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Black Metal - USA

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60 External Comments

Anyone happen to have a copy of the black metal doco Until the Light Takes Us? (Weirdtu*******)

This is great: "anti-life, anti-man" aahahaha just read that on a brutal black metal album comp! (Silen*****)

How do the words: gold studded fanny pack & black metal mesh fanny pack make you feel? bc we have them, no shame! style + convenience! (Goodbu******)

Nowplaying Profugus Mortis - The Beauty of this Form, excelente Melodic Black Metal | (Gab***)

Does anyone have an archive (or a place) to get black metal pictures? hahaha, seriously. (GregM****)

Apparently there is a black metal band called Twilight. I guess they have been around for a few years. Talk about band name regret. (Rogerme******)

Reading, again, about the mentalness of the Norwegian black metal scene makes me think there's a great 'black' comedy in there. just me then (Garyswi*******)

It's hard to interview a badass black-metal band when your toddler comes in asks you to kiss his boo-boo. (Chrisp*****)

Good news. Until The Light Takes Us (black metal doc) is playing at Derby Quad starting 30/4. Anyone want to join me at the altar? (Topf***)

Ah.. that actually was good for my throat. To do abit of "hell voice work" aka Black Metal singing. :) (SubLe*****)

Wondering if black metal is the appropriate palate cleanser for new Erykah Badu album tomorrow. Leaning towards a negative response. (Thebas*****)

Black Metal Knight. teringat masa2 Rotting Christ, Bathory, Gorgoroth, Behemoth, Dark Throne, Thirsty Blood (sidoarjo) (GanisSa******)

Xasthur disbands :( A chapter in the history of black metal comes to an end. (Gojk***)

I find it hysterically funny that i went all the way from black metal to pop 8D (Blingbli*******)

Just listening to the greatest Black Metal band of all time: Living Colour. (Spasti*****)

Bastard Sapling: wow that was amazing! Wall of atmospheric unrelenting black metal sound. Beautiful yet abrasive. Plus a human drum machine (Boblove******)

Billy Gibbons in the last ep, now Stephen Fry and Norwegian Black Metal bands. Kind of loving it. (Embe****)

London show canceled due to volcanic eruption! how black metal is that!! (Solst****)

Tavaran reminds me of some obscure, underground german black metal from the 1990s , early paragon belial, nordlys, early goat of mendes. (Superna******)

Ooh no wonder I see alot of black metal people here around Whitesands, cause Lamb Of God is performing Downtown East! (Ramr****)

Just got a call from with something like "hey, wanna hear something black metal? there's bats outside our studio." LOL (Skelt****)

Wew, gw masuk mana jes?? hardcore? black metal? jazz? atau malah melayu?! (re:people's behavior into types of music) (Harryw******)

Wew, yaudah search youtube, soal irish black metal, seru sut, satanic abes.:p (Abradka******)

We have achieved shadow puppet stage at the black metal show. There's no going back, is there? God I hope not. (RyanDaw******)

So I'm addicted to this whole black metal thing . went from Researching Norway in Geography class to finding mayhem and burzum. plus (JesseL******)

Until The Light Takes Us is a solid movie. If you want to know about black metal and helvete - then watch it. (Har***)

Escuchando el "Holy Bastards" de Execrais, black metal mexicano. (GustavoA*******)

Home now. Watching documentary called 'Black Metal Satanica'. really cool. If you don't understand y 'we' like this music, this doc explains (TheCanu******)

So i was listening to this symphonic black metal band that seemed real serious, I mean, with them corpse paint and armors and (Varg***)

Ive been in this mood of wanting to jam some black metal? Behemoth sounds appropriate for this. (Jppois******)

I was listening to some black metal on youtube, and my mom comes up behind me and says, "Felix, what the hell are you watching?" (Chmi****)

In TO with and to see Ludicra. Local openers Empyrian Plague are ok. Described as "hick black metal". (Heavyme*******)

A los que les gusta el Doom Metal, pero con aires de Black Metal, les recomiendo el disco "In the Shadow of your black wings" de Bloodthorn. (El_Hombr*******)

Now playing Venom - Black Metal on Xtreme Annihilation Radio (XARa***)

Can you just play Norwegian Black Metal whenever you show Sarah Palin talkin'? Easier on the ears. (BstiN*****)

Just watched "Until the Light Takes Us." Documentary on Black Metal. 2009's most boring film? Probably. (Drug****)

Me and my natasha rocking it to gorgoroth black metal ! -Blind/beast (Blind*****)

Going to build a cross that will be used to crucify a bunny at 's show tomorrow. Black metal fans shall be pleased, no doubt (Sakur*****)

Nowplaying Coldworld - Red Snow, de lo mejor del Deppresive Black Metal | (Gab***)

What if i want to teach 1 yr olds about bone grinding black metal? that'd be cool and appropriate, right? (Morgani******)

I also unlocked the thareds in BL now 8D black metal theards is cool! (Warfath******)

Anyone in Denver need a futon couch/bed? Black metal frame with a dark blue futon cover. Pick it up & it's all yours. DM me for info! (Shel****)

Comment I found on youtube: "I for example, don't get the hype over black metal, its all just screaming about dragons and blackness." lolz (Vintag******)

New in distro! wyqm lp's (bleak black metal), moss eternal return lp (doom!), new issue of maximum rock n roll ( 324) (HALOOF*****)

Just basic bands, I really am not into the whole black metal genre anymore. (KittyCr*******)

I've decided if i get kicked from either of my bands, i'm going to base my drumming strictly on Black Metal. (Pieceof******)

Lol well it is well worth it =D so which Black Metal Bands do u like? (XxDiabo*******)

All ive listened to today is two bands whos views contradict each other. Black Metal vs. Christian Deathcore (Pieceof******)

New Darkthrone album. not sure. One of those that, once you finish it, you still can't tell if it rules. Very tribal/punk/black metal. (6ftunde*******)

Why do Tony Soprano's kids have Ulver posters in their bedrooms? Not to sterotype, but they don't really seem the black metal types. (_Dr***)

Iron maiden and mercyful fate. they were black metal and death metal/nwobhm before the genres existed! (JazzSou******)

Has a very diverse 160gb of music, i love my ipod - rock, reggae, country, pop, death metal, black metal, nwobhm, dance, since 7pm tonight (SH4R***)

Well, i think "oldschool" in that they sound more like classic Celtic Frost than modern black metal like Cradle of Filth (Goat****)

When i interviewed Ben he said Goatwhore are not modern black metal but old-school like celtic frost + venom, which *were* thrashy (Goat****)

I didnt know you listened to black metal! Wats ur fav burzum song? Mayhem? Gorgoroth? (David*****)

You should come to Norway in may. bc then the first black metal musical will hit the theaters here. staring ghaal from Gorgoroth! (Frid***)

Trash metal, death metal, black metal, power metal. metal core, grind core, death core, core 2 duo, core 2 quad k (Vsbra****)

I think Dimmu Borgir is the biggest poser black metal band ever. (Scand****)

Sometimes a few good doses of Scandinavian Metal no matter if it's black metal, death metal, or melodic death metal, helps clear my head. (MetalFi*******)

Yeah heard of them. I usually go for the real heavy norwegian folk black metal. Like enslaved. Some of gorgoroth. (Scand****)

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