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Year One - USA

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60 External Comments

I don't care if it sits in the garage 364 days a year, one good day in a Jeep Wrangler makes everything right. (HannahL******)

Just watched year one. been wanting to see it. it was ok definitely glad i didnt see it in theatres gota love free online movies lol (RobRo****)

Next on reading list is maybe Green Hornet: Year One or Brubaker's Incognito. Or Daytripper 1, now that I think about it. (MadMod******)

Green Hornet 2 is really good if you've been reading along with Green Hornet 1 and Year: ONE. (Jared****)

Firefly is a creepy badguy. especially in batgirl year one when he lights that actress on fire. eep. (K_Jon****)

And ya could end up arthritic and crippled." talking to barbara gordon. batgirl year one. foreshadowing. (K_Jon****)

Little barbara beating up her sensei when his back is turned in batgirl year one = lol. never underestimate barbara gordon. (K_Jon****)

Is getting ready to bring you the biggest Jazz concert of the year - one musician: Carmen Lundy.! More details to come. (Jazz91******)

The hangover stepbrothers or year one or sleep? wat to watch?? lol (Handsom******)

I refuse to believe Harold Ramis actually made YEAR ONE. Maybe he put his name on it as a favor. I don't know. He's too good for this. (SteveL*****)

Watchin year one with the little couzins. afterwards im gonna K to the O! (LiebeNa*******)

Seriously, although shi bo hui is 4 years a time, i still want to go this year one. (IDIOTIC_*******)

Watchin Year One with my bestfriend then going to bed; ugh . Praxis tomorrow! -_- (Ms_Ann******)

I have some grave concerns about election-year one-upmanship. (Ali_D****)

If it's up to my mom, i will never see any good movies. "year one?" "no" "zombieland?" "no" "across the universe? "no" "orphan?" "no" :-( (Musings*******)

Is it shameful or impressive that I answer biblical Jeopardy questions correct with my only religious background being the movie Year One? (Lsto****)

For all the years ive been at school, ive only ever like TWO of my school photos. and they were from prep and year one! (CheyLov******)

I like the blog i read the player of the year one the other day very good i agreed with most of it (Locdg*****)

Sugar is added to vast array of foods. In a year one daily 12-ounce can of soda(160 calories)can increase your weight by 16 pounds!! (Goodfo******)

FF Thanks for the shout out, pal. Have you seen how over the top the "Year One," folk have gotten with this Leroy Jenkins biz?(1/2) (Sean_M******)

Shopping 2morrow!! I'm gonna buy a bathing suit (ONLY if I find a better than my last year one : ) (Venice_p*******)

Pass a sleepless night with and watching Superbad, Role Models and Year one with her, send my BEST e-mail to her ! (Maniac*****)

That is my guess/hope. If he's in a Supersuit in Salvation, that is the next logical step. Season 10: Superman Year One. (Achtun******)

Quaterback's coach? He won't start year one. I'd put his passion and heart against any defensive player in the NFL. He played (Luke***)

Happy seventeenth birthday , I've loved you since I first laid my eyes on you in year one :) (Natat*****)

Any suggestions on where to start reading Batman? Should it be Miller's "Year One"? If so, with what should I continue? (Dist****)

How do you not get excited about a guy like McCluster? Just wish the Birds had stuck with Sheldon for one more year-one less hole (Koryk****)

I tried to explain it year one. Now I just say it's a computer show. "nothing to see here . move along" (Scottja******)

Getting caught up on today's . Borrowd teen titans: year one from library. Friend asked about Donna Troy. Me: O. o (Nugg****)

Well I'm in secondary school in 5th year one more year left then can go to college!! (Xxhailey*******)

Since u r reliving the past- you and raven owned tna on the year one dvd. then again, you could make thunder watchable (RowdyR******)

Every year one person is allowed a dramatic second chance and changes Simon Cowell. (Reem***)

Watchin Year One in the burban, on our way to merced to see my baby cousin:) (Alexis*****)

Mba classes, finals, final presentation done! Now on to munich for a class trip! Feels great to have year one done! (Ljwilk*****)

LMAO I'm watching year one. The guys hanging upside down and he just pissed on his own face lol PISSED! (DJKAZWES*******)

Repeat the exam at xmas, it'd be really rare you'd go into year one again, you go into the mysterious sounding stage X (Fad**)

Oh dont worry, if time files in accordance with your theory, you'll be past year one REAL fast xD (Nat***)

Just finished the Fallout Year One story, which marks the end for me writing Celtic Knights stories, for now anyway. (Stephen******)

Thanks once again to the incredible Journal staff who made this year one to remember! (Michael******)

Word I lived there for a year one time I went to st. Aug then transferred u Eva herd of it? (Beezy9*****)

Finished reading "Batman- Year One" and now onto "The Long Halloween". Batman at his best ! (Chaitany*******)

Sorry to ruin your tea-book party. Just watching "Year One". Was it you that i saw working a banana around 45-50 min? (Daniel******)

Enrolling my baby in kinder. Wow how time flies. Next year one mo to go and all of them will be in school fulltime!! Thank u Lawd! (Vee***)

Its soo much like my last year one. i dont even care ill wear it in ma room every night to sleep! (Amazing*******)

Ya, the blog post was way back when i was year one. Somehow don't understand what am i writing. (Ohch****)

Hitting the reset button on life - back to year one when I didn't care so much about things and that don't matter. Leave out all the rest. (Dpm***)

The one who had big fight with us last year one ah. -.- but now ok with him jor, but still right. embarrassing lo. (Assl***)

I suspect I am about to waste 2 precious hours of my life on the movie Year One. (Kimbase******)

Has got her student finance sorted for next year. one less thing to worry about. (Wagger*****)

It saddens me to hear again and again madu Juhi kajol until this year one has seen you with kajol never publicly what for friendship (Gul***)

With the amount of sunshine Joburg has had this year one might as well live in London. (Gabyro*****)

With the movies of New moon G. I Joe , Final destination , Year one , Disaster movie , Lesbian vampire killers , The box (Vond***)

I agree. The year one issues tend to remind me of the tv show a lil I doubt I will get anymore tomorrows fcbd 1 I will get (Bleed****)

I get the Kevin smith one and the matt Wagner one they are pretty good , the year one is really good (Bleed****)

I am watching 'Year One' and laughing hysterically - seen it before, but it's hilarious every time. (Wild_by*******)

Ah it's Friday. Time to chillax. Just came home. Was at cassies house eating mojarra frita and watching year one. We were laughing hard. (Lesli*****)

I got it from this movie called year one. its freaking hilarious! (Buttafl******)

Year One is a remarkably bad movie. I can't believe Harold Ramis had anything to do with this fetid load of dingo kidneys. (ChrisInE*******)

Ihop AND Puerto Vallarta today. Then long boarding and Mercedes tat, and watching year one. I am pooped! I love my friends (C0urt****)

Happy birthday, helena bonham carter & zola budd, same year, one in golders green, other in the orange free state, and look a little alike. (Uosd***)

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