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Cyprus - USA

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60 External Comments

I STILL cant use :( Flight tickets for cyprus arrived.. WOO.. bring on april half term ;D (Razz***)

Best24moments - Pres Palmer is restored to the presidency after the forged Cyprus recording was finally discovered by Bauer (SJSW****)

Hey my dear - congrats on the OOAK show. how'd it go? hope life is treating you well. I'm in Cyprus - very sunny xo (From****)

Im almost 13 xP You're turkish, thats cool! So you probably now where Cyprus is, right? ;) (NileyOb*******)

The oldies should have been on their way to Cyprus right this minute. (Cupcak******)

Good news. I'm going to fly back from Cyprus (via Athens) tomorrow. A 2 day visit has turned into an 8 night stay! (Thet****)

Many Delta Airlines planes are seen standing in Larnaka Cyprus Airport. Reason for that? Volcano? ashtag. (Allsour******)

Today is peppercorn day (bermuda), aragon day (spain), children's day (turkey, cyprus) (Cultur******)

Ah St George - Patron saint of - England, Portugal, Cyprus, Greece, Georgia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia (Magic****)

A 78 year old stuck in a hotel miles from anywhere on the island of Cyprus. At least Thomas Cook is providing food and lodging for free. (Keithwi*******)

Ah bought Simon a Cyprus tea towel. He gans "That'll go so well with my Orla Kiely kitchen linen". Ah think he liked it (JerMcE*****)

The UK, Ireland, Cyprus, Romania & Iceland the final line up for the UK Eurovision Preview Party May 2. All tickets now sold out. (JohnKO******)

May 1, 2004: Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia join the European Union. (History*******)

A Good Afternoon Cyprus from sunny Melbourne =) Oh yeah & you too Cookie Muncher = Nom Nom Nom Nom (No1N****)

Now I'm on route to gatwick airport cyprus again cor. Have a well deserved break people. bank holiday (1MC***)

Today I'm going to Cyprus. Just wanna say to u all that has my number that ur NOT gonna call me, it can cost alot (Linna****)

Oh I don't think I could get away with it in London. Anywhere else I've tried it's happened. Especially Cyprus! (Krisb****)

When I was a boy . we didn't wake up with Vietnam and have Cyprus for lunch and the Congo for dinner (QueenA*****)

HappyBirthdayWarrenDV HappyBdayWarrenDv ..20 today! No longer a teenager, aye! - Have a great bday in Cyprus mate :D Loves. X (Katiee*****)

Getting ready for my trips to Cyprus then Athens. Joy is falling outta my pores! (Angelsev*******)

And hope the boys thatve gone cyprus are having a lovely time too (Carleybl*******)

In Cyprus politics gets involved and it can turn ugly. Like, the supporters of party A support team A and supporters of B support (Lady***)

Nite all, I'm still in Cyprus time and it's 2.30am there, way passed Cinders bedtime x (Lovej****)

Happy birthday warren! hope your having an amazing time in Cyprus x (LauraMc*******)

Oh no! Really? I cant believe its raining in cyprus in May its unheard of! Thts so weird (Christ******)

Just realised that christina is in cyprus.. she is most probably ogling the dv boys as i type this. gr -_- (Tali****)

Happybdaywarrendv oh god you dont understand how much i wana be in cyprus right now! (Ellabel*******)

Okay so its decided me + are gettin the next flight to cyprus we have to rape the boys ;) (Ellabel*******)

I wish i could fly and go to cyprus no wait id rather fly to egypt for obvs reasons ;) (WeeLa*****)

Omg warren , in cyprus, theres something i'd LOVE to see haha! HappybdayWarrenDV x (LauraMc*******)

I should have told my cousins to look out for some Hotties in Cyprus ;) ya'll know who am talking about LOL! (Kerrie******)

Happybdaywarrendv oh i wish i was in cyprus with them watchin them gettin a tan oft ;) (Ellabel*******)

Kykos is the main church/monastry in Cyprus, it's where Archbishop Makarios started out, and where he is buried (Thed***)

HappyBirthdayWarrenDV sending lots of love all the way to Cyprus =D Have Fun! =D x (Nees***)

Cant watch this. a lot of ppl were from my village back in Cyprus. going to bed (QuelM****)

British citizens overseas italy Cyprus turkey lebanon israel egypt nepal oman bahrain qatar saudia uk election 6 may 2010 vote labour (Salma****)

How r u. has terry gne to cyprus aswell. much love dream believe achieve 20dv baby x (Sweetbab*******)

Yeah tired& it's now 12.30 in Cyprus. don't know if I'll be on much tonight as start unpacking. Hope ur ok. did u go away 4weekend? (Lovej****)

HappyBirthdayWarrenDV i guess your in cyprus but have a great time, love you x (Natalie*******)

Tell warren i love him and to have a great time in cyprus please :) happybirthdaywarrendv xxx (Sarah_F*******)

Hol was good thank u. Cyprus was ok but it's just like any ic the other mediterranean islands. Weather was good but I'm not one for (Lovej****)

LOL Well think I will join the milk bottle club :) But jetting around Europe and going Cyprus should help me :D (KrisEa*****)

FaxZero is now sending int'l faxes to 7 new countries: Bahrain, Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, Qatar, Slovakia, and United Arab Emirates (Faxz***)

Ok so i js got back from cyprus. heard what happened.. just wanted to say donatella is and will always be the best G. D host. (Necroly******)

Cyprus is sweet! Except his vintage guitar sounds Spanish, he pronounces the word 'crowd' like 'crotch', and he looks English! (EmmaB****)

Eurovision eurotrash Cyprus - erm, if this is classed as Cypriot, then I am from Turkmenistan! (Ginge****)

Flying out to Cyprus tonight, for the Kaspersky Security Summit (Cra**)

Cyprus is great !! Thanks 4 the tip . however a bit expensive and also hot (i mean the weather) hehehe and Dominica ? hw is it ? (SingAl******)

Today the final of the tv show dancing with the stars on antenna tv greek and cyprus make a wish will get a great gift (Ledigi*****)

Belarus, Ukraine, Cyprus, Finland, Qatar, St Helena, Solomon Islands, Columbia.. and we're only at August 10 (Climat*****)

Fit :)oh explorer you saay? can defo come to london/hyde park/peter pan statue/lewisham/cyprus/whapping then ;) x (Renfree*******)

And just to say it again and here: my HTC HD mini (photon) , bought from a shop in Cyprus, could not be firmwared with european firmware! (Prod****)

Delos in old oak again. thank god, got bored of cyprus avenue and the sound in the oak last time was immense (Dougmie*******)

Forexfixing. com cyp/jpy: 1 japanese yen = 0.00479 cyprus pound forexfixing. com (FxForex******)

Fixed 2 plumbing jobs now to find an electric water heater! Well this is Cyprus! (Theha*****)

The Steel Building project we sent to Cyprus is all going to plan and target dates are being met. (OmegaSte*******)

Cyprus. the all year round island! yeah right! may as well be back in man ! (CBH**)

Why do you think that about Cyprus? Alicia's not bad, but I get what you mean. Aren't there any good rnb artists underground? (Kyri_Ni******)

Well there will never be any hip hop in cyprus anw thats for sure, but what about the good rnb, boyz2men, r kelly joe.. (Meliss*****)

Today the US Government has recognised cyprus as a turkish state, sources speculate their naval base played a strategic role in the decision (NickTh******)

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