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Youth - USA

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Looking for ideas on what to do with fimo clay + youth group + last LOGOS of the year. any ideas? (Melon*****)

Biker Bash at Brainshare. The band is bold and is wearing horrible wigs! Music is good tho! My kind and from mt youth! Feel young again! (Aprie*****)

Stolen youth vox in the shed. Shaun hasn't died yet thankfully. (Lala_l*****)

Look 5-10 yrs younger in 10 min, Galvanic spa w AgeLoc resets youth gene clusters. (Dredje******)

Drum roll please.2010 Flint Washington Youth Tour winners are: Shelton Bowens, Johnathan Turner, Avery Jones, Vania Lee, Camille Lacey (Flinten******)

I'm hungry. and bored. and this is the last holidays to enjoy my youth actually. but i'm not doing anything! (Aristo*****)

Is listening to Titanium Expose from Goo by Sonic Youth of genre Alternative and Punk (Thetoil*******)

I just shouted on the elliptical listening to Youth Congress '09 playlist. (Julian******)

Watching one my youth group kids pitch. He's on scouting list w/the Orioles organization. (Phil****)

One of my highlights ever speaking at youth. using a paintball gun for an illustration! *what are you aiming at?* (Stree*****)

I love that I can get information on Nicholas Sparks books from my youth pastor. :) (Makenz******)

Asheville Youth Magazine mtng - 10:30a tomorrow in gallery. For local youth to create and publish a magazine by & for themselves! (Floodme******)

It was interesting seeing the ad for youth basketball sponsored by the NCAA featured Kevin Garnett and Lebron. (PBLt****)

So I def just wanted to BEAT every child in the youth choir at my church tonight! Smh. bada**brats (Singst*****)

Buenas! tarde meio indie. playlist: belle & sebastian, buddy holly, cat power, sonic youth, the velvet underground e barry louis polisar. (Nattvasc*******)

Gradual warning during my youth ended 70s "global cooling" scare, current cooling trend and scandals will end "warming"" scare. liberty . (EdnorAn******)

Playing cards with tina in my room. haven't played with cards in such a long time. youth group tommorow! (Annna****)

Teach a positive body image to our youth - don't crash diet - learn to eat sensibly for your body and exercise. (Lady****)

This leaky fountain of youth could use a larger dribble pan. Coming soon - bottled condenser water for sale. (Carol_Z*******)

Julius Iboni just named Oklahoma state Youth of the Year! Yeah for Memorial Park Boys & Girls Club! (JDLar*****)

Kaiser Chiefs' new single "In Youth is Pleasure" will be released on April 26th! Under their own label!! Can't wait! (Juliana*******)

First vintage porto ever ..2007 Yea had to get a taste of its youth. Gobs of fruit, extract, almost a honeyed layer there to find years on (Enop***)

Getting ready for ice skating w/ FuZe youth!! Going to b an interesting/fun nite! Go FuZe! (Pasto****)

Softball practice with my junior girls today. I so miss my youth (Jorde*****)

Sportsnutritionblueprint. com/fitness Watch free video youth Sports Nutrition (Fitp***)

Express yourself! Participate in the Youth for Rail Essay Contest or Video Contest. You can win an iPod Touch or a Flip Video Camcorder. (Hnl_****)

Listening to one coworker, a youth soccer coach, give tips to my coworker who is a semi-pro player (Bill_*****)

Fixing to head to a meet and greet for a potential new youth pastor then if the weather holds out may go fishing at the dead sea (Lug**)

The kids outside running screaming making noise is driving me nuts argh I can't blv I used to be a nursery nurse & youth worker SHUT UP!! (Kazza****)

Spent the day packing books & DVDs, doing laundry, and changing the litter box. Days like this make me miss my irresponsible youth. (Mcraig*****)

The st louis blues just signed the captain of the youth hockey game to replace eric brewer for the rest of the game (Brettst*******)

Needing to get the Genie lift working so I can get the Youth group Mac 250 1 down so I can fix it. such a cool light, must needs work ! (DXEn***)

The audio recordings from today's youth training event at NMBC with Dave Fenton will be available very soon (Gordonm*******)

Question by Dave Fenton at NMBC youth event - "what does it cost you to encourage someone?" (Gordonm*******)

A question from Dave Fenton at NMBC youth training - "What do you want for your children and grandchildren above everything else?" (Gordonm*******)

Question posed by Dave Fenton at NMBC youth training: "what on earth are you doing for heaven's sake?" (Gordonm*******)

I am looking for any help getting a first aid kit, an cones for a youth arena football league, any help would be appreciated pls repost (DJ_Li*****)

I am asst coaching youth arena football, looking for some people or organizations to donate some First aid Kits, anybody willin to help?? (DJ_Li*****)

Ah ha ha, "urban youth" pics on clipart. com features guys in Cavaliers jerseys. I figured clipart. com would be so behind, they'd be Bulls' (Dgri****)

This Asilent shirt can be my pyjamas any day. So today, I'll look like I'm in my sleepwear. See you at Youth Park and then Blackhole. (Syassn******)

Soulful and beautiful. and the other one totally a song for the youth of today which includes me as well. a very fun song :) (Psriv****)

Phew. Youth Olympic Singapore 2010 take me as media operation assistant. take care of all international media for the archery slot, yeah (Boon***)

Nowplaying ~ super sonic racing [from sonic r] ~ tj davis ~ sega saturn history ~saturn was our youth~ last volume (disc 2) (VGRa***)

NDA went ok, thanks to all who came! Keep up the fight for youth allowance, housing and international student rights! (Srcpre******)

Attention parents of nor cal youth ages 7-17: easter jr. clinic at sevillano links (corning, ca) on mon-tues apr 5&6 from10:30 to 12:30 pm. (Golf_Go*******)

In my crazy youth I had a mustache that looked like a giant wirey cocoon and sideburns to my jawbone. I wuz cool, Man. We said Man not Dude. (Camp****)

Is about to apply bliss "youth as we know it" moisturizer which I like except it has a kinda odd smell. (Lwg1***)

Sundries: Gelato was tasty (tropical crunch). Fingers hurt (no calluses). Sat. KWS Youth Orch photos at starfactor four. Final book proof. (Catb***)

Nowplaying ~ sundance kids [from fighting vipers] ~ david leytze ~ sega saturn history ~saturn was our youth~ last volume (disc 1) (VGRa***)

No more dog paddle! Whispering Pines Park Pool set to register youth and adults for Swim Lessons; April 13, 14 & 15. Lessons start in May! (Invern******)

Watching Bobby McFerrin on Sesame Street will not immediately recapture the feelings of your youth. (Atomic_*******)

I'm listening to Dirty Boots (demo) by Sonic Youth - Goo [Deluxe Edition] Disc 2 (Albu***)

I'm listening to self-obsessed and sexxee by sonic youth - experimental jet set, trash and no star (Albu***)

Going to Mostoles. A veure la expo dels Sonic Youth: Sensational Fix (Lo_S****)

Listening to sonic youth in the cab on my way to have hotel stranger sex. i love you i love you i love you whats your name? (Devo****)

When i google "schizophrenia lyrics" and i get only brokencyde results (but no sonic youth), i lose a lot of hope. (Skar***)

I wonder what the musical baby of Wilco, Galaxie 500, Sonic Youth and Lady Gaga would sound like. (Alex_s*****)

Nowplaying Sonic Youth - Dirty. One of the greatest albums of the 90's! (Moo**)

I'm feeling like a mixture of Naive by the Kooks and Superstar by the Sonic Youth. Don't pay attention to the lyrics. Just the feeling. (AwwSu****)

Sugar Cane de Sonic Youth a todo volumen por la I-80west, plagada de State Troopers. (Cabeza*****)

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