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Black Dress - USA

(sorted by price before rebate from merchant located in or delivering to USA)

60 External Comments

Lavish lounge this wednedsay! girls gone wild lil black dress affair! this the grand finale so ya kno its going down! (J_Mo***)

Lavish lounge black dress girls gone wild wed/ figure 8 mmi, crucial turnt up fridays & flystylepromo presents freakem dress (Amazing*******)

I'm looking hella good tho. In my tight black dress, Chanel pearls, ankle boots and Chanel purse. Makeup bomb and so is the curls! (SamoneTa*******)

Or should i ditch the black dress/red belt idea and just go for plain black dress/black heels/lotsa bangles? ankle boots? (Indiar*****)

Black dress with the tights underneath, I've got the breath of her last cigarette on my teeth. (Italia******)

We all have a simple black dress in our closet, give it that WOW factor with a beautiful stearling silver necklace from HILLBERG And BERKS!! (Thenewsi*******)

They are a classic Rolex, that little black dress, a Chanel bag, a Burberry trench coat, Diamond studs, a red Valentino dress, Gucci boots (SepiaV******)

Getting ready. the gethup : bamboo blonde black dress w/ satin skirt. topshop silver bag. cage shoes. my new silver headband. revved up 2 go (Fitriiim*******)

Has no idea what to wear tomorow! black dress, a cardi and ankle boots? or leggings, skull top, a blazer and ankle boots? HELP!! (Amyjane*******)

K. so umm she got on a black dress w/light blue draws?!?! Yes I said draws, but the ? Is why do I know this. leather. lace,&mask. wow (LaTosh******)

I got a pair of black dress boots, something 4 my interview, a dvd player & a cordless phone 4 my mom. also got a cd/radio alarm clock. (VenusTwe*******)

Hmm black and white dress , yellow and gray dress , or all black dress for presentations tomorrow ? (Lady_Dol*******)

Customers love our new little black dress shopping bags & lunch bags. Also piano keyboard shopping bags with pockets for wine bottles (OSh**)

I dont wanna wear the black dress suit jacket thingy. it has shoulder pads that r eek. (VenusTwe*******)

Barbie Loves Stila smudge pot in "Little Black Dress" arrived in the mail today - the perfect dupe for MAC Young Punk! (Kino****)

Every pretty girl needs to have some necessities .. the PERFECT black dress, a pair of GREAT jeans, and at least one pair of designer shoes! (PrettyGr*******)

Little black dress, heals, earrings, lip gloss, smelln good. yup I'm ready (Missama******)

Today i brought a really cute bcbg dress for no reason but every girl needs her lil sexy black dress hanging in her closet. =) (Nina***)

Just got lady in long black dress and white lace up shoes. Post later. (Outresi*******)

I'm looking particularly sexy today, very short gold w/ black dress, and my knee high black boots. Damn, I want to bend me over! (Renee****)

Black dress, black suits, black shades, black boots, black truck, black coup [gunz blow] black flute! (General******)

I feel very goth today. im wearing a black dress, black boots, a black jacket, & my nails are painted black. haha. (Maki****)

Icantsee with my coworker being up in here in a black dress and black boots to her knees (IDame****)

TiNc2 HotRapLines "Black dress black suites black shades black boots black truck black coupe guns blow. black flutes" (HotRap*****)

Yes, Black dress is totally in but its only for brainless and poor ! Rich will get more choices of what to wear ! (Mr_ed****)

I have an issue w/people who think flip-flops are OK for work. Girl w/black dress & pearls, so Audrey Hepburn, except for the flip-flops! (Isal***)

Walking through the front door, watching your black dress hit the floor(: (Shawnee2*******)

Can't decide!! do i take the long black dress, or the long black dress?? so hard. (Bron****)

Chez wearin all black dress with hot pink cardigan! Lord I'm on fire 2day :-) mummy said I look pretty hehe (Laura_L******)

Wondering shud i wear my red JackPurcell with a black dress for tmrw's photoshoot anot. hm (Gummy****)

Omg. she's selling her black dress from putting it together and the denium waistcoat her boob fell out of. (Aunti****)

Playing now! chris young~gettin` you home (the black dress song) (KR**)

Just found the hottest black dress. I can't afford it but I want it. Cause I don't have enough black dresses. I must have it. (Dirtyrot*******)

Dressing in a a-line black dress with white piping. She packs her clutch with weapon and straps another one to her thigh.* (Lucia_M******)

Who loves Haute Couture? Because I do a lot!~~ Leotards are examples of Haute Couture. LBD's/Little Black Dress, and Catsuits and Gowns. (Dkinn*****)

Well nowadays it's not about the little black dress being a must-have for celebrities. its all about the little black kid. (Pocket*****)

Monica on tha jay leno show lookin lik whitney houston wit this long black dress on lol (Vikkis_U*******)

It's cold tonight. I wanted to wear my pretty black dress today but it was to cold 4 that! And aperently so will be tomorow. Nu! (LalaL*****)

Wife! " lols. ( the pic of nicki in her pink and black dress lookin up at the cam as she holds her qold earrinq is my backqround. ) (TeamMi******)

AND everytime I want to spend my money on food, I'm going to imagine all the awesome things I can buy instead, i. e. little black dress :) (Amberni******)

Walks out side wearing a short black dress with heal walks to my car- (MyLifeA*******)

It makes me sad that I own like no shirts to match my dark purple or periwinkle colored pants. Should I just wear my pink and black dress? (Sarah*****)

Owner of Austin's Dress Shop knows all about the little black dress and more. Read my profile on her at statesman. com'glossy before you shop (Beccah******)

Tiny Italian dictionary. check. Adaptor plug. check. Heels and little black dress for the opera. check. Less than 48 hours to go! :-) (Flygirl******)

Whoa, clicked past Raw just in time to see Katie Lea coming out in a black dress. Unfortunately Maryse is talking the whole time. (TheSale******)

Damn u boobs! Lol I bought the cutest strapless black dress and of course . the girls refuse to work with me smh ugh! (MissTr*****)

Okay my ladies so on Saturday u all havta wear a black dress. Please & thankyou =] (Ellaba******)

This black dress the host has on Dancing With the Stars is wonderful! I want it! (Crowder******)

On my way home. brought this long beautiful black dress and some baby doll shoes (ItzM****)

Dwts is live right now! 2nite Brooke Burke wears a stunning copper&black dress by my fellow alum Nicole Miller (Bravene******)

In prep for this weekend tried on the brown dress ensemble and the black dress ensemble w/ various undergarments. Ugh. They mostly look OK. (R3dc****)

Pink jacket over black dress with lace trim, black heels, gorgeous! (Ally_mc******)

Little Black Dress Party ! Bring an accessory to donate to Dress for Success and get a chance to win a Gucci purse and more! (Dua**)

Want a chance to win a Gucci Purse? Come to our Little Black Dress Party next Friday, April 23rd 5-8, proceeds donated to 'Dress For Sucess' (Blackfi*******)

Lost&Found? Let's see, panties, hair clips, two shirts, a little black dress, and a pair of socks. (PopeB****)

Miss ali, black dress asda, knee high boots and big belt for jaynes thing? Could I pass in tht? X (Linsey******)

I got the brocade dress, and the navy/black dress w/ all the snaps. Those were my 2 favorites-- It was all cute though! (TheGreye*******)

Wearing black dress (as a skirt) and a black/red brocade corset top (i think)(or a plain black corset top). (Dray****)

Little black dress, sparkly wrap, black stockings. Red heels: eye-catchingly sexy, or trashy? Should it be plain black heels? (LisaThe*******)

Went out wearing white tunic and denim skirt , came home wearing a long black dress. (Veehe****)

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