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60 External Comments

Oil change done. New air filter. New wiper blades. Air pressure checked and regulated. Feelin great! (Ceo***)

Did an oil change, changed tha air filter, changed some windshield wiper blades. thats about as much as i work on my truck. wasup (Chad****)

Best will ferrell film(0- land of the lost)(1- blades of glory)(2- talladega nights)(6- anchorman)(6- step brothers)iPhone. android (POPAn*****)

Just how DO the Blades of Chaos stick to Kratos' back when he's not using them? I see no mounts or straps. (Teda***)

Still assessing the Venus Embrace, but it was lots better than Mach 3 that needs new blades. Yeah yeah, Mach 3 was a "boy razor". :P :) (CatGir*****)

I am totally rocking my suit today. My cuff links shine like diamonds. My creases sharper than razor blades. My tie screams power. Engaged! (DanGu*****)

Also swallowing razor blades, or so it seems, thanks to atest germ warfare fallout from weekend with lovely - but snotty - little people (Susangre*******)

Good Morning Mum, you moody cow. And no school today, head feels like it's full of cotton wool and my throat feels like razor blades! :( (Madis*****)

Super glue is sometimes better than a band-aid. cautionary : when you slice polymer clay canes, be careful. razor blades = sharp. (Smitt*****)

What did I tell you! Quinny bundles it in! blades in voice now. Come on! (S24**)

March Madness in Window tinting Just received a shipment of window film tools ready for resale at wholesale prices Olfa knives and blades (Globa*****)

Now spring sprung into action. basking skin in sunny satisfaction. sleepy dew drops rest on blades of grass, looking forward to some lafs (Partyo*****)

My friend just shook Ruben Blades hand. I was at the water fountain, saving a plastic bottle from existance. (Reli****)

Tell me why me & Hillarie just pulled a Napoleon Dynamite and I pulled her on roller blades with my beach cruiser haha. (Rachela******)

How does one cut their lip on an electric razor? By trying to kiss the sexy blades (Natesi*****)

Who makes a weight bench only big enough for a child?? My shoulder blades feel like i've been sleeping on lego! (Beards*****)

OH:"I used to have a whole drawer of razor blades" cutter? Hair problem? (Dantem*****)

El Tigre needs to send Jesse James a nice sized Nike gift bag. Some of those sweet Nike Blades, a signed golf bag. A shoes for life card. Etc (ISPS****)

Dam it was 20 laws after a grey Nissan altima or maxima wit blades. yeah they got that boy.. (Marc_****)

Damn, is that song, Need You Now, sold with razor blades? 'Cause that's a wrist slitter for sure by the 10th play at 2 am. I would guess. (Becca*****)

Grab an empty garbage bag. Strap on yer roller blades. Let the bag be your sail & the wind will take you for a ride! (SegaJE*****)

I almost ran into some man on the street with roller blades.. he called me a heartless wench. ha.. haah (TinasC*****)

Haven't used my roller blades since 20. Something tells me this evening exercise could be more intense than I'd like it to be. (Nomadde******)

I wish I had my roller blades already.. I'd be rolling around Fresno right about now.. (MissC*****)

At Island Park, Alexis is on her roller blades, me? I am just walking. The sun feels great though it is a little breezy at times. (Purpl****)

Smh only a white person would let a car pull them on roller blades down beacon St! Yea you're cool pal (LadyB*****)

Next thing ya know -- no bicycles, roller blades, football, hockey games, swings - In UK, they send safety insp into people's homes -- YES (Carolina*******)

Kid in my accounting class just came in late wearing roller blades. Everyone just stared. (LHaw****)

I just saw a guy on roller blades skatin around campus. Bahahahaha (Briana*****)

Roller blades: check. Sunshine: check. Helmet and knee pads: no way (Sdow****)

I see dudes on roller blades. How many lagos roads are fit for that. Oh, I rmbr, give ozumba a try! (Lilb****)

Aww, I miss the days when I was playing with my scooter & running around with my roller blades.. (Alltim******)

Remember that time I spent years working on my invention in the garage only to find out that roller blades already existed? (Jim_Ha******)

Wowie wowie. skiping the roller blades homegirl is treating me to the spa (RLEG****)

So I'm drivin by the beach and 2 dudes were about to square up. problem is one of em had roller blades on. Pride comes before the beating (Itsk****)

Capndesdes: nathan is playing ddr with roller blades on. what a badass. (C_A_I_T*******)

Give me supermans cape a kite an roller blades an i can go anywhere with this wind. (Smok****)

A dude should never be the guy at sonic wearing roller blades delivering the food. You just look gay dude. (Just_****)

Students at SimpsonCollege broke out their roller blades this afternoon with plans to hit the town. (CGli****)

Gillette fusion blades are expensive as hell ! Might need to holla at a booster ! (NeilTh******)

Half the blades on cooling pad are broken & it doesn't work. Darn men. I KNEW there was too much power in that thing! (IowaGram*******)

And some guy just died in an ice skating accident. I have a phobia of ice skates. WHY would you wear shoes with razor blades attached?!! (Misguide*******)

Haha, in walcha (NSW) people are getting around on roller blades and not skateboards or bmx bikes. (Kirstin*******)

See ya shruggin, i pizza oven ya shoulder blades, or throw grenades at ya nana's bingo parade. (Merlie_M*******)

TONS of spring cleaning done today. Oil changed, mower blades sharpened, motorcycle battery installed and started. Tacos 4 dinner soon. ;-) (Speedm*****)

Was surprised to see the Minotaur shopping for windshield wiper blades at Advance Auto Parts this morning. Who knew he drove?? (Robert******)

This mf at advance auto parts asked jokingly "seriously" when I told him to install my wiper blades, the sign does say free installation. (Michae*****)

My bf and his rc helicopter is starting to annoy me =.='' dah la kena the stupid blades on my feet a few times =S (Lima****)

Then, the sparrow flew to the electric fan and got killed by its blades. And oh, it's head was cut in half. (Heyf****)

Forgot to check that both blades were in my bread machine before mixing my Easter bread dough. Disaster. Lemon Anise smells so good though. (Spinde*****)

My second favorite household chore is laundry My first fav is being hit in the head repeatedly by the ceiling fan blades until I faint (2twit4*****)

It's a really good idea to check the fan blades for dust prior to turning a ceiling fan on for the first time in five months. (InsidePe*******)

Art shops always make us spend more than we intended to. Paint pans, paper, crayons & a copy of Elle deco. All we needed was scalpel blades. (Present*******)

I haven't used a corded phone in years. And do let me know when the blades are purchased. (Kwalifi*******)

Getting my lawn mower tuned up for the season. Hoping some new blades will be my ticket to not having to mow as often. (Myfau*****)

Fyi: willf movies i like: elf, zoolander, anchorman, talladega nights, curious george, stranger than fiction, and blades of glory. the end. (EmBo***)

Couple of projects completed: changed mower blades, replaced fuel tank on old garden tractor. Great day! (Wayne*****)

Everythings titleist except for my putter! Had the scotty cameron but changed it to a ping! Looking at the ping blades now:) (Sportsm*******)

I'm used to messed up corners. This room has wavy walls. 3 drinks, break out the scribe, and destroy some jig saw blades. (Bruce****)

Changed the oil in the John Deere lawn tractor, sharpened the blades, cut 2 acres of grass. hot chocolate on the deck. hor bath.:) (Greenlan*******)

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