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Piece of shit battery in my wall clock only lasted 5 years.. anyone have an AA? (RIPke*****)

It's been 11 years since my first good watch, but that old Fossil has seen better days. I think it's time for time for a change! wr-mako2 (Draf****)

I wish my Prom theme was 'High School Musical'! But it does seem a few years too late. I am thinking their theme will be more 'glee' tha . (Girl****)

Dearfuturewife we will have an in home gym so it's no excuse 4 u 2 still have "baby weight" 5 years later (BruceLe******)

I just remembered that Mike Murray has all of my Girls Gone Wild videos. It's been 10 years! I really need to track him down! (Therita******)

So i'm thinking of fixing the headstock crack that's been in my Gibson SG for ten years. Myself. Wanna talk me out if it? Wanna watch? (Microph*******)

I've owned Cyndi Lauper's "She's So Unusual" LP (yeah vinyl) for 24 years & never noticed Van Gogh's "Starry Night" on her shoes. *dense* (Bus1****)

Played a little Table Tennis today . it had been years since I last played. I really enjoyed it. (Jlha****)

Lucknow chat: In 10 years water level will go down by 17 mtr in Gomtinagar. Groundwater exploitation number 1 priority in city! (Razalu*****)

In bed with my dying cat on the covers at my side. He is so sweet and see thru, I could cry. The end of an era is near. 14 years :( (Anna****)

Exoplanet Corot-9b was found 1,500 light-years away. Size of Jupiter with an orbit like Mercury, it has a temperate climate. (Ycopf****)

JoJomustfeellike he played for the knicks the last 10 years n his bro is lebron hopin he come help him out ! (Algi***)

Why do African judges still wear those ridiculous. British-style wigs, 50 years after independence? It's embarrassing. They need to be retired (Zich****)

Looks like im stayin in san antonio for another 2 years to get my masters :) (IiTZM*****)

Finally my 15" Compaq Presario 2113AC can rest in peace after 7 years on duty, replaced with new 13" HP DV3-2316TX (Indra_h*******)

RIP my beloved Compaq Presario R30 - Thanks for being with me through 5 years of Skule! (Madhav******)

Kids get scholarships to colleges should stay at a minimum of ( 2 ) years. The NBA early entry is killing college basketball. (IkonSpor*******)

Rumor is if Kentucky wins it all we could loose all 5 starters to NBA. I can live with 8 and a couple years rebuilding for 9. (Here****)

Today is my "Twin Cities anniversary." I drove into Minneapolis from South Carolina 6 years ago today! (Ashl****)

Ah deal or no deal is intense . Yeah I know I'm five years late on this shoe. (Zeisen*****)

Diggy simmons makes music and Jojomustfeellike dmc's christian years (104***)

Time and again I remember thinking "Is it weird that I learned what Light Years are from Pokemon Blue?" (Lunari*****)

Weird seeing Steve Fischer coach SDSU. I remember many years with my beloved Michigan Wolverines and the Fab Five and 1989 national title. (Vitali******)

Dallas Texas Limousine is been serving in Dallas Fort Worth for almost 10 years. (Dallas******)

Some Japanese web corporation have taken my old monthrag. com domain that I used a couple of years ago for . MonthRag! (Snowboard Webazine) (Tomth*****)

Ok. two gross matters to discuss. 1. how the grinch stole christmas came out in 20. TEN years ago. 2. taylor momsen was cindy lou who?! (Sadieq******)

Oregon Ducks fire Ernie Kent after 13 seasons: Oregon has let go of Ernie Kent after 13 years as men's basketball coach at his alma mater. (TeeMar******)

The big news from the weekend was the Minnesota Twins resigning Joe Mauer! I was so excited about this, we're keeping him for 8 more years! (Dell****)

Minnesota twins are keeping joe maure YEAH for 8 more years yeah (Bratygi******)

Im happy minnesota twins get mauer for 8 more years! the only thing i like about minnesota. ahah (BiebersB*******)

Glad my Minnesota Twins signed Joe Mauer for 8 more years and can't wait to attend a game this summer at the new Target Field. Go Twins! (TanyaB******)

Buck up people. There was good news yesterday. Joe Mauer signed with the Minnesota Twins for 8 years! Twins baseball will be great! (Dav***)

So happy to see Mauer signed for 8 years. Sad to see Nathan out for surgery. Go Minnesota Twins!! (AliciaL******)

Everyone should read "Unstoppable Global Warming Every 1,500 Years" by S. Fred Singer and Dennis Avery! Very helpful book! (ZzWAPAKA*******)

Two men have been charged with the murders of five teenage boys in New Jersey who disappeared more than 30 years ago. (Phill****)

Just got an American Express merchant account for Litmus! Had people asking to pay by Amex for years. (Unsa****)

Drums & acoustic guitar down on portastudio for first new track in over 4 years 'Out of Touch' (Jays****)

I should have documented some of my trips more.. Recalling now I wish I had a digital camera for 15 years! :^( (Travelin*******)

I saw JoJo Simmons in person once. 2 years ago, in front of one of NYU's buildings. It was random. Kind of amusing. (Ohchan******)

Just repaired an Apple TV for a friend. Tried it in my system. Fantastic product, should have bought one years ago. Order on way via USA! (Rob***)

Apple TV is delighting me. They tried to sell me a system called Kaleidoscope for 10k three years ago. Apple TV does that. (Barracud*******)

The Michigan vs Notre Dame Football Game is hyped as a rivalry, but they've only played37 time in 123 years?. how does THAT work? (Dn2er*****)

Its meant to be, im finally getting my very first metallica shirt. I've waited too many years. (Kaet****)

The ship. Believe me you conservative folk, if we survived GW's 8 years. this will be a piece of cake! And at least now you will be . (Rp_mar*****)

Fox has announced that Miley Cyrus will mentor American Idol contestants, who in some cases are 10 years older than she is.. (K9**)

New cases for the social history exhibition have arrived. 50 years to celebrate and more to plan, let us know what you want to see (Romanp*****)

Straight thuggin it: boxers, sweat pants, t shirt and my first pair of gym shoes in years! (LuvLo****)

Loading this years first Fairtrade soft citrus next week in South Africa. Ask for it at your local supermarket soon! (Marnix_*******)

A sudden revelation and every piece of the puzzle seems to fall in place. Only thing now is that it's 4 years too late. (Woo***)

Is extremely proud of herself. I just finished my jigsaw puzzle in 6 months even though the box said 3-6 years!!" (Jballda******)

Kobe is 31 years old. He still got a good 7 years left in him. Will he be better than Jordan by the time he retire? (Relentl*******)

Clean bedding and cool air make me feel almost human. I think my hormones aren't nearly as bad as they used to be. My teen years sucked. (Metala******)

Holy crap!! I've got AT&T 3G service at my desk!! And it has only been two years since it was first promised!! There goes my battery life :P (Azur****)

Gameboy pocket: 1996, Color: 1998, Advance: 2001, DS: 2004. Six years is nearly twice the usual life cycle for these things. (Animea******)

A years old photo of me jet skiing with one of my old jet skis naked, totally naked out in public view (CWMN***)

WHO here remembers what System Soundbar used to be like on a Thursday night bout 8 years ago? (ZoiThe******)

If you live a few years like most people won't, you will live the rest of your life like most people can't. Mitchell B. Hubem (4Spi****)

After years of working on hcr, thought i would be more excited today. hard to get pumped about anything less than universal coverage. (Bkpa****)

Just renewed my Flickr Pro membership for another 2 years! Now I just gotta get my butt out with my lovely Canon 40D and take some shots. (Muzic*****)

After too many years of dragging them around while moving house, sent Oriental rugs for cleaning/repair. Just got estimate. (Theboo******)

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