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60 External Comments

Wish I can zoom n on these farm animals n my gramma back yard lol (MsNat****)

I'm lovin my new bluetooth multitouch mac mouse. I can tell it's going to come in handy with my work, especially with the zoom feature! (AdamGr******)

Sony dsc-w310 12.1mp digital camera with 4x wide angle zoom with digital steady shot image stabilization and 2.7 inch lcd (pink) (electro.. (Pipepl******)

Fujifilm finepix s1500 10mp digital camera with 12x wide angle dual image stabilized optical zoom (Handbd******)

Why are DSLR lenses MORE expensive than the actual camera? I need a long zoom for tennis tournaments bah. (Crysta******)

Is looking for a good, pocket-sized, point-and-shoot digital cam. pref. w/stabilizer, large LCD, HDtv and 10-12x optical zoom. thoughts? (Nash****)

Two things I want to buy when I can afford them: a new digital camera with 10-12x optical zoom and a netbook. (Dreamon******)

Things to look at b4 buying a camcorder :- 1. Optical Zoom 2. Sensor Capacity 3. Video recording quality 4. Storage 5. Budget (4 sure..) (PirateO*******)

I just post kodak easyshare c182 point-and-shoot digital camera , 12 megapixels, 3x optical zoom lens, 3 inch lcd, ultra-compact digital cam (Janitrag*******)

I just post samsung tl220 dualview 12mp digital camera w/4.6x wide angle optical zoom bigvalueinc accessory saver 4gb battery bundle on htt (Janitrag*******)

A 12mp camera phone with 3x optical zoom coming to the market soon! ya and iPhone 3Gs on Airtel and most probably Vodafone too (Sonia****)

It needs to be HD & have a 20x optical zoom among other specifications that yall will get sick of me talkin about so I wont start. (Indiac******)

Video slightly shaky; holding still cam arms length above head w/10x optical zoom. Also, vid choppy/out of sync w/QuickTime; view w/VLC. (R_wolf******)

What's the difference between digital and optical zoom on a camera? I'm baffled! (Alic****)

Look it up it's a sony cyber-shot dsc-tx7 10,2 megapixel and 4+ optical zoom! (Carmench*******)

I still cannot believe i didn't realise why my camera has been shite. Note to self: next time check the optical zoom is switched on! (Shooting*******)

Getting a camcorder. Any recommendations or advice? Would like one with optical zoom and night vision. (KMu***)

Some days I really wish I had bionic eyes with built-in optical zoom and recording capability, like TiVo. That would be cool. (Mighty******)

Things on my wish list: Zoom and Wide Angle lens attachments for my HD Cam, lose 40 pounds b4 summer begins (Augvisio*******)

I just passed along a dope shoe to a friend. Take good care of the Zoom Kobe IV MLK for me. Not the size 7.5 ftw! (ShoeAff*******)

Nikon coolpix s220 10mp digital camera with 3x optical zoom and 2.5 inch lcd (cobalt blue) - (Bestdigi*******)

Learned something new. To zoom in and out of the page you are viewing on your laptop, press ctrl + or ctrl - BTW, learned it by mistake (Couponwi*******)

Bought a Canon 11-70mm f1.4 tv zoom lens for my GH1, it vignettes so bad, I might as well stick with the kit lens for wide angle shots (Jaysh*****)

Why does the camera zoom in on the same group of black girls every time kate talks? hm. (MsFlo*****)

The iPhone camera does have a zoom, it's called getting closer. (EEngi****)

Lots of new Google maps labs features that I just noticed: Aerial imagery, drag'n'zoom, and an optional beta tag! (Erikv*****)

What is a good camera app for iPhone that lets you zoom in, hit anywhere to take photo? (Crashpo******)

Been playing my stratocaster with Zoom G2.1nu these days, fun to simulate kinds of amplifiers and effects. "Maybe I'm a leo" now ;) (Sandi****)

Pan and Zoom brings the subject forward and the background backward. Or vise versa (VRTi****)

Randomthought all I wanna do is zoom a zoom zoom zoom zoom a zoom zoom.. (Hamps*****)

Nowplaying all I wanna do is a zoom zoom and boom boom - RumpShaker (Gitap*****)

Boom boom boom make your heart go zoom zoom my super nova girl lol (Vich***)

Looks like there are some new Labs features in Google Maps that give you some cool tools like "What's Around Here? and Drag and Zoom windows (Gol1***)

I know the Zoom H4 is the "best" but anyone have experience w/ Olumpus digital voice recorders for podcasting? (Dandanth*******)

Got my new digital camera! Sony cybershot w350, 14mp and 4x zoom. Nicerere (Scottj******)

Wth . Saw a Caravan zoom by with those cop lights. That's allowed? (_Tifa****)

What's the best affordable handheld video recorder? I'm looking at Zoom Q3 or Alesis VideoTrack. Others? (Big_be*****)

Gear lined up for nyc: nikon fe-2(?) w/ 50mm prime f1.8 + 70-200mm f3.4 (great zoom lens). possibly renting d200 or d90 for digital. (Krissy******)

I need a new pair or jason kidd carbon fiber zoom flight's and gary peyton son of glove's in 10.5 or 11.. on the hunt! (LowC****)

Just took beautiful video at Palio. I love my new Panasonic 8x optical zoom!! such beautiful images. (Iwriteg******)

My parents tried to get pictures when we were at that concert, but the camera did not have a zoom lens. Haha still a film camera LOL (Chris*****)

Macbook still doesn't like its own audio. Using the Zoom H4 as a USB audio device. Being Apple, that Just Works. sorta weird, really. (Death*****)

I just post nikon coolpix l110 digital camera , 12.1 mp, 15x wide-angle optical zoom, 3" lcd, 16 gb memory card, card reader, aa rapid multi (Janitrag*******)

Rewarding myself for my speeding ticket with a brand new zoom digital recorder (TheWe*****)

CC Speedway tonight. Go watch Eddie Gaza in the Team C4 Racing dwarf car zoom around the track. (TeamC4******)

Didntwannatellyou but you shouldn't zoom in on your pictures. Maybe zoom out with black and white. (JasmynM******)

On my old Canon F1 SLR I had a 70-200mm non automatic zoom lens. It was standard practice to focus the lens fully zoomed out (200mm),. (Savanna*******)

So what HD video camera is equivalent to the functionality of a flip camera but has good zoom range etc? (Jamie_R******)

Headed to stillwater to film the ok student government assoc. - arri softbank iv kit, hvx200 & 550d, bogen sticks, & zoom h4n (VoteMik******)

Adam fan safety glasses for those in first few rows. indigo blue with black and silver rhinestones. Lens would have special zoom feature. (Red4Ju*****)

Apple DVD Player's auto zoom shouldn't be necessary, but is a pretty great workaround. (Log***)

The double tap auto zoom for text in safari is yet another reason I love my iPhone :) (Erin***)

The best thing about that episode of eastenders was the birds eye view camera zoom out of the square at the end (Femzf*****)

Panasonic Lumix FZ35 12.1-megapixels; 18x optical zoom; 27mm wide-angle lens; High-definition movie mode, AVCHD Lite format (Littlemi*******)

I know yu kinda hatin cause mah scope gotta mic so i can zoom in and hear ya whole conversation - kaboom (SuckaaFr*******)

Anyone know how to animate a zoom lens in Maya? Changing focal length is easy, but how do I animate it from 20mm to 50mm for eg? Thanks.. (Anka***)

Need a low depth-of-field on your zoom? Set it to the longest focal length and widest aperture and get as close as possible to the subject. (Wearep******)

Wish that was mine. It's my buddy's NikonD70. I've a Canon HV30 which has a great lens. but lacks a very good zoom and focus (DennisSh*******)

Casio sony cyber-shot dsc-h20/b 10.1 mp digital camera with 10x optical zoom and super steady shot image s: casio (Aodb***)

Canon vixia hf200 hd 15x optical zoom sdhc flash memory digital camcor (Dik***)

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