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60 External Comments

I am not your flunky, nor your comfort zone, nor your security blanket.. i'm so sick of you already.. (Ging***)

E-zone exchanged the faulty microwave oven without giving a tough time (Nanda****)

Yeah, baby. Jury Duty. Certainly within my comfort zone to pass judgment on others. Not! Any thoughts on how to NOT get selected? (Rabbi****)

Andersen chosen 2 represent Kenya in Zone VI tournament in Botswana & invited 2 participate in Kenya Open a European Challenge Tour event. (Fandan*****)

Note to self: take away my dads nerf gun in the middle of the night. It's becoming a war zone in my house. (NikoleB******)

New post, "cayman islands twilight zone 2007: extreme scuba diving" - (Marine_B*******)

Call me crazy. But I think if Jeff Foote can hold DeMarcus Cousins in check, and they run that insane zone. Cornell can beat Kentucky. (AddV****)

My heroic attempt to set aside some cash this month was dashed to bits by the Twilight Zone box set on Amazon. (Scro***)

I got a chance to watch preview of movie 'green zone' so i went seoul theater. it's really great time & miller looks like jaewoo i think. zz (Hyona****)

My receipt from auto zone: motorcycle battery, epoxy, and a toggle switch. that oughta get DHS to remember my name. (Vanma*****)

Back in Hawaii from my Las Vegas vacation, readjusting to the time zone change. (Kam***)

How ironic, hearing King Crimson's Dinosaur song, just as the plane flew over the impact zone where extintion of dinosaurs began (Ruben_c*******)

Ifihad1milliondollars I would start the West Philly Childrens Zone (Cinade*****)

A dream s ur creative vision 4 ur lyf n d future. U must break out of ur current comfrt zone & bcum comfortble w/ d unfamiliar & d unknown. (Rockcell*******)

DC has become a high risk zone after the Washington Capitols (ice hockey) won. Drunk obese Americans in the 10s of thousands 'celebrating'. (Harl***)

Jual PC spec recording, mini pre-amp, keyboard Casio WK-3200, 2 pickup humbucker, motor Kawasaki Kaze Zone-VR 2008 akhir. kondisi sip semua. (Rivel****)

Mega mall xxi : my name is khan, halloween2, edge of darkness, beverly hills chihuahua. green zone, god babe (Batam****)

Any good house rentals in Lehigh Acres for good family with pets? Impeccable references. Seeking quiet area in a no fiesta zone. (Oldp****)

Green Zone - Cinema: +Bourne in the sand, Matt Damon, Fiction / Fact setting -Not enough Helicopters! =Black Hawk Down. 8/10 (Atweet******)

Living room derp derp. Reading The Dead Zone, smoking Pall Malls (cheap), drinking lost & found whiskey. (Careen*****)

Theo is in the zone. As soon as the rest of the Washington Capitals show up, this game is gonna be RAD! (Peterh******)

Is playing 'Markus Guentner - Express Yourself' from Internet radio station 'SomaFM-Drone Zone' in the Master Bedroom (Lac***)

Is playing 'steve roach - the spiral of time burns on' from internet radio station 'somafm-drone zone' in the master bedroom (Lac***)

Is playing 'Lvxus - Watersource' from Internet radio station 'SomaFM-Drone Zone' in the Master Bedroom (Lac***)

Explaining to Boo the Tower of Terror ride (elevator, twilight zone etc) LONG PAUSE "Mom, I don't think I would like the toliet zone." (Mariea******)

Now our clock tower is playing the sound of music?! where am i? the twilight zone?! (Intern******)

West Virginia mixing zone with man defense, but DeMarcus Cousins able to power way in for couple of baskets, Cats 8-6 at first TO, 15:53 (PSsp****)

The LSU Purple-White game can't hold a candle to the Penn State Blue White Game. The band is also in in end zone totally isolated from fans (PSUexa*****)

Allergies are like SeaWorld. Ask my computer monitor if you don't believe me, he'll tell you that there is DEFINITELY a splash zone (BMar***)

Just moved my zero-gravity camping chair (which goes nicely with the patio furniture) outside. Yard is slowly becoming a relaxation zone. (Kiun***)

Settling in with some Merlot and Season 3 of original The Twilight Zone. Rod Serling is definitely a hero. (Gre***)

Can we channel rod serling from the zone--ask what to do about""it's the good life "" we havin. (WAVESI******)

Enjoying the sound of Rod Serling's voice.'You've just crossed over into the Twilight Zone.' (Declann*******)

Lowbeat i love the twilight zone, true creative genius rod serling was! (Paid***)

Check the series-twilight zone"the obsolete man"-by rod serling (Fl**)

Wow! Watching the original Planet of the Apes and just realised it was written by Twilight Zone creator Rod Serling. never knew that! (PhilA*****)

Ok, someone really needs to do a mashup of Rod Serling saying "into the Twilight Zone" w/ the intro of Won't Get Fooled Again ala CSI: Miami (Ninka****)

Ive been watching old Twilight Zone episodes the past couple of nights. by old, i mean the first, Rod Serling. (Ses***)

Song of the moment: Twilight Zone - Golden Earring // . never get tired of this song. (Myke***)

Then Golden Earring completely disappears. Started playing senior proms for all I know. Then "Twilight Zone" comes out 15 years later. (Shane_K******)

Golden Earring's "Twilight Zone" playing. They had a hit called "Radar Love" in the early 70s. BFD. (Shane_K******)

Is listening to twilight zone from just can't get enough: new wave hits of the 80's, vol. 6 by golden earring of genre rock (Thetoil*******)

Groovin' along to possibly my favourite song: Golden Earring's Twilight Zone. (Andrea******)

Twilight Zone by Golden Earring has to have one of the best bass lines ever. (Anthon******)

In this ol tablecloth a** shirt. I call myself stepping out my comfort zone. Hm plaid does not work for me. And i have on no undershirt. (Lionel_******)

And to put the icing on the cake, they don't replace car batteries at this Auto Zone. (Lenn****)

At the Nozzle is a vacuum, or partial vacuum, a zone of Lowering Pressure - or Rising Expansion according to Boyle's Law. (Sonofs******)

The latest storm seems to be letting up here in the Chugach. We are estimating 18-24 inches of new snow in the zone in the last 48 hours! (H2OGu****)

The guy who has received 4 calls on the quiet zone carriage is going to get attacked by everyone soon. Surprised he hasn't turned to stone. (DaveWhit*******)

For all u dudes caught in the "friend zone" wit dat chick, have her listen to John Legend- Cross the line. (Angel_*****)

At seaworld with husband, so fun! Were totally watchin shamu in the soak zone too! (Fucking******)

At seaworld with my family! Sitting in the soak zone at the shamu show is not smart!! (TimK_****)

Best smoothie in the world goes to. The "Zone Zinger" at Emerald City Smoothie. But be careful. Everyone makes them differently. (EmersonS*******)

This Naked Double Berry Protein Zone smoothie I'm drinking is total gym. (30g protein!) (MrP***)

I'm not giving up on the beer bottle hand line while fishing in the surf zone, but I am going to a rod n reel now while searching for fish. (Daverud******)

Nowplaying "in my zone" by project hollywood ft. new era.. wanna hear it 2. lol.. just go to i tunes and type project hollywood. (Iamst****)

After my trip around the world, I am loving my Sony reader and little reading light. Much to read when the 2am time zone confusion sets in (Kristia*******)

Blackstone Restaurant & Brewery tonight from 6-7p. m. - 104.5 The Zone broadcasting live with guests Patric Hornqvist and Wade Belak. (NHLPreds*******)

Steps out of the zone, a little battered and bruised. Time to call in the clean up crew . (Aussi****)

Excited about the carpet cleaner coming today. My house looks like a war zone~ I wish I knew what the dogs are thinking? (Christ******)

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