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Armor Concepts, Reliable, Affordable Door Security Solutions. Protect Your Home with Best Door Security Products in the Market. More than 250,000 Doors Secured.
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    Security Begins BEFORE Intruders Enter! ******* Your Home with Armor Concepts.
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    Fix-A-Jamb: There is no easier way to permanently repair a broken door frame made of durable powder-coated steel that is easily paintable if you want a color other than white. Shop now!
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    Door Armor from Armor Concepts: The perfect combination of tough security and easy installation. Door Armor is the product we recommend for most security and repair applications.
    Designed with you in mind. Door Armor has redefined the way homeowners and investors have defined security. Door Armor is simply the Ultimate Door Security Solution.
    Door Jamb Armor from Armor Concepts provides professional-strength security against door kick-ins.
    Door Armor Combo Sets from Armor Concepts: Accept No Substitute ... Get the ULTIMATE Security solution. More than 50,000 sold!
    Armor Concepts: Prevent Break-Ins
    Armor Concepts: Secure Vacant Properties
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