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Yin Yang - USA

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60 External Comments

Coz she is getting koi fish and the pisces symbol are yin yang koi fish :) (Abst****)

SUPER tacky Lost! A pentagram, Islamic moon, yin & yang, & Hindu emblem in stain glass window of the Catholic church??!! (Fire4y*****)

Kaleidoscope-dizzy from counting tattoos in Finglas dole ; dragon fire, armchair Republican symbols, celtic bands and yin yang yack. (Juneca******)

Cool~warm, dark~light, wet~dry, black~white. yin~yang. balance the sides (Soulw****)

Ice Cube was born on June 15 1969; the day Hee Haw premiered on television. Yin & Yang, Black and White, Cracker & Gangsta. (Siempre_*******)

You're making all these ratings up. (But she can't leave the DDR mat.) *drops yin-yang orb on top of her* (ReimuHa******)

But tell me why ppl think im wearin two diff shoes when i wear my yin yang air max 95's? (SourD_*****)

Cnndebate Herman Cain looked looked like the little dot on the yang part of the yin yang tonight. (MsLeeL*****)

I've lost my "Flower Power" baby tee, four scrunchies and. *tears* . my choker necklace with the yin-yang charm. (Contempo Casualties) (TheJam*****)

Positive energy magic powers yin yang amulet crystal dog tag lucky charm white cat's eye stainless steel pendant on 18" necklace on disco (Qianaid*******)

Left all my beautiful rings i used to wear all the time at home, my Claddagh ring, yin-yang ring and my Amethyst ring mommy bought me (Ashley******)

I'll be playing a concert in someone's home. Someone will win a Fodera Yin Yang Bass. Another will win a Hartke HyDrive system. Could be U. (Victor******)

Peace, Love & Decorating Adds Rogue Designs Girls Bedding Including the Yin & Yang Bedding Collection and the Girls . (KristenL*******)

Yeah, I find that with but the yin-yang sign works well. the world needs both of us. (Stock*****)

Come on, CoryBooker has a 1st rate education, law degree and honorary degrees out the yin yang. He knew exactly what he was doing. (Aunt****)

I actually only knew bout the crossed finger one and the yin-yang one. but they all look better when distracted by his muscles (Mahdym******)

I feel like all secret life is is just people getting married and pregnant up the yin yang (Kristi******)

Them yin yang leggings from topshop are the most disgusting things ever (Sophiech*******)

Hipfire only moab and an double overkill moab but without the overkill, use the yin yang class, pm9 and mp9 ;) (CodTu****)

I made a friendship bracelet with a yin yang pattern and it actually worked yay :-) (Laure*****)

And I'm waiting for a Justin bieber "Boyfriend" and Yin Yang twins, "whisper song" blend. (Andre*****)

Power up science-books and make them yin-yang by 2 sciencewriters=male+female together cooperate!! create peacepax (Kosmos*****)

You betcha. I'm not a fan of the rain but I am a fan of post rain NYC. Yin Yang sis (DailyD******)

If we don't accept him, we are just like him. It's all about balance of energy, brother. Yin Yang, you know. Live troll. (FreshH******)

U can make ur own. As the one i created had other meaning wid Yin Yang, almost Cancer sign, has S n all that. (SAMd***)

Small things tend to amuse small minds; yet scientists still can't figure out why we sleep. Karl is an intellect Yin-Yang. (Deadr****)

The new lady at work bc she has the yin/yang thing tattooed on her ankle. Trying. not. to. judge. (Rumpu*****)

How can you have one without the other? Its like the yin&yang, dark&light, cant know what one is without the other (Pier****)

It must live within us all.. that's what balance is all about.. that's why identify with yin yang so much! (Needz2*****)

Can someone describe the colour scheme of the Yin-Yang? Can you see that while they are different, they are still the exactly the same?! (BlackE******)

Know in your heart that all dudes with yin yang tattoos have cool 69 tattoos. Same goes for Cancer, the crab, who loved to get wild. (Dingus_******)

He might only have done 5 hours of community work in a year but he must get credit for that knitted yin-yang jersey (Robk***)

Correct! Well, it won't specifically require cameos, but there's no doubt it'll have nostalgia out the yin-yang. So be it. (Rof***)

Ikr I want them skeleton ones do you know what I'm talking about? And the yin yang ones :') (_singme*******)

Um, do u know of a good pic of when shawn and juliet kissed in the first yin yang? if u got one i want the same words (Nafb***)

The Chinese/Asian culture has practiced holistic living over 5,0 years, Yin/Yang; Positive/Negative. Good/Evil. (Dorot*****)

Please note all use of peace signs, yin yang symbol and crosses are entirely ironic as I'm already almost too hipster to function as it is (LilyMW*****)

Ready to get my yin yang tattoo & "one cannot live without the other." With oomf. (: (_Alexis******)

I seem to be having trouble finishing this article on the pros and cons of macrobiotic diet, My yin/yang must be out of balance. (Nutriti******)

Just remembered about my long lost yin yang bracelet. It was my favourite :( (Sidoni******)

Aww that sounds nice that! Yeah I get you, bet it looks lovely! I'd quite like a yin yang sign somewhere:-) x (Reb**)

Not sure yet, summat with a yin/yang inside, from top to my hip I think tho. Nothing too 'blocky' if u know what I mean. X (Gizmo****)

My boss thought my tattoo was sweet. Good. I'm getting sick of people asking why I have a yin yang. None ya damn business. (P0shs****)

I'm up and down and meeting myself up the yin yang atm! I'm doing my best to get the writing thing working. Hardly enough hours! (Janepr*****)

Just finished my guest post for to be published tomorrow. Yin yang. Could make your head spin a little bit. (Yoshi****)

This can be explained by looking at the yin yang symbol. there's alwayz 2 parts. in this case we have will(yin) + power (yang) = matter (IFuckMAD*******)

Yin yang twins was on pandora lmao I would never talk about those things I let me actions do the talking (Chocola*******)

Cause you know the yin yang thingy yea that's the thing yo i have yin yang on my ear you mad bruh (Eudor*****)

Stephen A and Skip represent the Yin-Yang symbol.. The counter opposites that make up one whole.. I truly believe this show is scripted (EmmAye******)

What a fantastic picture. Style out the yin-yang. Thanks, Conor. RIP Ann Rutherford. (MeganM*****)

There are happy days and there are moments that I feel severe homesickness. 50/50, bipolar, + -, Yin Yang. (Annton*****)

No kidding! I love the way you guys keep it moving. and are my yin/yang of Apple podcasts. (Mocta****)

Need a boost in the middle of the week? Come join us for a power or yin/yang class! You can even bring your kids at 4:) (Nsychat*******)

Magkasama kayong yin yang black and white big and small same attitude ugh (Marik****)

I can't decide what I should buy. the cutters X40 yin yang or under armour warp speed?( price is not a factor) ( I play rb). (LarsMi******)

Yin-yang skull thing that iv been drawing since 4th grade. me mike and drew browning have like a thing with it now. (Goble*****)

I think it's not enough with just your simple theory. It also need the-KW. Ada ori ada KW . yin yang (Omma***)

I wanna work somewhere where you get tips like a waiter cuz I'd be getting tips up the yin-yang (Fckn_Ant*******)

Other reasons for Christie beyond my top ten. Mary Pat Christie is from PA. Christie's family is younger whereas Romney's older. Yin-Yang. (Stevep******)

I dont think they did, because the cross fingers tattoo was after doing iCarly,, and on the show they showed the yin yang (ItsMe_*****)

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