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Yellow - USA

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60 External Comments

Looking for a cobalt or yellow wall clock for my kitchen. Preferably, something with a second-sweep hand. Suggestions? (Ricky*****)

Just played: rebel yellow - cecil otter - rebel yellow(doomtree) (WRNC_****)

Watching the George Tech Yellow Jackets, anyone remember when the Columbus Blue Jackets used a logo with a yellow jacket wearing a blue one? (MAD_M*****)

Steve is the guy wearing the yellow dress shirt 2 rows behind the Cuse bench! Haha (Michael*******)

It's a funny situation here.. Yellow tags are everywhere from bracelet, phone, watches and laptop.. My boss Really wants the Aquinos :)) (MrBe****)

Hah my soccer jersey is neon yellow :O should wear that to Sadies hahaha (Thecoolm*******)

So the new fish I got are so awesome, three angel fish and two catfish. The cats are very cool lookin! Black with yellow stripes! Awesome! (Timz2r******)

Not wearing green today but my awsome Sunshine Yellow American Apparel hoodie! Tee Hee! (Sm_Sara******)

I love the sunshine, i want to bring it to my home, so i went and bought yellow and orange flowers and added some gorgeous golden bedding!! (AMDBe*****)

My life would be totally rockin if i could: A) play the banjo; and B) play loads of pokemon on a yellow gameboy color. (Cour****)

Washing onesies, socks and yellow duckie bath towels. listening to my mom & gparents watch my youtube vid of homegirl squirming last night:) (Joshand******)

Yellow lams yellow m. p. s lemonade gucci shoes 4 ur gurl ! Shaketa ! Lmao (Flymon******)

Just bought a metal detector hoping to find treasures in backyard Reading about yellow fever+olde philadelphia. I next need a bone detector. (TheBlack*******)

Man i just got the most amazing suede limegreen/yellow(ish) steve madden pumps! Oh wee :)) (Tambam_*******)

Looking for peices to make a Celty cosplay. I need at least a yellow motorcycle helmet (Nada****)

Is craving hot chips with super radio-active bright yellow chicken salt. m (Heid***)

My snot rags are abstract art. The green & yellow streaks signify my inner turmoil. The splashes of red signify "Writer losing hit points!" (Zoe_***)

George Takei is now advertising for Sharp for them adding yellow to their TV projection system. Ads are getting pretty ridiculous nowadays. (Mvbat*****)

Yellow Cab: Manhattan meatlovers, four-cheese pizza, charlie chan pasta!! (CHRIST******)

You can opt for dragonfly jewellery charms made out of yellow and rose gold or silver and rose gold (Nwao****)

Me excited seeing a new yellow Camaro: LOOK son there "Bumble Bee" from Transformers! Son: Damn daddy that's just a stupid car! (Technop******)

KEF Reference speaker systems now available in custom colors for your enjoyment. Candy red or racing yellow and more! Very cool. (SoundTe******)

Seriously, how many children are Ringo fans? Between Yellow Submarine, Octopus' Garden and Thomas the Tank Engine, we've a little one here. (Candice******)

Yellow pick-up truck with the words "A Batteries Delivered and Installed." Took me a minute to make sense of it. (Jargo****)

Anywayzz I bought a yellow backpack from a friend of mine! Haha not using it for sch its so retarded cause my uniform is yellow -_- (Juvenak*******)

Frustrated by service issues with printer toner. Simply put - there is no way I used up an entire yellow toner cartridge in 102 pages! (TexasTh******)

Seeking information on the theft of a 1998 bright yellow Kawasaki Jet Ski on a white trailer taken on March 23rd from Isle View Drive. (Winona******)

Dearfuturehusband i seen these yellow canary diamond earrings and a black diamond bracelt i want. When shud i expect it? (GoldFin*******)

Ok the bottom left section in the corning and you know where it creases you are there in the middle below the crease ur wearing a yellow . (IMacke*****)

The day before yesterday I moved a gigantic yellow sofa sectional into my hut. I had to scrub it with pine-sol first. (Emilyo******)

Agnes was a Yellow Dog Democrat. She said she would vote for a yellow dog over any GOPer. (DanNb****)

My bike frame is sanded and primed, found the right fork, going to paint it all 'old caterpillar yellow' (LittleGr*******)

Sometimesiwonder do people with stank breath know how they shit smell? Talk to the mirror if your breatj steam has a yellow tint. (Sharpt******)

Snap was always my favorite elf. He wore a yellow coat with a red scarf, blue leggings and a cap toe shoe. Way ahead of his time. (Tran***)

Sunny, gorgeous spring day inspired my light lunch. Cottage cheese, yellow pepper, cucumber, greens with Greek dressing. (Mypdxk******)

Someone stole my yellow hollister pants so I'm forced to get my orange hollister pants out of the hamper cos it's cold (Candiin******)

Yu have red, orange, green, purple, pink, & yellow weave yahh she def. a (_nessa******)

Just saw NYPD in a cruiser camo'd as a yellow cab. undercover is one thing, but disguised as a taxi just isn't cool. (Reecep******)

Vtg cole haan saddles, skinny modern amusement khakis, vtg yellow&green stripe, navy knit tie, clip, grey gap cardigan with navy edging (Leisur******)

They didnt have the big bottle of red bundy only the yellow so i got the smaller red one (BlackGo*******)

This woman in class has a Louis Vitton purse. And yellow rubber bands in her hair. (Fatyl****)

Placed order for southern yellow pine to make platform bed, ordering rough cut hemlock for raised beds and cold frames (Rente*****)

The Boy & I relaxed watching "Stryper Live In Japan" tonite. Hope he doesn't grow up wearing black & yellow spandex. (Leadersh*******)

I love my red TOMS but find I end up wearing them w/ green a lot. which seems awkward. Reason to buy cute yellow 1s? ; ) (Mighty*****)

Wow. planter's cheez ballz are no longer! i repeat. i will never eat planters cheez balls out of the blue can with the yellow lid again (Cottonc******)

Dearfuturehusband my ring should look like this, white gold with, rose gold trimmings and a big ass yellow diamond (CreamM******)

Rose gold wit diamonds or yellow gold with diamonds. I guess this is a good problem to have (HUS***)

These girls now a day. horrible. one of u got a yellow pea coat nd ya friend got on a tank top dress wit 3" heels. smh (Lousoth******)

The big yellow one is the Sun!! The yellow one is the Sun! -Brian Regan (Jsilv*****)

Can't sleep :( watching brian regan.'the big yellow one is the sun' hilarious! (Shada*****)

Haha I'm wearing black leggings wit black Mcauley shorts nd my yellow tie dye Mcauley short wit a red folded bandanna cuz Mcauley is red (Jackly******)

I Struck Gold : J304965 - Petite Polished Cross Pendant, 14K Yellow Gold : I had been looking for a small cross to pair with a bold necklace (QVC5Sta******)

Yeah yellow-orange maxi dress teasering me. hahaha teaser teaser teaser. slurrp what'a juicyfresh colour,, :9 (Chubby*****)

Soo I was cute in my yellow maxi dress and sandals today! Fresh mani/pedi. couldn't tell me nuthin (Mixd4B*****)

Got a new bathing suit. its yellow and polka dotted. and I got free flip-flops with it =) (Musical*******)

I don't think it's right for men to wear yellow satin button ups to a wedding. lol (Joeanna******)

And why are big yellow wasps out? On my rabbit hutch? Are they trying to nest? (CBic****)

Btw, all I need on the list: yellow mini Cooper, iPad, Blackberry Gemini, iPhone 3Gs 32 GB, the newest chic Nexian(model by Maudi Koesnaidi) (Elnie*****)

Found some cyan and yellow ink cartridges for an Epson Stylus Photo RX700. Anybody need? (Valde****)

If I ever get a black cat with yellow eyes, I'm naming it Night Fury. (Saxxy****)

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