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Yankee - USA

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60 External Comments

Yankee United FC teams representing at Under Armour Baltimore Mania Soccer Tournament this past weekend. (YankeeU*******)

I think I have a better chance at making a Utah Jazz hat more famous than a Jazz player than Jay Z and his Yankee hat-Yankee player claim. (JLCa****)

Damn my dodgers tickets connect sold out all his dodger vs yankee tickets always. he sold out in 1 day . fawk. ebay it is. (ROCM****)

Former Mets and Yankee's pitcher Dwight Gooden has been arrested for driving under the influence of drugs and leaving the scene of accident (CarSprt******)

Loving the yankee hotel foxtrot and wilco albums by wilco. i love jeff tweedys voice, the lyrics and musicianship gah so good. goodnight all (HenrysQu*******)

It's almost Opening Day! I might be attending more Mets games than Yankee games this year thx to a new friend working for the Mets. (Lega****)

Deadass they realli knockin dwn da old yankee stadium. like God wat else u gon take from me this year??..(Bbm Cryin face) (DAVEout*******)

I can no longer look at demolition pictures of Yankee Stadium. It hurts my soul too much. (KSt***)

I'm not going to look at the pictures of Old Yankee Stadium crashing down. (Tripl****)

NCAA's International Bowl has been cancelled after four years, The New Pinstripe Bowl at Yankee Stadium will take its place (BDu***)

I am looking forward to going to Yankee Stadium this year. Even if it is a 2.5 hour ride. (Ereyno*****)

Random I think there should be a sephora uptown near yankee stadium. (Viad***)

At NY Public Library all day researching openingday history. Did U know: Babe Ruth hit 7 openingday HRs including 1st at Yankee Stadium (ML*)

The last part of the seating just came down on the old yankee stadium. We should have a moment of silence. (Legend*****)

At Yankee Stadium doing absolutely nothing, and getting paid 8) (J_Alexa******)

Hey fans! Kinda sad to see some history of Yankee Stadium go down, especially when I'm the one who usually goes down on Yankee history. OH! (Yesmich******)

Sec. Clinton gives a shoutout to Yankee Stadium (9 days, 8 hours, 42 minutes until Opening Night, FYI) (Mikem*****)

In the bronx: on the deegan expwy stopped traffic on i-87 (bronx/westchester) nb between yankee stadium/macombs dam br/x5 and i-95/cro. (TotalTra*******)

Back to work ay Yankee stadium yeah workin at the place where legends are made. Thats because ima legend myself! (Wysof****)

Here in the bronx{next 2 yankee stadium}getting loaded on a chilly overcast day,&like my wife says. TGIF! (Dcm**)

Just saw the old yankee stadium is coming down. usopens start today for snowboarding (Da15u*****)

Going to Yankee Stadium tomorrow! Yanks go for 10 in a row against the Phillies and I get to spend time with Hale in the new stadium! (Kayleei******)

What's up Lou? I went to yankee stadium the day before yesterday to buy my yankees ticket and i came back home empty. (Ddlbo*****)

It took less than 3yrs to construct the new Yankee Stadium. It's been 9yrs and Ground Zero is still being worked on. (Cinema*****)

In i think 11 more days imma go to the yankee stadium grand opening. we from ny we gotta take advantages of this types of opportunities lol (Chase****)

I run Harlem - literally. Late night 4 mile run to Yankee stadium and back. not bad (Cthis****)

International bowl is gone. In part because of the new pinstrip bowl to be played at yankee stadium (Nba9***)

Yankee fitted. Jordan shorts. white tee. nike watch. J's on my feet! (Mistah_******)

Best time to wear a yankee fitted is at a BOSTON red sox game. lmao. they be heated (Capita******)

One little spray & i had it smelling like Macintosh apple from Yankee candle in that corner-better that gas (Bumbl*****)

I Just tried the yankee sun and sand fragrance oil. It smells divine! (Whist****)

Cagney's Yankee Doodle Dandy is so fun - what a great dancer and couldn't be more patriotic! (Jdella******)

The pineapple & cilantro candle from Yankee Candle smells so GOOD! Candles are the ish! (Ms_ecl******)

You know, I have no great love for hair metal, but "Yankee Rose" is a pretty great song. Long live Diamond Dave, you crazy bastard. (Zombiele*******)

You got on baby blue, team J's with a royal blue plaid shirt, and a dark blue yankee fitted and u think you fresh?? ohHellNaw lls (TheFran*******)

Shea stadium, us cellular field, wrigley field, [old] yankee stadium. (Erin***)

Texas longhorns caps is to what the yankee fitted is out here (Reni***)

I need a fresh new blue yankee fitted (new era)!! where can i cop one for cheap? (Gensu****)

Next year's Winter Classic is Caps-Pens in Heinz Field? Bleh. I was hoping for Rangers-Islanders in Yankee Stadium. (Brewto******)

I must say I looked rather daper tonight. white Armani V-neck Tee with a cream Polo cardigan, Diesel jeans, chucks n a Yankee fitted (MikeF*****)

I started playing yankee doodle on keyboard and ashleigh started singing the bingo was his name song hahahah. (Iamdan******)

Obama mentioned Celgard expansion in Concord, NC. Said it the Yankee way: CON-cerd. (Benmc*****)

I should do a reggaeton mixtape right? i mean i listen 2 Calle 13, Wisin Y Yandel, Rakim Y Ken-Y, TegoCalderon, Daddy Yankee but all fm 2007 (DJB***)

Inspirational_movies biopic: "yankee doodle dandy", "the spirit of st. louis", "the buddy holly story", "braveheart", "my left foot" (Theang******)

Ah, Yankee spirit. Block away from beach in northern Mass, & a mapcap senior just streaked across 4 lanes of traffic in half-undone wetsuit (FrontBur*******)

Se acerca el regreso del Imperio Yanqui! New York Yankee's. Opening Day vs Boston Red Sox 4/4/10 (Emili*****)

Just seen a dude wearing a yankee fitted cap w/ a boston red sox t-shirt , (Tony_j*****)

Mango Peach Salsa Car Jar from Yankee Candle is amazing!! Perect summer set! Defintely have to the candle from my place (Angeli*****)

Treated myself to a new yankee candle today, vanilla & lime. wish i could the smell its ace! (Sambo2******)

Im here the hotel is pretty nice and we ate at olive garden and then went to yankee candle (Auss****)

I love yankee candle. my car smells like a tropical paradise m (Aka_lady*******)

My world is better now that I've picked up my Yankee Candle Clean Cotton car air freshener. That was my go-to for the Civic. it's amazing. (Kristin*******)

Just to clarify that my room does NOT smell like cannabis lol, it smells like cinnamon stick Yankee candle x (LadyCar*******)

Sonoma closed :'( now where am I gonna get drinks that taste like yankee candle? (Titzm****)

Sniffing my favorite Yankee candle- midsummer's night (which they discontinued!) (Duckont******)

I just bought this yankee candle and it crumbled into little pieces in my hand. I've been had! (JGrace_******)

Great day for a trip to the beach! Oh and there's a Yankee Candle outlet there! Hm may need to check it out! (Don2****)

Check out our new store Melts! Where you can find hand-made bath and skin products! Located next to Yankee Candle. (Steepleg*******)

Managed to combine 2 distinct soaps to wash my hands: Pink Grapefruit & Warm Apple Spice. Reminds me of the seizures I get at Yankee Candle. (GregO****)

Yankee Candle rocks. My bedroom smells like a sunny beach right now. (KimOnT*****)

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