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Cricket - USA

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60 External Comments

Lincoln airport 4:52 am. Cricket. cricket. cricket. Looks like a great time to leave outside. (Hul***)

IPL ban on Gujarat's cricket player Ravindra Jadeja: hearing on 25th March. Arun Jaitley will save Jadeja from ban most probably (DeshGu*****)

I'm finally back online regularly, thanks to Cricket Wireless. (Jdshe****)

Today's match must be the beginners instruction manual for 'how not to field in a cricket match'. awfully sucky fielding effort by CSK! (Sandee******)

In the cricket, poor old Shakib, batting with number 11, swinging wildly, stumped on 96. Good sportmanship from England afterwards (Leyland*******)

Same old story with the cricket unless we find penetration at the crease and a huge dose of resolve while batting we will always be alsorans (NZSpor******)

Cricket Bizarre. totally bizarre, umpiring has left a bit to be desired so far. New Zealand all out for 157 with Southee the last man out. (Crowd*****)

Mid nineties bollywood songs invariably remind me of school rickshaw and late afternoon gully cricket. (Sachin******)

Sorry qanda , i got nothing to riff on cricket. baroness yeah but state election roundup next week! (Worstb******)

Oh, my god, I'm horrified by this movie, just because this kid just used a cricket thing to throw a guinea pig into a snake tank. I'm, like, (Peach*****)

The world's highest cricket ground is in Chail, Himachal Pradesh. Built in 1893, this cricket pitch is 24 meters above sea level. (Surendr*******)

Sunil Chhetri has completed his move to MLS outfit Kansas City Wizards. good news for Indian Cricket. (Mrinal*****)

Wonder if espnstar alliance has lost its significance in cricket crazy nations? Ten Sports covers Asia. Neo Sports.. India & Set Max IPL. (Mnik****)

CTIA seemed to be pretty uneventful to me. nothing but the htc evo 4g caught my attention. maybe the kyocera zio for cricket too. (Muzicl*****)

Does anyone know of a good site that has sporting fixtures for the year in Birmingham (cricket, tennis, athletics, etc)? (Kerry*****)

Can't beleive how bad the weather in birmingham is. i want cricket! (Anita****)

Uf! There is a cricket SCREAMING outside my patio door! I'm really going nuts here quarintined to my house! (Iame****)

Sania Mirza to marry Shoeb Malik ex- Pak cricket skipper on 19th April according to Pak's Geo TV. Is it really true? (Chiefs*****)

Pakistan gained a tennis player or india gt a cricket player ? Or uae gt both ? :) (Mash****)

Damn it's almost 2am and I'm done for the night bottles washed and everything well then..{cricket}. I'ma take a shower & turn it in. xOxO~K (Officia******)

Worried that I'm getting too interested in the IPL cricket on ITV 4 at the moment. Enormous scope for wasting my time! (Petoma******)

Oh God, if there be cricket in heaven, let there also be rain. - Sir Alec Douglas-Home (Dailytwe*******)

Given a choice I'd want England to win the next cricket world cup. that'd effectively be the treble of global sport under our belts. (RoyalBl*******)

Mumbai played so well today in the IPL. Their 5th consecutive win and they are at the top of the league table!. cricket at it's best! (Xnata****)

I think I'll turn my attention to cricket (less stressful). Football is overated!! Cheers United!! :( (OllieJ******)

The English cricket season has started. In Abu Dhabi. In March. With a pink ball. Under floodlights. Lunatics, asylum, taking over the? (NMatth*****)

The cricket hungry crowd lapping up anyone who remotely looks like a cricketer.. (Shu***)

Mike Haysman. my favourite commentator in cricket .. he s just .. awesome (Manoje*****)

Ipl how about some cricket. isnt anyone interested in cricket (Vishalm*******)

I'll never understand why ppl love kalooki, its the cricket of card games: too damn long! (Shamrock*******)

I am getting mad because I came to Borders to do some work and my damn Cricket modem is acting up (KenDoug*******)

Have had a good evening, now time for bed. The morrow what shall it bring? No Cricket that's for sure. Weathe, Ha I curse the weather (Cricket******)

Wyatt comes in and said "I found a cricket and it is green and was in the grass!" I said "Wyatt, that's a grasshopper." (Teenam*****)

Youmightwannastop tryna holla at me with a Boost, Cricket or Virgin Mobile (Brook****)

Me and my baby cuz were poking a cricket and wen it jumped we were running like crazy (JOE_AND_*******)

As long as australia win in cricket tonight i can ignore the utd flops (Dstru*****)

Breaking News! Cricket Wireless anounces release of iPhone in X-Mas 2010 (Die_Or******)

Knocked out of cricket tournament :( though feels bad but I always feel ur effort shud be genuine. winning & losing is a part of that success (Rajn****)

Is working on new market compensation trials across the US. Cricket is now Nationwide! (Andrew*****)

Hi friend today my mumbai cricket team win wow 6th match to win wow mumbai team all the best all player (Revi****)

IPL's a lot like beachball isn't it. A lot of balls bouncing around but not much cricket going on though is there (SirM****)

Ok, 6 hours of the 09/10 cricket season left for the blackcaps . one hour at a time, boys! (Jessluvs*******)

IPL giving a cricket talent r can say a strong bench for india in past it gave ravinder jadeja. abhisk and now saurab Tiwari. radu many more (Robinb*****)

My almost 14 year old is already requesting the new droid Cricket is rumored to release (Terro****)

Oh no. went to sleep at 5 again. parents are watching cricket. i don't want to wait for 90210. (Shra***)

Cricket Australia need 5 more wickets today to win test series 2 nil against New Zealand (Crowd*****)

Cricket? Nobody understands what Cricket is. You gotta know what a Crumpet is to understand Cricket. (Cinema******)

Since when did Nike make cricket bats? what happened to duncan fearnley (Harb***)

Bella:"I've taught you well little cricket" Me:"Young grass hopper?" hahahah:) (Bbyvg****)

Backintheday my dad took us to Connecticut to play cricket at some park far, far away from where I was living: Harlem, NY. (Isteve*****)

Eah woke up just now now need 2 brush n den aT 5:30am gonna play cricket wid frnds (Chinmay_*******)

Watching the boys play cricket. They've already played a full game of gridiron this morning. I heart (Hannah******)

Teaching kids on my street how to play cricket. Loving the weather. (Murtm****)

John Mayer and Owl City will play Cricket Wed 8/18, Rick Derringer & Pat Travers will play The Celebrity Sat 8/28 (CenP****)

If KKr dont defend this then they deserve to lose every single game or rather nt play cricket at all (Zooni****)

SRK says - "If I start telling them how to play cricket, they might start telling me how to act". The second part is not a bad idea actually (Eyepe*****)

When i first got here i couldnt play cricket for finchley because they had too many SAs in their first team "to preserve grassroots cricket" (Louisv*****)

Went to play cricket outside bt no one was available. gettin bored. nd i think knight riders must win today. (Sam***)

Once 'Methyl radical' goes outside to play cricket. his mom called him back. but instead of 'methyl redical'..'dimethyle ether' came. Why? (Sagarbi*******)

Shoaibmalikfacts new age remedy: if u cant play cricket well.. Marry a fabulous looking tennis player who cant play tennis well.. (Apja****)

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