a boy at the back of the class who used to eat ink cartridges. his lips used to go blue and then he'd deny it :| (Davi****)

Going to attempt to change the ink cartridges.. They need it. I did payroll this morning and they printed with blue ink! (Msper****)

Don't know if it's a boy or a girl. The baby bag is blue n red too. So I asked how old is it? Is that messed up? (_cArLit******)

Feeling a little blue again, my sunglasses are like a todlers security blanket (LaVi****)

Picked up all the party supplies for this Wednesday! Green and blue jello shooters for all :) (The***)

So the shirt I'm wearing is a Tiny bit see thru n my bra Is blue. I think I should put an undershirt but it's gonna look funky lol (MzRi****)

Now playing on low mercury: sinetone ''blue moon'' (from water music records) (Groo****)

Green the grass, blue the sky, puce and fuchsia the giant inflatable Easter eggs. (Bluegra******)

Yo auto kids dont forget april 7th new york knicks day even if you don't like them rock the blue and orange. (Theradic*******)

So my decision is tennessee state university! big blue tiger pride (Thadde******)

The Columbus Blue Jackets recalled D Grant Clitsome today. When he gets to the rink, I hope Claude Noel can find him. (The_Ro******)

Grant Clitsome has been called up from AHL Syracuse by the Columbus Blue Jackets. (Fantas*****)

Get your souvenir sweater: The Columbus Blue Jackets have recalled D Grant Clitsome from Syracuse (Rustymi******)

Watching the George Tech Yellow Jackets, anyone remember when the Columbus Blue Jackets used a logo with a yellow jacket wearing a blue one? (MAD_M*****)

Good to see the Columbus Blue Jackets are back to the good ol' days of pumping opponents' star players in order to sell hockey tickets. (Johngu*****)

I'm having a great time watching the Columbus Blue Jackets play tonight. Thanks to Clarke Price for the tickets! (Jpryst*****)

Nashville Predators vs. Columbus Blue Jackets tomorrow night, Spring Cleaning Sunday. Just gotta get these 8 pesky hours out of the way. (Jroll*****)

Columbus Blue Jackets have applied to host to the 2013 NHL All-Star Game. Blue Jackets host the Wild tonight at 7 PM. Garon to start in goal (LNShoc******)

Columbus blue jackets: signed forward matt calvert to a three-year entry level contract. (Raih***)

Nhl columbus blue jackets: signed forward matt calvert to a three-year entry level contract. (Transac*******)

Was vip w/ cpd and columbus blue jackets. pics are on my facebook page! and yes, rick nash and i are my new fb profile pic! i am so lucky! (Babyl*****)

Columbus blue jackets, washington caps, ottawa senators, gren mtn glades, waterloo, green bay, sioux city. (Beantown*******)

NHL Columbus Blue Jackets - Rick Nash, Lower Body, Probable - missed last game, is upgraded to probable Friday (3/19) vs Minnesota (Injuryr******)

Today, 2002 Brittanie Cecil 1st NHL fan fatality due to action on ice. Hit by puck 2 days before Columbus Blue Jackets & Calgary Flames. (Metca****)

Matt Calvert has signed a three-year, entry-level contract with the NHL's Columbus Blue Jackets. (Wheatkin*******)

Blue Jackets and Crunch to split? C'bus Dispatch is reporting that the Columbus Blue Jackets are about to sign an AHL deal with Springfield (TheSco******)

Congratulations to Matt Calvert of the Brandon Wheat Kings on signing an NHL contract with the Columbus Blue Jackets. Great job Matt (TitanSp*******)

Nhl columbus blue jackets: assigned forward maksim mayorov to syracuse (american hockey league). (Transac*******)

Today, 2002 Brittanie Cecil, 13, was hit by puck watching game Columbus Blue Jackets & Calgary Flames. Died 2 days later. God Bless! (Metca****)

Newest post, "edmonton oilers vs columbus blue jackets live stream online tv free nhl march 15, 2010" - (Getus*****)

I just had the best time at a Columbus Blue Jackets game. Free tickets in the Columbus Dispatch Suite with all you can eat food. We won 5-3 (Voge****)

I'm at the Columbus Blue Jackets game w/ my girl =D already been one fight! (Sweet_Up*******)

Good afternoon everyone. I'm at the Columbus Blue Jackets/ Edmonton Oilers game tonight. Box seats. (Voge****)

Oilers Devan Dubnyk will get the start tonight against the Columbus Blue Jackets. (Dhousto******)

Ok blue dress black tights. a necklace or a belt. hm. would both look bad?. (Browne******)

Blue eyed surfer swag, shell necklace flip flops, and his golden brown hair, my new conquest. HIM shesh (Aolan*****)

Los angeles dodgers 4 anaheim angels 0 muahahaha (final) thats right the blue ftw (IRVING*****)

My House blanket (I swear to god I got one of those blue hospital blankets) and my electric blanket are out of the dryer now. YAY! (Cinnab******)

This girl has on a camo jacket with the bottom of her hair neon blue. Can anyone else say poser?? (Killin******)

In Wal-Mart, I got asked if I worked there. I hope it was the blue dress shirt, but I think it was the aimless wandering looking confused. (Ihbcp*****)

Playing pokemon blue that aleksi let me borrow & phoenix wright on this emulator i just downloaded : D oh snap im all good (Chumo****)

Playing pokemon blue. I'm going to try to get some more cards at walmart. (Emilee*****)

My Game Boy Pocket still works! I have Pokemon Blue, but I can't find my copy of Gold. (Audi****)

Time and again I remember thinking "Is it weird that I learned what Light Years are from Pokemon Blue?" (Lunari*****)

Day 10 cont: pokemon i migrated. Mewtwo, Atricuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Muk named gump, and rhyhorn. the legends are from my old pokemon blue (PokeBl*****)

Took me 5 mins to open pokemon blue. im still trying to fecking open pokemon crystal! damn you security screws! (Owl***)

I wonder what Obama's doing at this moment. He's probably playing Pokemon Blue Version! :) (Chrono*****)

Inschool it was pokemon blue, or pokemon red. what was the bloody difference?! (MaveriqO*******)

My DS erased my Pokemon Blue save file. Curse you cheap chinese flashcart and substandard MicroSD card! (Byakure*******)

Charging my batteries so i can play pokemon blue on my gameboy :D (Loba****)

Orz just played through all of pokemon blue over 12 hours. only taking breaks to play WoW. Oops. /goes to bed (Cher***)

I had a dream that I had a Gameboy Color with Pokemon Blue. It made me cry. (Xcrazyar*******)

I just bought a super nintendo, pokemon blue, zelda oracle of ages, and secret of mana. (Aslj***)

Emulating pokemon blue on my ds to get in the mood for hg/ss's imminent eu release. (Byakure*******)

Kid next to me on the plane has pokemon blue version, and 3 gameboys. This is bullshit. (JackH****)

I miss pokemon blue, I miss my Squirtle called Dave and his sidekick Marvin, the Kakuna. (Lucien_******)

This one time I was playing pokemon blue and I accidentally put my favorite pokemon in that day care thing. Sad. Day. Wouldn't give him back (AnnaLo******)

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