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60 External Comments

Anyone know anything about Yves Rocher? interested in some of their products but dont know if they work (CatJu****)

Got a birthday gift card in the mail from Yves Rocher. Only my birthday is in June. (Ismell*****)

My mom got her stuff from Yves Rocher today and as a complimentary gift she got a free stuffed cow that moos! He's soo cute! I stole him. (PurpleP******)

Just had a facial & eyebrows done at Yves Rocher in Rabat. Feel like a girl again!! (MyMarr*****)

Great "Vide Grenier" (car boot sale) at La Gacilly yesterday. La Gacilly is a beautiful village of artisanal shops & home of Yves Rocher. (Gitebr******)

Found some yves rocher "sos tired legs" lotion thing and my legs feel SOO LIGHT now omfg.. watching Rocky Balboa then slep (Mdeto****)

Think it's time for new perfume, love my viva la juicy worn it for 2 yrs, it's time to step it up: yves saint laurent "Elle' smells delish (Michelle*******)

Dang it. cheap drug store makeup brand L'Oreal actually owns high class brands like Shu Uemura and Yves Saint Laurent?! (Leis****)

Doyouknowthat dkny is donna karan new york and ysl is yves saint laurent (Bv**)

So addicted to Laura Mercier and Yves St. Laurent! Any suggestions for really luminous skin that totally shows my freckles for my wedding? (Lynn****)

Lets bartar. i buy you yves saint laurent lip gloss and you buy me a Dior. i think i havent had theirs yet! (BeBe***)

Yves saint laurent's exposition. omg. wonderful. saw 307 creation of ysl (MissS****)

Writing a piece about the history of Yves Saint Laurent that's due today and haven't begun - eeks! (Little******)

My favorite part of the Yves Saint Laurent exhibit in Paris: a wall poster saying that his tuxedos were meant to be born with "bear skin." (Eloisa*****)

Um, it's an antique from 1917 owned by Yves Saint Laurent. I don't think color choices are an option. lol (Ata**)

NP- "Vegas on acid, as seen through these Yves Saint Laurent glasses" (Massera******)

Love that I spotted Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat concealer in movie I was watching (Goal! II: Living the dream w/ Kuno Becker + Beckham) (Kaji***)

Apparently Yves Saint Laurent is a man. I always thought it was a female designer. Thank you . the things I learn from your music! (Tina****)

My kisses are golden. No, really. Yves Saint Laurent Peony Lip Gloss with 24 carat gold flecks. (Taaa****)

DontTryToRoastIf you have a bad weave , yellow teeth and apple bottom jeans that sag . && have never heard of yves saint laurent . (Miche_y******)

Tomorrow, Yves Saint Laurent's exposition at the Petit Palais. (MissS****)

Lady grey and honey, again. spent my night surrounded by suits in a steakhouse while I was reading about Yves Saint Laurent (Socia*****)

To go to the Yves Saint Laurent exhibit at the Petit Palais or to laze about at home. Such tough choices. (Andren******)

The most beautiful make-up of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy ~ Yves Saint Laurent cosmetics (Marco*****)

This young man that walked in with his Yves Saint Laurent cologne just may have made my morning a promising one. (PeachP*****)

Fashionista fav: yves saint laurent. in one word classic. in two romantic. we love the ysl gown camilla belle wore to the opera gala in nyc (Stiletto*******)

Under this Yves Saint Laurent shirt lays a heart.. My heart .. The heart I wanna give 2 u (Mechanic*******)

Fashion comes and goes, but style is forever - Yves Saint Laurent (Nelissa******)

Lol aight. am waiting for my yves saint laurent glosses and eyeshadows and fedex is playing games so I understand lol (Supaa*****)

Yves Saint Laurent is a GOD! Those are gorgeous! I bet you bought them all anyways! Am I right? ;-) (McAge****)

Ugh What do you do when your fav pair of Yves Saint Laurent frames are scratched up beyond repair? (Luxea*****)

Yves Saint Laurent was the very 1st fashion designer to send transparent clothes down the runway in the 60s. Just learned that from Tom Ford (Reyalf******)

There are rumors swirming around about Stefano Pilati's status at Yves Saint Laurent. Could he be leaving the French fashion house? Hope not (ItsMeDMc*******)

Wassily Kandinsky, Piet Mondrain, Jackson Pollock, Yves Klein, Tomie Ohtake e meu cu. (Faaa****)

Opening preview tonight at L & M arts: Yves Tanguy and Alexander Calder: Between surrealism and abstraction (Beatrizm*******)

Stacy adams red ankle snake skin boots, Yves Saint Laurent dress pants, marc ecko dress shirt and suspenders, ready for church! (Miguel******)

Yves Saint laurent. U can tell by the fonts. . Tygas Lyrical game is on some other level right now!! (Samms*****)

What does Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent & Oscar De la Renta have in common.. They all will be in our store by this weekend =) happy shopping (Imperfct*******)

New classic black Yves Saint Laurent sunglasses for summer wardrobe, the rest of the day can now proceed *love* (GlamourN*******)

Fashion IQ Test answer: Yves Saint Laurent once said, . I wish I had invented blue jeans.? (Tweet****)

I wanna Yves Saint Laurent shirt, just a plain black on wit da ysl on the front (Mylos*****)

My british uncle is cool. We have good convo about Yves Saint Laurent and Guccio Gucci! and supports me all the way! I love my European side (Babybo******)

When shopping in paris dior. chanel. yves saint laurent, are a must. (Idalis*****)

I'm infatuated with my ysl cologne. like it's really serious! rip yves saint laurent. (MochaX*****)

Jesus riding Harley Davidson? Well hopefully its in a signature Yves Saint Laurent toga Caligula Edition (Booster******)

No colognes?? I just bought this yves Saint Laurent! Smells amazing (Nicky****)

I smell better than every woman I've spoken to tonight. Shout to yves st laurent (DC1**)

Okay. this coming from a guy whose fashion sense would make Yves St. Laurent barrel roll in his grave. (Carl****)

Why is yves st laurent mac and nars out of hot pink?! and chanel has none! (Onjacky******)

Shoutout 2 Juelz. Watch how man niggs pop up wearing Yves St Laurent tees this summer.. (ImaRocS*******)

At the restaurant with my mum and my grand mother. Then I go to the Yves St Laurent expositon. (Margaux*******)

FFS! I got married in a tux (he wore a kilt). We're divorced, but not because of clothes! They never heard of Yves St Laurent!? (Randall******)

My son found my Yves St. Laurent red lipstick. It's on the fridge, on his hands and on his cheeks. What was I doing? Dishes. (MamaA****)

Modern and luxurious: anish kapoor, zaha hadid, yves klein, egon schiele, jean-francois piege, bjork, grant achatz, radiohead, (Roum****)

Fine ! so happy tonight i go to a exposure of yves saint laurent ( french fashion designer) with my friends at (Alicein*******)

Check out cinema by yves saint laurent for women 0.04 oz eau de parfum sampler vial spray (Perfume*******)

Time for some serious fashion: Yves St Laurent exhibit at Petit Palais, then to Eiffel (Karam*****)

Daughter back from the Cannes Film Festival, she didn't get to see a movie but got a glass of champagne at the Yves St Laurent booth *grins* (BevanWh*******)

Ooo yves st. laurent and pierre berge. well you learn something everyday (Valmic*****)

Just seen Shirley Bassey's double working on the Yves St Laurent counter at terminal 3. Spooky. (Judeb*****)

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