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Zippers - USA

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60 External Comments

I want a nice spring jacket some smooth thin pea coat looking shit. or a biker jacket with the crazy zippers on em (GRANPAF******)

I don't kno much about womens shoes but are 10 zippers on each shoe (heels) a fashion plus or negative? Imma say negative (Go_Gadg******)

Or a Bathing Ape hoody, help me! No zippers, only billionaire boys club or a bathing ape on the front, nothing on the back! (Frankie*******)

I'm not sure but I think last night's dreams might have involved someone in a cat costume. With poorly placed zippers. (Warman******)

Blonde s-curl, huge gold belt buckle w some country's flag, long patent leather dress shoes with unzipped gold "zippers". (Basho****)

Dear Media: I do NOT want to hear what semi/famous people and their zippers are doing. I don't care! Stop it! Too Much Information! (Jcsim****)

I couldn't figure out HOW one would line zippers or even WHY one would want to! (C_J**)

I'm so out of it I thought at 1st you were talking about lining zippers :-P (C_J**)

Zippers here. Tracing wheels here. also a few yards of pleather! Life is good! (Avant****)

OMG! If Benji Brown becomes a TT because of and his friends, I'm going to die!! LMBO! dirtbike tire tread n book bag zippers (RichCh*****)

Always the same problems with these dresses/tops with zippers. they Never fit my boobs! Fits perfect every where else except my boobs (KarlyC*****)

I didn't like Malcolm McLaren, but when in London in 1976 his shop was an eye opener. I still have red pants with many zippers somewhere. (Hout****)

My favorite NYC tourists are the German teenagers wearing jean capris with a bunch of pockets and zippers. (Jessejo******)

Myrtle : going to buy my zippers buttons lace && ribbons * getting all of this ova with ! (NeeCo****)

Trying to see if I can set a record on how many zippers I replace in one week. Good thing zippers aren't my mortal enemy anymore. (Jota****)

People Under the Stairs is a freaky ass movie. I mean full leather suit with head gear and zippers! Lol! (SIMPLY******)

Listening to Ghost of Stephen Foster by Squirrel Nut Zippers (KTimSe*****)

Hey UPS! We're waiting for our 24 - 7"zippers. The mascot shoes need zirppers! (Avant****)

Lol she coulda said something b4 thn know she heard them zippers on everybody backpacks seen us pullin out notebooks (Gooft*****)

Phake phlower n my hair its yellow hello world jeans wid zippers yeah i wear heels kitten urban advante guard! (Yon_***)

Ahh man! Just understood faux boner!! I was wee bit slow on that! Zippers are easier in the can when going 1. (Mario****)

I love those guys! Squirrel Nut Zippers seem like they'd put on a good show. I wanna see them (Laura_*****)

Awesome weatherr:) its just bit chilli so all I needs a fuking red jacket with some zippers :p haha (Chokol******)

Thriller! Bout 2 go mike jackson on deez niccas! Cum 2 thnk I already got da jacket n da zippers!! Lmao! (CassoTh*******)

Either no pockets or a "slit pocket" on the bum. A lot have no front zippers (also moved to the back). It's like bizzaro world. (Sophis******)

I have 3 pairs of shoes 2 are old school chuck taylor allstars and one is a pair of boots with zippers all over them :) (Tstmsold*******)

I love pants with buttons for zippers. i dont know why, but they make me feel fancy hahaha (Silence******)

Since when do cargo pants with multiple zippers qualify as professional business attire? I'm just wondering. (Mahjoh*****)

If baseball was played with their penises out their zippers. How would that change the game? (MR_WW*****)

My zippers gone but still it is attached to one point . thankfully it wont open like a (Preeti*****)

You should try to do a looping video using ZIPPERS. innovative, I know. (KuyaD*****)

I love the service here!! Needed to get alligator clips for the hairbows I made for tmr! :) ( YKK Zippers, North Bridge Rd) (Stubbor*******)

With a gold lady Sean John on the shoulder and some around the thigh helm diagonal zippers big ones on the pkt cell pkt on chest (Whoisbe*******)

FOR REAL. gaultier's street walker couture. so many zippers and polyblends. (Geomet*****)

Brainstorming a soft circuit sensor scrapbook to bring to the mini maker faire to play with. So far: zippers, tilt, fabric push buttons. (The_g****)

You can identify French couture through 'eclair' on the zippers which are typically sewn in by hand. (Oc**)

K. so far. i hav iron on letters (lol), fabric paint, zippers nd fabric. (Mima****)

The ones with all the zippers but i have the nixon watch it looks just like a toy watch lol (STRO****)

I remember graphite pencils were good for trouser zippers after they had been dry cleaned :) (Isc***)

GuessTheSong "I leave you lookin like the michael jackson jacket, wit all them zippers, I'm the boss on the boat u should call me skipper" (203K****)

Her jeans look like a Michael Jackson jacket with all them zippers (Jaredm*****)

I just got this michael jackson jacket will all da zippers but in black lol (ImaChan******)

Rita Hayworth, "I'm not very good with zippers. Maybe if I had some help?!?" Nice way to wake up for school. I love old movies. (Deving******)

Is "about 2 go thriller michael jackson on u b*tches. all i need is a f*cking red jacket w/ some zippers! (Magnifi******)

Leather chaps with the ass cut out and chains, zippers, bells and whistles hahaha and can't forget the red lipstick! (OMFGw****)

Why is every brand adding random zippers to womens clothing? It's getting weird (Jkl***)

Why can't all mens jeans just have buttons instead of zippers. (TomBar*****)

Driving home from my lil' vacation with a car chock full of metal zippers and a vintage dress form. ah. (DearG*****)

Chuck berry, squirrel nut zippers, chet atkins, then tori amos (Onyx***)

Got my elastic finally, so many old ladies out getting quilt fabric today! man alive! also got some zippers to make rossettes with! (Jenny****)

Have u looking like a michael jackson jacket with all those zippers . I'm the boss on this ship u can call me skipper .. (Modem****)

Thanks. I know Tenba makes a big deal out of their YKK zippers, but haven't owned any. (Joestr*****)

Do you do zippers? I have an old coach wristlet that I carry, but its old, worn out and needs replaced or refurbished. (Crow****)

Went to Joann's. Got out for less than 25. 2 zippers, 2 colors of thread, bias tape to match another shirt, & a historical corset pattern. (Queen*****)

I'm watching the Philip Treacy hat ep of ProjectRunway. Peach totally should have done a white leather motorcycle jacket w/black zippers. (Becc***)

Edgy new new new ! catering to teens and hip young chix out there. zippers embellished flower necklaces. chunky n ribbon bobbles. spikes 2 (Diamond******)

Hoesoutherebuiltlike da michael jackson jacket. wit all dem zippers. (ShaveYoP*******)

I split chu up like a michael jackson jacket w| all dem zippers , am the boss on the boat u should call me skipper _x3 (Hawts****)

He told me he wants to go as MJ. all I need is a red dog jacket wit some zippers LOL (Queenc*****)

Haha. Ya. You have to get one. My samsonite black label is beginning to die on me. The locks twice damaged & now zippers! (Yed***)

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