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60 External Comments

Who has time to when there is yarn to dye? and spin? and knit? and fabric that needs to be sewn? who I ask? who? (Calami*****)

It's sunny, so I am going to attempt to dry yarn outside in the sun. more dyeing today, too. It feels good 2b back in the saddle. (YarnH*****)

Plying my yarn for 1st time ever. I am using the Andean bracelet method with a drop spindle for a 2 ply. I feel accomplished! (Strang*****)

Spent the evening spinning with a drop spindle. I now have my first skein of wool yarn made from real raw material (ArtistH*******)

Spun some this morning & actually plied singles. I have yarn! Now to work on an Amy Butler bag for spring. If spring ever arrives. (Unwindk*******)

Todays gonna be a great day! Carson to get a car stereo, yarn for Alyssa's beanie, beauty supply store for goodies:):) (Badassh******)

Love Red Heart yarn. Working right now with Soft White and Aruba Sea (2 separate projects). (Bridget*******)

Drowning my sorrows in yarn. Hey, it's low in calories and high in fiber. (Gabby****)

Winding up my losses ;; now I respinining my weak point with Air Jet n Water Jet Spinning ; so my yarn not break at those points. (Anubhav******)

Needs a barrel of monkeys, some yarn, and a hook. WHY? dont ask. [chai tea time!] (Claire*****)

If you could only see my craft table. whew! I have got a big job ahead of me organizing it! yarn and paper and stamps and ink, etc. lol (MrsKH****)

Got yards of wool felt to dye on Wed, 12+ pounds (50+ skeins) of yarn--boucle, fuzzy mohair, organic on Thurs, today silk/wool fabric-yeah! (Plantdy*******)

Loving this yarn, it's really nice to work with. Red Heart Ecoways recycled acrylic/polyester blend. (Edibl*****)

She says, typing on a brand new laptop, sitting in a brand new chair and petting her brand new yarn. (Kateoh*****)

Knitting my 1st scarf w/buttery soft ace weight alpaca yarn. Glad I picked easy lace pattern, working w/size 2 needles is a fun challenge! (Scoff*****)

Getting ready to spin some alpaca and cotswold sheep wool together my fingers are itching to spin a yarn yea . ; ) see u later ! (Hookerb*******)

I gave myself a colonoscopy with a Flip camera a stick and a ball of yarn. Rainn: 1, Polyps: 0. (Beautifu*******)

Got a great vintage pattern book in the mail yesterday: Yarn and Burlap. (MostFa******)

Good morning, lovely tweeps! Working on a baby dress and a sun hat today. Might even go to Provo Craft Outlet today. YARN! (Moand****)

Have accidentally knitted the girliest shawl EVER. It's multiple shades of pink and the yarn has silk flowers & pearls & lace spun into it. (Wyrding*******)

Drachma earrings plus one dove and greek key, peru-gift necklace, peruvian "serpent" strand, rape awareness yarn, sas ring, scottish ship. (Eel***)

Discovered barely buying any yarn plan has not shrunk the stash at all! Forgot to factor in 0 knit time while at school into my equation. (Crafty*****)

Wondering at the question "do you knit?" to a person who works in a yarn shop. Especially when a project is right in front of them. (Chezk*****)

In the SF East Bay? Alameda Yarn has open knit night tomorrow evening. (Knit****)

Local handweavers shop will feature local artists. Trying to decide if I want to apply/pay for space there. OMFG yarn bowls. O_O (Junip****)

If I were an entrepreneur I would open a series of yarn/craft stores in airports. I sure could knit right now. (Fief***)

And just now the UPS man brought more scarf yarn! Man, this evening is really on a roll! (TARDIS*****)

Started knitting the natsuscarf with a basket weave pattern. Got the row number figured out. Will get more yarn this weekend to get length. (Gost***)

Will you still be working at the yarn barn? Because i hear that's a really good place to raise children. (Ohla***)

Ah, kids are outside playing basketball, now I can sneak in typing up a yarn review. (Knitc*****)

There must be a knack to winding yarn from a skein to a ball that I haven't mastered yet (Augus*****)

With 2 kids with tits all out and hair lookin like she got it from michaels yarn section. Arguin with the cop. SMH. (Cliffy******)

Dystopian/millenarian yarn with a clunky script, feat. Michael Caine as an annoying hippie. Some may enjoy the final-act shoot out. 5/10. (Kring*****)

I dont know what makes me happier, this amazingly delicious pizza or the massive stash of yarn Mikayla gave me. (Core****)

Thinking about getting a spinning loom and start spinning my own yarn anybody else spin their own is it cheaper or more expensive? (Emilys*****)

Oh women how I love thee. you are like kittens when giving a strand of yarn. they go crazy lol. (9thwu****)

Rec'd fially "Natural Knits for Bbies and Moms". What a great book! have to see where to order the yarn. Exciting! Wonderful Book on Amazon (Donna****)

These kids are teaching me how to make a yarn bracelte and i feel stupidd causee my looks horrible compared to theirs (BERRX****)

Self imposed yarn diet ends with the end of Lent. Easter can't come too soon. (Alty****)

Was going to write the ultimate April Fools yarn, but Conroy beat me to it (Adam_t*****)

I've decided that a Hat-Heel sock is going to be the answer to the not-enough-yarn problem. White heel, toe, cuff. Magic Chip BFL elsewhere. (Sockw*****)

Clue, originally meaning a ball of thread or yarn, as in what Theseus used as a guide out of the Labyrinth. (Dav***)

Almost done with the next ball of yarn yayy that means I am almost done with the table cloth! (Spinn****)

Will be making zombies tonight as well. with cotton yarn. because the wool keeps shrinking when you wash your dirty little zombie. (Bsaya****)

IFUASKME kinky twist & yarn braids should be against the law .. & if u got em in more than 3 colors at once u get life in jail (Darrily******)

Hey now, hey now. i can't freaking talk. my vocal chords are like, yarn . . . ? (Xpaigeh*******)

On the plus side, I get to go to fiberfestdfw next weekend. Not able to afford an classes, as all saved cash will go towards new yarn. (Yarnp****)

Searching ravelry for new patterns to add to my queue isn't very smart when all my yarn is packed away. (Yarnp****)

NoDisRespect But Wit that colorful yarn shxt in ur hair u look like George Clinton."Wind Me Up Baby" lol! (Trigg*****)

I just got a ton of yarn in the mail from a "stranger" on Ravelry who knows the hard time I've had lately. I'm floored by such kindness. (Urbansu******)

So glad dinner's in the crockpot. It's snowing, and with dinner fixed, I can curl up with some yarn and knit! (Yarntw*****)

Things I'm enjoying right now: sunshine, yarn, This American Life. (Vafreec******)

Malabrigo Sock is now in the shop, AND we also received our first order of Tanis Fibre Arts Sock Yarn - a very socky day! (Lettuc*****)

Why do so many quilt and yarn shops have the word 'Calico' in thier names? (Bsaya****)

Damn girl do u got to yarn big as day out the window like u roaring! (CandiKi******)

So I might need to invest in a yarn winder thingy since I bought this yarn that needs to be wound (Spartyl*******)

Just used my new yarn winder with my new yarn! Now I need something to (Magic*****)

Must stop admiring the gorgeous alpaca yarn that arrived this morning and load car ready for school art club! (Rebeccam*******)

I wish the day could be filled with lots more alpaca yarn play. Can't the goblin king get that I wish work would break down all night (Metala******)

Really want to knit something with this amazing berry red baby alpaca yarn that I got for Christmas. just need to decide what to make. (Wayside******)

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