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Zebra - USA

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60 External Comments

Purchased a gorgeous zebra patterned travel pillow. getting excited but so much work between now and jet set time (SheKills*******)

Just ordered my 3rd pair of loudmouth golf pants. Zebra stripes here we come. Golfin this week but got class and tests ugh!! (Golfm*****)

Listenbitch u confused ? how da hell u wear a zebra skirt wit leporad shoes and a fur vest ? (_Miss*****)

Forgot to bring fancy work shoes today, so I have to walk around rich may in my zebra print rain boots.. Oye (Bla**)

Washed Sabrina's zebra print bed linen, curtain, putting up her zebra print bullent board. It;s all about the "ZEBRA PRINT" for this tween! (MonSher*******)

And i look good no matter what. lost weight and so motivated. I just order me a new monokini from target. com its zebra print cute (Jssi***)

Helping brandy redecorate her room, she got new zebra blankets, a floor lamp. Different shades pink. Room make over for her bday.:) (Jazzy_*****)

Youlooklikethetype the type to have polo boots wit a zebra on em. (Teezy2K******)

I also have a new hPDA (3x5inch scrap paper with a binder clip) and a green zebra telescoping pen in the kangaroo pouch of my hoodie (DIYS***)

Tech breakthrough for safari animal print auto interior gift set - 2 pink zebra low back front bucket seat covers with separate headrest cov (Solar****)

Best selection of safari animal print auto interior gift set - 2 zebra low back front bucket seat covers with separate headrest cover, 1 zeb (Solar****)

New approach 11-piece animal print automotive interior gift set - 2 universal-fit zebra black and white front bucket seat covers, 2 zebra bl (Solar****)

Wah, see-through zebra prints maxi dress w hot pink undies. Lolol. Hideous. (Seika****)

I am now the proud owner of 5 zebra striped belly button rings. And I am struggling to switch it. (Maryall******)

My hotel room: two rooms, very modern design, zebra print robes, provided eye mask. i think this is too much for me. (Thesp*****)

Debating if i should buy a purple, pink & black zebra print Betseyville purse. (Simmerd******)

Overstocked on 7 piece red zebra tiger safari animal print auto interior gift set - 2 low back front bucket seat covers, 2 separate headrest (Solar****)

I need to stop getting black pens. They camouflage on my zebra carpet, then I step on them later. (Heycour*******)

Same Van Nordens from Rye that built 1907 Carriage House & Zebra barn had beautiful cabin in Catskills-appreciated conservation of New York (Jayher*****)

That new Elephant & Castle tower: from one side, striking zebra-striped electric razor.. (Stuartm******)

Dayum it was a 7ft. bish in top flite last night! with a layfron on! that bih looked like a dead black zebra! lmfao (TORIAN******)

They came out with a new Zebra bra a Victoria Secret! Imma get it!! ;D (Haiyal*****)

Is going to get a zebra print swarovski crystal case for my blackberry when I get my next wages!! (Lukesta*******)

Or an ugly chick in black n white stripes. Would that be Zebra-Toe? (Jack_C******)

I just had Stride's Mystery Flavor gum and it tastes like Fruit Stripes (the zebra gum) Yipes! Stripes! (Chadga*****)

Unearthed baby bunnies while hacking zebra grass. Hope mom rescues them from certain doom. (V2t***)

In my knees high boots, in my zebra drunks, in my custom stamped chucks or in my f*ck me (F*ck me!) pumps! (Texas****)

Are you looking for a fashionable styling tool? Try the Hot Tools Nano Ceramic Rainbow Zebra Flat Iron! (Hott****)

Enjoying this fine weather outside of 501 Arthur. Green grass, blue skies, and two Zebra Cakes. Life is OK. (Btrav*****)

He asked 2 take me 2 lunch. How r we gonna get there? I suppose he planned to ride me on his back. Just stay in ur lane sir - zebra stripes (Myse****)

Of course the zebra was only being "cold" figuratively and outside is cold, literally. So it was a bad similie. Sorry everyone. (KingBobu*******)

In my scenario the snooty horses look down on the zebra for being mixed-race. The zebra compensates by being really cold to the horses. (KingBobu*******)

Flavors production Zebra for large ship labels. Attempted to swap. Replacement blew out a motor :( (Walkth******)

If i ever got to be a few feet away from a baby giraffe or zebra - i'd prob have some sort of mental breakdown. (Crank*****)

I walked like..20 different zebra crossings, imagining that i was The Beatles. (Cartoo*****)

Aprilwish these fierce-ass pink and zebra Guess stilletos I just saw. (Fearle*****)

Wants some zebra bubble gum ouch bubble gum and fruit by the foot with tongue tattoos :) (Suz***)

My biology teacher look like a cross between shaggy from scooby doo and a zebra (Bruce_******)

These old women at my moms job are cougars and I'm a young zebra walking across the field (Itsnote*******)

New shopping mission: zebra print iphone case. my life is so fascinating. (CopyM****)

Oh dear. there are zebra print bedsheets up in here. stephane is totes getting those, js. (Holdeve******)

Just ordered a nice zebra blackberry case :) -- chilinn, the usual work tomorrow. celtics game, course. (0hMyiTs_*******)

Damn I woulda Neva guess Erykah Baduh had it like that. But it ain't enough to have me walkin round wit shoulder pads and zebra pants lol (OTown****)

Oh my god. some girl has a purse in the cafe that has my 3 favorite things ever on it: zebra print, a peace sign, and the color green. l . (F0REVE******)

Shoot still going but i had to leave to catch my train. : ( Very cool shoot involving a zebra face & powder pigment thrown on the model. (Stella******)

Working on a new iPOD case. This one is red with a zebra print flower. I love it! Kits available for this one - check my blog for pics! (Stampcr*******)

Michael michael kors embellished top, draped cardigan & greenwich zebra studded jeans (Hooz***)

At the gym, a smoking hot girl got hit on by 1980s Man- airbrush tee, zebra shorts, gold chain, balding, & " a grunter." That poor girl. (RaginCa*******)

About to see zebra finches playing guitars at Barbican. Any requests? (Paulcha******)

Waiting in line at the Barbican to see dozens of zebra finches flit around on electric guitar strings. Yes, really. (Paulin*****)

WHOA! These Zebra Finches pass on songs from father-to-son! That's awesome! (PraxJ*****)

Zebra finches & language -- on ABC evening news w/Diane Sawyer now! I think the finches come up some time in next 10 mins. (Zebra*****)

I kno wat I'm going to buy my mom 4 her bday; I'ma buy her two Zebra Finches & a Canary. She misses her old one. That's y! :) (Mpee***)

Anyone confirm April Fool article in the Indy today? I was certain about the Hadron Collider on the tube but the Zebra Finches looked. (SouthLo******)

I saw zebra finches playing guitars last night. at Celeste Boursier-Mougenot's exhibition at Barbican. Wonderful birds/intriguing exhibit. (Bluest******)

Zebra finches learn to sing in the same way as human babies learn to speak as a valuable model for understanding human learning and memory (JP_J****)

I saw these fuzzy zebra print doc martens in camden. i need them! (Droolno*******)

Zebra Historical Romance (publishing). why then is my first thought of copulating zebras?? mind & gutter. doh. (Catato******)

If there is one thing the Zebra ZP 450 thermal label printer is good at, it's wasting labels. It's also excellent as a paper weight. (Joes****)

I still want a zebra `&nd a kangaroo as pets .. my zebra would be my "watchdog" `&nd my kangaroo would be my transportation .. (Sonc***)

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