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Yamato - USA

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24 External Comments

Stargate atlantis is awesome, battlecruiser blew up a ship with the yamato cannon, and dude has a nintendo ds pretending its a tricorder (Joe***)

For me, it's the Star Blazers theme. Not the Yamato theme; that's about a ship. The SB theme is about exploration, danger, and adventure. (Fauxh*****)

Thanks to I now have a craving to go home and watch Space Battleship Yamato (Star Blazers) again. -shakes fist- (Thev****)

Studying the Tangs. the Songs. the Heians. the Ashikagas. and the Edos. My mind is full of Ukiyo-e. yamato-e. and e-maki. Asian Art exam in 2 days. (Jbarsc******)

So whoever got the bright idea to order the live action Space Cruiser Yamato (Star Blazers) trailer removed from Youtube: (Chris*****)

Decidely given up on Yamato Valkyrie. The quality control problems have gone on for 5 years now. Bandai is my new Macross God. Hi-Metal FTW. (Dy**)

Gonna be pissed if they don't release the Space Battleship Yamato (Star Blazers) movie in America. (Astro*****)

And she's dressed as yuki mori from space battleship yamato (she is not, however, cuter than you). (Burne****)

TCU Chapel this week: Small groups on Tuesday; Int'l students to lead on Wednesday; Yamato Sensei on Thursday; Music Dept. to lead on Friday (Act***)

Just saw tha walmart blue bunny ice cream commerical. tha black dude in it was at my table two nights at Yamato's (ThaTrut******)

At "tokyo frontline". wei-hui hsu. araki shin'ichi. yamato yuka attract me. and so impressive tabata kouichi's exh. at g. koyanagi. , (Ryuse*****)

Yes.. yes.. me too. arg~ wanna watch again. i think i have to download gsd then. kira yamato.. (_she****)

Maybe if I had to start all over again, I might consider Obitsu 50cm variants from Yamato. (Patch*****)

Omg that's so true! I went to yamato yesterday and 5 ppl around go to unc Charlotte (Kimhoa*****)

Robot damashii are action figures rather than model kits i think. and the strike is piloted by jesus kira yamato (Anya_f*****)

Il ladmit the 63kg division IMO is my favorite and for me the most exciting i mean saiga yamato hiroya urabe kusakabe noiri and so many more (JMMA_A*****)

Yoshida Mitsuru's Requiem For Battleship Yamato: Extraordinary evocation of desperate naval battle. Reads like space opera. Like CJ Cherryh. (Pads***)

He motions with his hand as a few Alto Angelos fly to his side. Without a word he steps forward clenching Yamato* . (DMC_Pow*******)

Me and Kansuke Yamato were both students at the same elementary school, which is where we both met. (KoumeiMo*******)

Yeah, nor do they target the overseas market like Yamato and Koto do. Can't really see them making Marvel or Boris Vallejo figures. (Tier***)

But I know, you don't know me. At least let me.. introduce myself.. My name is Naoe Yamato. Call me Rito! (NaoeR****)

Euro beat] luv to me (disco mix) / third-mix miryam reo yoshinori (another mixed by tiger yamato) / beatmania append gottamix (Bm_5***)

Bows in front of Yamato and Cerberus* With this I declare peace with both of you. (RPKagam*******)

If they even take Yamato's route I'm. I mean MC has been opposing him for a few eps now (Xfleeti*******)

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