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Crystals - USA

(sorted by price before rebate from merchant located in or delivering to USA)

60 External Comments

Open your slumber eyes and gaze upon the starry night, See the moon shedding it's silver crystals and sparkling light. Sleep on a cloud! (SunsetMa*******)

Haha my sim card has like 4 ashlys 7 anthonys 7 mathews 7 davids 8 crystals & 6 vanessas idk whos who?? (Jazii*****)

Yo CrystalS Was Crazy Rocking! 300+ came to rock out for the Grand Opening! Flawlez baby! Next Week we Rocling With Johnny Famolari! (JR10_F******)

Youknowwhatiamgunnado is sit back n relax sippin lemonade n clap for crystals skys for the cuddie ants bday thang tomorrow finnq get faded (Jaybr*****)

Sorry the proper term for putting crystals on your cooter is "Vajazzled" LOL! (Innergir*******)

So I realized I'm retarded when I found more pictures of Crystals party on my phone. apparently they were in the phones memory. (Aaro****)

Hey, Can I actually get the new computer engineer Barbie? You know they copied my pink laptop (minus the hello kitty 290 crystals) for her (NerdG****)

Day 1: 2tbsp bluing, salt, water. ammonia. d2: 2tbsp salt. d3: repeat day 1, don't pour on crystals, use food coloring for color, repeat all (Moo***)

What is this outfit Lil Mama has on? Looking like a wad of bubble gum with large sugar crystals on it. (Pocaho******)

Did the ship carrying the Tidy Cat Crystals to the Island sink?! Gah! (AmyM****)

Dear Lady in line in front of me: You're wearing so much perfume you smell like Tidy Cat crystals. (Mymymym*******)

If u not doin nuttin crystals lounge 2nite in lyndhurst. nj 5bucks the password is "forbidden" imjussayin! (TubbsK******)

Stop by Booth 744 Teeth Whitening. like your dentist and Teeth crystals. Newest faze! (Grater******)

Vajazzling according to Jen Love Hewitt. I will not be putting crystals on my lady bits. That region and glue don't go together. (NJGrLuv******)

Watching twilight cant wait till lateup at crystals havin aa blast. got a new number if you want it messge me (ShmexyHi*******)

Eating burgers um , white castles don't exist in ATL so I ate Crystals (Sw33tB*****)

Is there a nerd-bingo I could play? "I'll have the sunchoke soup and a side of dilithium crystals" "Bingo!" someone shouts across the room. (Mrpilk******)

Missing Corpus Christi's Crystals for a margarita. I will have to try a margarita at every place in town that serves them :-) (Monica******)

Omg the swarovski crystals on my trues keep getting caught to my stupid cardigan!! Bad combo =| (XST***)

Aow this place will always be crystals skate palace to me lol 8-12 tonight! YAY! now if i can find their number (Imacoo*****)

Wkdn . i wanna live in princess's room ! crystals on the walls wow :0 (PeaceLu*******)

New! catherine popesco 14k gold plated double chain cross pendant necklace with turquoise swarovski crystals save price with promotion to (Qianaid*******)

Queen Beryl- We need to find the holders of the Rainbow Crystals. Zoecyte- How? The Earth is a vast place, with hundreds of people. (Eudypt*****)

My aunt in Paris got me 4 pairs of Chanel earrings :D She picked out the CC's with the baguette crystals! :) (DSKJe*****)

I have black leather italian designer boots. euro sz 36.. for sale.. they have Swarovski crystals and bought in Dubai.. any1 want em ? (Shyla*****)

Going to add some Swarovski crystals to a cool white burn-out t-shirt sample I designed over the weekend for a boutique. should Love it!! (Graphicd*******)

Just finished washing and gluing all the swarovski crystals that fell of my latex ringleaders jacket last night. (Rubbe*****)

Any jewelry makers want to buy Swarovski crystals from me before I list them on Etsy? (Dangero*******)

One could only wish all guys wore shirts with tattoos on them and swarovski crystals. I mean, what? -No but really whodat, Saints!- (Eliz****)

I'm going to get Swarovski stick on crystals like Jennifer Love Hewitt to put on my penis so I can call it my pejazzler That sounds classy. (Admsl****)

And those swarovski crystals on her eyes! Like Whoa! Its insane! (TiT***)

Craft show 2 - YHAY - now working on some custom. New for the Westwood Nj show - feathers and crystals. (Dainty*****)

Ok found on old chest that inside has a glass jar of small animal bones, wraps and cloth, a silk bag of crystals, book of remedies? (1GreekT******)

Swarovski just unveiled bling contact lenses (fused with Swarovski crystals) in the lenses!! (Sdbarga******)

I bet Chace Crawford or Zach Quinto come out before Richard Simmons ever does. Swarovski crystals on a tank top? Not at all gay. (Kolle****)

Ugh stopped to look at swarovski crystals n now I want earrings. Smh not what I came to the mall for. (RACY_*****)

Just received a shipment of what I THOUGHT was real Swarovski crystals from Hong Kong . not impressed right now, I don't like being fooled (Epiqueme*******)

Woah Swarovski crystals fused in contact lens! WhY do I really reaLLy want a pair!?! (Annita*****)

Eyes looking a little lifeless these days? try contact lenses fused with swarovski crystals. what will we think of next. (Johnd****)

There's this new thing called the 'bling contact lens'. Swarovski crystals fused into the lenses. (Kerl***)

Swarovski crystals lang pala Chanel logo earrings, I thought they're real diamonds. Nevermind. Chanel nga, mangangati ka naman. Haha! (Jenry****)

Ten years ago I was getting my hair done for our wedding. I wore bobbie pins with Swarovski crystals that Summer helped me wire-wrap. :) (Cre8Beau*******)

Currently staring at my cousins blacked out toy watch with crystals and thinking some evil thoughts. (Staceyy******)

Crown front & rear gem crystals studded rhinestone car truck suv floor mats: (Center*****)

Finished practising energy sensing on crystals - I'll have to write a practical tutorial about this. amethyst got interesting feeling :) (AState******)

I don't like the all satin corsets. They seem too plain. I like the ones with lace & crystals and feathers and stuff. (TheMad*****)

Added some dangly crystals to some old hoop earrings and now they sparkle! Hooray for making old jewelry better! (Latenigh*******)

I'm so bored, I've learn to do dreadlocks/fishtail braids/french braids/hot fix crystals on youtube (F_i**)

My diamond necklace swangn like a trilla n minilla index look lik x-mas pinky cold as winter c da frozen crystals wen i hit tha cigarilla. (MERCYDR******)

Testing II: Tarot divination crystals spirituality Wicca coven ghost spirit egregore invoke invocation evoke ritual Book of Shadows (_AD**)

Getting To Know Microdermabrasion Treatments . mineral crystals (Jeff8*****)

Quartz Crystals. The actual function of them. In the process of discovering (ProfL****)

Went scrounging for crystals at a quartz quarry today near Hot Springs, AR. (CITYKN******)

Seestak thieve the weather crystals from the matrix tables in the Pylon because this is "The Land of the Lost" (Yasbo****)

Im makin an enchanted hpuse. so if u have yoville send me crystals! (Aspenr*****)

It vibrates and expands rapidly when heat is applied, its also laced in titanium and Norwegian crystals (SoLyr****)

Still struggling with the product pictures. Rose quartz is one of the hardest crystals to photograph! (River_*****)

Hahaha thats what happens when u meditate a lot using quartz crystals (SPARTI******)

I want an Iphone cover with crystals on it.. Where can 1 obtain this. (ULuv_F******)

What?!? What does that do for you face? I know they use crystals in Micro Dermabraision but Gemstones? (GoldenC******)

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