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60 External Comments

New york times ] iraq's premier endorses a recount of the vote . --baghdad . pm nuri maliki endorsed mounting calls for a recount . (Mba**)

The Barker House B&B a great place to stay for the Train Collectors Show in York. We have Lionel trains from the 1940's & 1950's. (Barkerh******)

See i ain't really ain't a mets fan but i might tune in to watch st louis cardinals vs. new york mets on thursday (TheReal*******)

Found my ipod in DC lost my timex in New York. And the cycle continues (MaxPo*****)

Helena Rubinstein started her cosmetics business in Australia in 1891, expanded to New York in 1912, and grew a very successful business. (WellWom******)

Just came back from an awesome dinner cruise with private party around new york harbour! (Stellei*******)

Yo auto kids dont forget april 7th new york knicks day even if you don't like them rock the blue and orange. (Theradic*******)

Biggest joke in the nba are right now: new jersey nets & new york knicks - donnie walsh & mike d'antoni - shame on you! (Nicho****)

Pierce led Boston to a 4-0 week, with wins over Detroit, New York, Houston and Dallas. (Yetbo*****)

I ate three meals in three states today: Texas, Tennessee and New York. Yeah! (Sme***)

I'm tired, I'm struggling writing a column & I don't want to argue with snobby shitheads at the New York Times. I'm going to bed. (NonaN*****)

Okay i'm imagining myself having the time of my life in New York with my new much better American friends, with my Mercedes Benz GLK Class. x (Rasya****)

New York Jets sign (LB) Lance Laury from the Seattle Seahawks. Jets making a lot of moves but sort of quietly. Watch this team next year! (3dmes*****)

Boulogne, france + land's end, st ives, newquay, cornwall, uk + new york (biz) + cork, ireland (biz) = 5 weekends of overseas trips. (Djke****)

MSG first network to broadcast a hockey game in 3D in an upcoming match-up between the New York Rangers and New York Islanders. (Brookl*****)

MSG will become the 1st network to broadcast a hockey game in 3D in an upcoming match-up between the New York Rangers and New York Islanders (Tdough******)

IsItJustMe or are new jersey and new york people the meanest people ever (Manua*****)

Houston rockets 116 x 112 new york knicks: destaques: kevin martin e david lee. (Barret******)

Caraca. muito legal assistir jogo da NBA. New York Knicks Vs Houston Rockets. Knicks perdeu, mas foi divertido. (Jackson******)

Rockets upsets knicks in the 4th quarter: houston rockets 116 new york knicks 112 (Liberty*******)

About to start my Sunday at the Madison Square Garden watching the New York Knicks vs. Houston Rockets (Fmac***)

New york (ny) times: north korea identifies american being held (1stNew*****)

Waiting for the shuttle to take me to newark penn station, so I can get a train to new york penn station, where my bus for DC leaves! ^,^ (Phoenix*******)

Anyone with the I phone should download Earth cam, looking at some beautiful sights in New York, makes me want to be there (Chris_Pa*******)

Today, road frame will be frame and fork w/ bearings, tomorrow will be chainset. 70 mile ride around York a week friday to test. (RAB201*****)

My muse Ruth is asleep in the Murphy bed. Tomorrow I will get up with her to watch her New York Half Marathon! Ruth Running New York 2010! (EmmettM*******)

Montreal Canadiens 1, New York Rangers 1, heading into 3rd period. (Shoon****)

Rip apple computer exec Jerry York I wish we had been related (Benyo****)

Wanna go work for fedex ground in atlanta, houston, new york city, and orlando (DoeTheF*******)

First from the York Marriott Hotel, its a beautiful day here. How is it where you are? (YorkMa******)

Reminder: New York Yankees tickets went on sale today at noon! (MarketM*******)

Leaving to New York, making the inspiring collection for Redken (Ludovic*******)

I backpacked for a month and a half with a backpack and a bag. Why do i have a suitcase for five days in new york? (Chelse******)

LIH How Corning Is Lighting Up New Markets - Corning, the upstate New York TV glass specialist, is once again betting on fiber optic c. (Broker*****)

Stories How Corning Is Lighting Up New Markets - Corning, the upstate New York TV glass specialist, is once again betting on fiber opt. (Broker*****)

Shameless Hussy Merlot is in Tacoma, Seattle, Napa, Iowa, New York and France for the WAMerlot tasting - little tramp does get around!! (Hard***)

Ben & Jerry's New York Super Fudge Chunk ice cream can make anything seem better. :) (Brig***)

Anthony Weiner has to be one of the most annoying congressmen I have ever listened to. Is he really representative of New York? (Vald****)

I'm not in New York, Not street will make me feel brand new, not light can inspired me! (8) (Yes***)

Target's archer farms brand new york style cheesecake is honestly some of the best I've ever had (Jonatha*******)

Quiero conocer el upper east side, en new york, conocer el met, el times square. (Manue****)

I'm not sad to leave this stage of my life, but that doesn't mean I won't cherish my weird New York job-balancing act forever. (Chelsea******)

From New York! The greatest city in the world! It's the Late Show! With David Letterman! (TheSea*****)

The trick for the Rangers is hoping for a total Flyers collapse and/or Bruins foldup from here on in; plus a New York streak of its own. (StanFi******)

Dear New York weather, why are you planning to be cold and/or rainy for the two full days that I am there? HMM? I demand an explanation. (Sophien*******)

Cole and I just owned on Def Jam Fight for New York! What game do you kick ass on?? (Joshf****)

Just played: blues to bechet - the new york jazz orchestra - le jazz hot(planet arts) (Wtul_pl******)

I have finally found restaurants that are in-between sketchy dive and overpriced famous chef. Thank you, New York, New York. (Hame****)

Itsreallyannoying wen people from New York call me "Yo" or "Son". You're in the south now say Brah! (Quintj*****)

Thatsabadidea thinkin the best Jay rappin in 2010 is from New York (JusBc****)

I am so tired. new york was really fun and that Addams Family was hilarious. (Sxbau*****)

Screw it all. I just want constant Grey Gardens, Company, ACL, and Gypsy revivals on Broadway. And to live in New York. And infinite money. (Themod******)

Does anyone know the conviction rates for Law & Order detectives, SVU detectives and real New York detectives? (Zamee*****)

Must have sucked to be an icelander fan tonight. rangers still rule new york. (GustavGr*******)

Since white collar and burn notice are on spring break, i'm watching csi new york on cbs. (Adamlew******)

Anthony Weiner, Democrat Congressman from New York just got smoked on O'Reilly factor. (SG_Pol*****)

Made it to New York. Presently in Queens staying at a La Quinta Inn on Queens Blvd. (KevinSch*******)

What nfl team drafted heisman trophy winner reggie bush? (a) new orleans saints (b) san francisco 49ers (c) new york jets (d) houston texans (CampSp******)

We still have 2 watches, and a Silver Necklace to Giveaway. New York Gold & Silver Exchange 9090 North Stemmons Freeway Suite C-1 Dall . (Javi_m******)

Whoa. johnny uses his acoustic bass guitar during live In New York 2007 (Bin**)

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