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Yosemite - USA

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60 External Comments

Just acquired a beautiful, old pair of Bushnell binoculars. they will come in handy in Yosemite and Denali:) (Lady_B*****)

Leupold Yosemite 6x30 Binoculars vs. Bushnell powerview 10x50 for Hunting in Timber (Mark75******)

Various sightings today: Marvel Secret Wars t-shirt, Captain America ball cap, Yosemite Sam letter jacket. Brooklyn is full of characters. (Kango*****)

What things do you recommend for visiting relatives to see? Vegas and Disney have been done; Yosemite, Catalina, and Grand Canyon on list. (Saro****)

Made it from yosemite, but big wheel races were canceled so to Winchester Mystery House, Alcatrez, n Angel Island 2morrow Monterey Acquarium (Tatto****)

Thx :) Love my viewmaster! When I need a little mini vacation, I just lean back and tour Zion, Yellowstone, Glacier, Yosemite. (Ema***)

What is better? Going to the Grand Canyon or going to Yosemite national park (Mirandas*******)

Goal this week: to get 3 appliance stores to place Yosemite range hoods on display! (LESLIEn******)

You should be up in Yosemite. Was drinking wine on the deck of my log cabin last night gazing up at the stars, fire roaring inside. (Nick_R*****)

Not sure if I should bother buying the power inverter since Yosemite is tentative. gah. I should be studying.. dun dun dun. (Missb*****)

Yellowstone, Big Bend. Sequoia. Rocky Mountain. Great Smoky. Yosemite & other national parks & monuments R under UN jurisdiction & control (Silly****)

Can't pick one. Death Valley, Highway 1, Yosemite, Mount Shasta to name a few. (Calmu*****)

I'm in times square in the middle of a bomb threat so if i don't in 24 hrs, i'm blown *yosemite sam voice* to smotheroonies! (Jones****)

Home from Modesto :) my uncle got the ipad I'm jealous lol! Tomorrow going to Yosemite!! (DollFac*******)

Kinda thought when they said park they meant yosemite. /disneyland/ (Rhe***)

Best thing about watching the race in a bar in Yosemite - the view. 2nd best thing don't have to listen to dw (Diane****)

Arrived in Yosemite national park. Early night tonight in preparation for a day of hiking tomorrow with (Nickyb******)

Can you recommend someone with hiking experience in Yosemite in July? I'm concerned about what kind of temps to pack for. (Paulg****)

Thanks and you are right. The falls at Yosemite are expected to be great this year due to the snow. They were when I was there. (Kidtr****)

Hang in there, hon. Just think, you'll be in Yosemite in just a few days. (Colleen******)

Okay, good. Take your doc's number with you to Yosemite just in case you need to contact him. :hug: (Colleen******)

I took this photo in Okutama japan. I went there for the first time but it reminded me of yosemite in CA. it was fabulous sight!! (Yucha*****)

I'll be calling for an appointment for when I get back from Yosemite. I think I'll be too distracted by nature to get down (Sarie*****)

At the airport in SLC waiting for Ashley to get here. Then second leg with my beautiful wife into Yosemite for the week. (Thek****)

Niall, Cameron, Lain and I are going to have tea parties in Yosemite. I get to dress them up in frilly party dresses. xD (Peytoni*******)

To change subjects to something positive. I am heading to Yosemite in a few months. I need it (Rangerd*******)

I'm going to be in Yosemite the week of the Supernatural finale! *cries* (Peytoni*******)

Yosemite Valley, to me, is always a sunrise, a glitter of green and golden wonder in a vast edifice of stone and space. Ansel Adams (Samtry*****)

Just completed the final edits on my book, Supertopo: Yosemite Sport Climbs and Top Ropes. (CVLt****)

I know. sorry, I grew with Bugs Bunny, Foghorn Leghorn, Yosemite Sam, and the like (Scw5***)

Eating lunch in an indoor restaraunt in Yosemite, along with squirrels scattering about the carpet begging for our food, literally! (Ilvmus******)

Miqht qo to that camp for a week at yosemite and majic mountain any1 wanna comme. but it cost a lot! ]: (Light*****)

Having withdrawal just got back from yosemite yesterday. slept all day now going to my friends house. so busy! (Emifa*****)

Spent yesterday biking and hiking around Yosemite. It felt great to move all day. Today I have an all day date with my couch. (Asi***)

Getting ready to go to work. How exciting! Tomorrow night we r leaving to yosemite! can not wait! (Scis***)

In yosemite with spotty service. do not fret if unavailable ( no need to call police next time :)) cc: (Trike****)

No! my mom and dad bought new light fixtures for me and my brothers room.. i like my elmer fudd/ bugs bunny/ yosemite sam light fixture (Abur****)

Unplugging and heading to Yosemite. Keep the internet safe while I'm gone. (Fishe****)

Tired from our turnaround trip 2 Yosemite. Racing 2nite & Dodger game tomorrow. Crazy busy as usual but what's life if you're not living it? (Stefan*****)

Yosemite has great weather right now! If you like snow u have to go! (Broad*****)

My BF (who Leia Joy is named for) is getting married at Yosemite (they work there) and it's a whole 3 day event in the Fall, I cannot wait! (Croxfor******)

Stopped by an orchard on our way. Moving along CA-120 E/Yosemite Ave (Aparn****)

Back from Yosemite! WE got snow while we were there - now to clean house/ garden and have a wonderful Beltane! (TheBel******)

Dreamt that Yosemite valley was carved out by years of battle between Autobots and Decepticons. (Sockw*****)

Road trip to yosemite today, softball game tommorrow lets go hayward felly! 2-0 (Crzyc*****)

Seeing the drive to Yosemite I know why pay so much to live in NorCal (Go**)

Had a great day in Yosemite yesterday! Today it's San Francisco :) (Sarah*****)

Napa valley was pretty and very interesting. We are headed to Yosemite National park now. (Kaytom******)

I really would love to go to Yosemite and to the Yellowstone park! :) i love nature! (Mia_Po******)

On way to yosemite for engagement shoot, and of course to hike! (Vertica*******)

Already up and on my way to work. gonna be a short day at work, then hiking at yosemite. hopfully its not really hot. (Shady*****)

It surely was. Come back son! :) and enjoy yosemite, it's so beautiful during this time of the year (TheOld******)

I want to go to Yosemite. Never been. That sounds peaceful and lovely. (A_Gall*****)

I'm tempted to go to Yosemite tomorrow and book a room along the Merced where you can hear the river at night. (Cnatu****)

Tired after a long day in yosemite national park and hours of driving . (Amitjp*****)

Car broke down. found prom dress. heading to yosemite tomorrow. busy day (NNatal******)

House hunting so far has been a big disappointment. We will have to re-group and keep looking after our hiking trip to Yosemite. (Tdorm*****)

Yosemite Sam: No one will vote for a flattened-out rabbit skin, I always say (Jojok*****)

Yosemite Sam: Blast your ornery hide! If ya does that just once more, I ain't a-going after it. (Jojok*****)

Yosemite Sam: Why, you crazy doggone idjit! Whatcha trying to do, blow us to smithereens? (Jojok*****)

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