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Yacht - USA

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60 External Comments

I will not lie, this Easy Rock box set (as seen on TV!) is yacht-rockingly excellent. (Mike****)

Top 10 Advntgs of Yacht Shares 4 Fractional Boats Are Safer Boats! They include life rafts, satellite beacons & on-board weather receivers. (YachtS*****)

The last wooden classic yacht built by Moody of Swanwick in 1970, is racing. Read about Swan Dancer's exploits and this year's Race crew. (RoundTh*******)

Starting the refit of "Sea Star" on Monday. 92' 1969 Burger sailboat. It will be an amazing vintage yacht. (Yacht*****)

So weird. I'm in a hotel that is designed like a yacht and there are a million army men on here! Hm. (IamMa****)

Halifax Urban Ministries presents Blue Diamond Awards May 1 at Sunset Harbor Yacht Club. More info to come. (Write_******)

Took charter yacht to Hamilton Is yesterday. Beautiful as usual - water a bit murky after the cyclone. Nice breeze now for sailing (Emot****)

My ACL '10 predictions: gorillaz, BRMC, neon indian, chili peppers, atoms 4 peace, the xx, yacht, jack white, vampire wknd, mgmt, brk bell (Marp****)

California, one of ten entries competing in the Clipper 09-10 Round the World Yacht Race, was dismasted in the latest storm to hit the fleet (Www_boa*******)

The CdM to Cabo Yacht Race is coming to a close at the Marina Cabo San Lucas - right in our backyard! Anyone going to check it out? (Hacien******)

Another yacht. Bar stools made out of whale skin and whale teeth! (Tygas_*****)

Historic Columbus replicas of the Nina and Pinta now at the Fort Myers Yacht basin. You can go on board starting tomorrow. through Monday. (Lois****)

I want the "Hypnotize" music video to be my life. Just f. b. g. m. on some random yacht with puff daddy while helicopters chase us. (Elway*****)

Why do people leave out the details? Yep. Having a party. Gonna be fun. Are you properly insured? It's on a yacht. (Lovemi******)

Such a beutiful two days! all day yestreday on a yacht & today with my boy! je adore spring! :) (Pwinci*****)

Forgot to mention, fell through a sunroof in the yacht, now have a massive bruise on my leg. Going to brewery now. Just asking for trbl! (Janetfu*******)

Hall & Oates providing the afternoon jams. Just watched a bunch of yacht rock time to do it fast but slow with fire. (Willr*****)

Barcelona-bound!! bobby birdband+yacht en route to the eu with tru. blu. nu addition: d. ruby snyder!! (Bobby_B******)

Bas Jan exceeded my high expectations, he's the goto guy if you need the best fasteners in the world on your yacht. Very inspiring! (Amilc*****)

Graduate, get a fat job, chow hitch, buy a yacht. not necessarily in that order (Gus***)

Chillen with mike segguin tyler Jake and Andrew on the docks at the yacht club haha. (Shmoe*****)

I ain't the captain of the yacht but I'm on the boat. nowplaying beanie (Cutie*****)

Is heading to St Augustine for the night. Going to party with a few friends on a yacht. Thanks for the invite (Poetr****)

Everybody is like oh. How can u wear all black on such a nice day like today!? Well. Idk but I'm still fly. yacht meeting swagg (Jcarp****)

For all yall doing it big you prolly are/ if you got a yacht a mansion and a buncha cars (S80b***)

Going to adtech San Francisco? Hit us up we are co sponsoring a yacht party! (NdemandA*******)

Come out to check out NJ Based Snapshot Photobooths tonight at the Crystal Point Yacht Club in Point Pleasant NJ - Bridal Show 6-9pm (SoundCo*******)

Favorite of those cars: 1978 Olds Toronado. F'n yacht, back when nobody looked at you funny for driving one. (Soone*****)

Yacht Sales crew is putting the finishing touchs on the Spring In-Water Boat Show which opens this Friday and runs thru Sunday 9am-5pm. (GreenTu*******)

I'm thinkn bout investing in a yacht like tomorrow. i should wait tho cuz if i get it now i won't get no work done lol.. i'll be sailin (BWEST*****)

Thisismydream = waking up to a beautiful sunny southern Cali day, hopping on my yacht out of the Marina and cruising the harbor. (ECity****)

Have an idea for a photo. just need a yacht and a camel. Also, a grilled cheese sandwich. Sandwich = check. Help with other props? Thnx. (Soju****)

Me: i have a boyfriend he lives in orange county and owns a yacht and just for the hell of it he buys me tiffany's rubio: haha what the hell (Jennifer*******)

Yacht- psychic city. animal collective- my girls. Kevin Devine. all his songs. (Katia****)

As the wealthy slowly resume buying, business creeps back for yacht rentals, jet brokers, jewelry stores and the purveyors of luxury goods. (_Rob***)

Excellent day, windows on the yacht all sealed up and looking good. (Michae*****)

A good upholstery shop. They'll make it look like nothing ever happened. I've seen it done on yacht upholstery. (Captain******)

I did Yo-Yo on Monday. Yak and Yacht are tomorrow. Still don't know about Friday. (Childs******)

All I want today is to know someone with a boat. And go down to the marina. Anyone? Sail? Row? Paddle? Speed? Pontoon? Yacht? (Kidwh*****)

Happy tgif ! supposed to be a sunny weekend in la. monaco's yacht debarks marina del rey 10am;)~ (ACama*****)

Photo shoot today! 420 street lights tomorrow 4-21 newport beach the yacht! its going down hustle corp music stay tuned (Siccth*****)

Alabama women's golf trailing Vandy by one stroke at SEC Championship at NorthRiver Yacht Club. And down the stretch they come. (Tommy****)

Popson wraps up a stellar SEC Championship debut with a par on No. 18. She finishes the day at 1-over 72 at the NorthRiver Yacht Club. (UTLAD*****)

Yacht captain Davern was left behind to identify Natalie Wood. Told to stay quiet, he obeyed until 3 years later when he broke down. (Goodbye*******)

Repurposing Orion is like turning a Larry Ellison yacht into. (Hang****)

Keren! I love this new arr of TTM song! Excellent. feel so exclusive like get ride on the roberto cavalli's yacht (Dit**)

Just bought a rl terrycloth swim cover with gold grommets to wear on my yacht. you guys aren't invited (Selbyan*******)

Nah the hermes yacht me and gettin is the best joint. its called the W. H. Y. Yacht (Darrenh******)

If I had a yacht I'd probably listen to it. I'd definitely rock Toto all day. (Xsounde******)

Michael mcdonald, kenny loggins, christopher cross, toto. there's a funny video series on youtube, if you're yacht-curious. (Germd****)

I know it's spelled 'Raymond Luxury-Yacht', but it's pronounced "Throat Warbler-Mangrove"! - Monty Python (JJHom****)

I dont need a man with a row boat i need a man with a yacht-Monique is too funny. but thats what im talking about though (Haitianr*******)

Boating season is upon us! Do you wannabe boating? Speed boat, bass boat, pontoon boat, house boat, yacht? What's yours? (Wannab*****)

Jesus: scofield, buddy guy, she and him. mayer, grizzly bear, femi, hancock, pavement, beach house. no age, sonic youth. yacht. bowl is insane. (Jamesj******)

Gonna be straight chillin at the kingsbury yacht club all summer, easymoney!! (Office*****)

See updates on the Charlotte Harbor and Port Charlotte yacht clubs, & read fave columnists Mary, Joann, Court, Monica, Amanda & Rosie. (PCHe****)

I don't understand why Jay-Z raps about robbing banks and shooting people but clearly he is in St. Tropez with his famous wife on a yacht (MissKris*******)

TerrenceJ wont be at work tomorrow cause hes takin me to st tropez for the day.. we stealin Bey & Jays Yacht.. (Ms_m****)

Tiger will watch it on the yacht. I would guess he has satellite TV? Bet he doesn't watch it. (Power****)

Can you name any seafaring bands? So far we've got Yacht, Alessi's Ark and Bryan Ferry. (Simon__******)

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