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Power Supply - USA

(sorted by price before rebate from merchant located in or delivering to USA)

60 External Comments

Home Theater PC project. did get to work on it. should have measures the power supply wires before mounting it. need wire stretcher! (Schmid_*******)

Dell PowerEdge 2650 hacked! Molex connector as power supply succesfully added! (Snou***)

Rma for crucial (memory) sorted. next rma for ocz (power supply), then finally maxtor (hard drive). (Thechris*******)

Another use of Cisco Routers: air outlet of power supply to make my wet phone dry! Sigh . (Hong****)

To prevent this from happening to you, choose the El Reno generator for home power supply of electricity. (Truetech*******)

And to re-iterate, I am alive and well after Perthstorm. You haven't seem photos as I've had a fluctuating power supply. (LoneFem******)

I'm beginning to think that the power supply on my snail is malfunctioning again. That'll be 2 in as many years, if so. (Dancl*****)

Just need the power supply and the War Machine will be complete. After I actually put it together, of course. (Jigg1y******)

SEARS VIRUS: Your data won't appear unless you buy new cables, power supply, and a set of shocks. (PHP2t****)

My super duper gaming machine went pop last night, was it Power Supply or Motherboard. Place your bets. (Norr****)

Zow ff True RMS meten met m'n Fluke meter :-D en oud Philips project opgestart HT19 audio power supply (Vla**)

I m in serious trouble as computer & net connection both creating prblm & main rsn is MPEB as quality of power supply to houses are vry bad (Cooola*****)

Need to head to Fry's sometime this week. Damn computer problem. Maybe the power supply this time. (EvOD***)

HTPC is on the fritz yet again (this time I suspect the power supply). I think I might buy a slimline HP instead of BUILDING a replacement. (Jas***)

Hooray, new power supply! Welcome back, mail server. The internet missed sending you spam. (Mysteri*******)

Three cheers for Apple support: Time Capsule broke down yesterday and was replaced TODAY free of charge (known problem with power supply) (3D_Col*****)

While switching out a power supply on a dev machine, I used sandpaper to remove the annoying sound of a rubbing cooling fan. Old school! (Triceint*******)

Just bitched the shit out of best buy for never sending in the request for my power supply. Then allowed dad to bitch them out. :D Bitches. (Rini****)

No powr 4 abt 5 hrs today. Inverter down. Sitting in the dark cursing Yedurappa & his govt. Watevr happnd to his 23/7 power supply promise (Shashi******)

The Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) can be crucial component in safeguarding your high tech equipment from pos or neg power fluctuations (TheGre******)

Help me fix my desktop computer and I will buy you dinner. It's either a power supply or hard drive problem. (Lovei*****)

Fun stuff, new power supply only came with one sata x2 cable so I can only run either my cd drive or harddrive at a time for the time being (XCount******)

Apple Care just told me they will replace damaged power supply (frayed wire, out of warranty) for free. Surely others have same - I have 3! (Rob_b****)

Ever lost data on a LaCie hard disk? most probably your data is still safe. just buy a new POWER SUPPLY. Just rescued 2 disks like that. :( (Rodr***)

UltraVolt would like to announce increased power levels on the V Series & M Series of microsize/micropower high voltage power supply lines! (Ultra****)

I found a better 12v power supply. Drive powers up but green led flashes. (Landtim******)

Anyone good at E-bay and identifing Computer parts want to help me part out my old laptop? for example the power supply is brand new. (Darque******)

Power supply only JUST reconnected after 8 dark hours today. It's 'Brazil' all over, my friends. (Lacquere*******)

I haven't felt this accomplished since I swapped out the Holly Carb on my old Dart (Geek equivalent: I changed out defective power supply). (Lifeof******)

Comic work on hold until this is resolved. I hope it's just the power supply. (Louiede*******)

Ugh. The magsafe power supply for my Modbook might be kaput. Love you Apple but you frustrate me sometimes (Louiede*******)

So cooler master has a series of Power Supply with branding as "GX series", I am famous, even they are using my "Reel Life" initials :P (Gx_sa****)

I somehow managed to put my power supply back in my desktop w/o making anything explode (though I did manage to scratch my laptop screen) (RedConf******)

Anyone have a spare ATX power supply the can lend me for a bit? Need to test some parts on a spare MB I have to see which part is dead (Spyd****)

Anyone in Colorado Springs have a Dell 70240-01 hot-swappable power supply they can let go of? I need one, but can use two. (Ar**)

Soon & vry soon we will b able to use candles for romance in nigeria not an alternative for the absence of power supply. (Cute_T*****)

Oi, I hope APC honours the lifetime warranty. lightning just took out the power supply on my desktop. Glad I got this droid now ^^ (KinamK******)

Woke up this morning to the very unique smell of burnt electronics. Our ReadyNAS power supply died. At least I hope that's all that us wrong (Bria***)

In the process of hard wring an ac adapter via a power supply. 5v and 4amps. If this goes wrong you can all share my record collection (Dian****)

Upside. woo, I'm gonna have to take some pictures of how neat and tidy these cables are gonna end up. Loving the Antec Power Supply. =^.^= (Wolfw****)

I even have a spare 700w atx power supply and a spare atx case for gees sake x3 (SoshD*****)

Looks like my asus netbook power supply is dead. wonder if I can find a supply without waiting a week (ShawnWil*******)

Ok, got my kodak digital picture frame revived with a hacked power supply. now to figure out how to talk to it (The_ru*****)

When an uninteruptable power supply randomly cuts power to your computer, it kind of defeats the purpose. Now it's a massive paperweight. (Planet*****)

Last night my laptop died, again. now i am waiting on dell to replace the motherboard, power supply & heat sink/fan, again, by end of week. (Gdruc****)

Hqrp ac adapter / power supply cord for samsung ltm15, samsung ltn1565 15" lcd monitors replacement plus hqrp mousepad (Lilia*****)

Hour 1: Power strip not plugged in, causing WAP to be down. Hour 2: Power supply kicked out of the back of the WAP. Hour 3: TBD (Rick_k******)

Home from PC Express Katipunan--turns out it's a power supply problem. Performing stress test now. XD (Fallo*****)

Yeah!! bought AMD phenom II X4 965 with a ATI Radeon HD 5870 graphics card and a Cooler Master power supply. \m/. simply rocks. (Asen***)

My UPS battery backup power supply thing has gasped its last gasp. Time to get a new one. I guess 3 or 4 years was a good run. (DonnaFo******)

I bought a new monitor and then fried the power supply in my pc when I tried to disconnect my old monitor. All fixed now. Thanks, Compusa. (Elephan******)

Finally figured out the problem with the server is a flaky power supply. Blaming antec or frying my CPU and motherboard. (Slo***)

Did you leave it here? sunglasses, firewire:USB cable, Nokia power supply? Ask at reference desk. (Mcl**)

Get a 3.5 inch hard drive enclosure, this should come with cables to connect it to a power supply and the computer itself. (Guppy*****)

Thank god for apple extended warranty. This year I replaced optical drive, replaced logic board and just replaced power supply for mbpro. (Bamn****)

Will a USB docking station charge my laptop without the laptop being plugged in to the power supply? (Ultimate*******)

Need to replace compaq presario power supply. Trying to find out if it is standard or non-standard.? (Techno*****)

Hey, ReadyNAS - I see your dead power supply and raise you via marginally competent home computer repairs! (SBPopOf******)

Read: 40w agptek laptop notebook ac adapter charger power supply for acer aspire one series and dell inspiron mini 9 10 12 series lapt (Fastcom*******)

Dude, do you carry like 20 battery chargers for your iPhone? Or just your own power supply? (Greg_*****)

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