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Im not usually a 'craft project' kinda guy but one day I want to design and build a pc tower with a rankine cycle cooling system (FrakT****)

Hoping to clear out my studio today. I have too much fabric and other craft materials which need to be organised or given away (Noisett*******)

Finally getting my craft studio set up. That cricut machine is addictive. And the mission to find hauls of "cheap" crafting supplies, (Dees***)

Cricut comp - Martha Stewart would win - has she ever met a craft she didn't like? (Lare***)

Craft truck found! Just got back with rice crispies, a kewie, and two mini aero bars! YAY! (Katek*****)

OK I have my piano (tho a chip in the top now), organ, bedroom suite, Jan's guitar, craft room desk, 10 dining chairs, a tent and 10 boxes. (Jaimekr******)

Am a Stampin'Up hobby Demonstrator . love paper craft . Like to blog hop '. (Danso****)

Think I need to figure out a new BFC craft idea. what to do with leftover oatmeal canister. (BFC***)

Just had to leave the stitch and craft shoe early because I thought I was going to vom all over the cross stitch stall. Grim. (Hanna*****)

Stitch and Craft at Olympia was a lot of cross-stitch carthorses & narrowboats, and some lovely things in-between. (Milly*****)

Oh my god sudden flood of work! Gave loads of work to the Platform gallery, Hattn Gardens. Now making loads for Cambridge Contemporary craft (KerrSmit*******)

Spanish village art ctr-balboa park-37 working studios, andalucian style grounds, dog friendly, fine art&craft, live music classes/gift cert (Baske****)

The mission parking gods giveth, and they take it away. I hope those bastards ENJOY that tote bag full of craft supplies. (Rhiann******)

Hmm. I went to Hobby Craft. I have come back with a papier mache hand and some Berol felt tips. (Mag***)

Getting ready for our Melissa & Doug Craft Day! We're decorating our own Wooden Chests. it's going to be a fun time, food, drink and paint! (SummerS******)

Have *almost* decided that Tuesday's fixer-upper cabinet will end up as a craft cabinet. Scouring Google Images for inspiration as I speak (Lizzie*****)

I applied because any good craftsman worth their salt, realise that u must find every way to improve ur craft (Cuteke*****)

The difference between art and craft is that a craftsman knows what he is doing. (JimGoo*****)

Think I may have found my new career choice (for this week) :-) I want to make bows and baby stuff. I'll sell on Etsy and at craft fairs. (Daniell*******)

FlavorActiV will be attending the Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America at the Sheraton Chicago Hotel and Towers, 7 - 10 April 2010. (Flavor*****)

Panasonic Convention 2012 - Smart Viera Future Craft Design - panasonic plasma tvs (Bryango******)

Like arts and crafts? If so, you shuold come visit! Sugarloaf, a small village part of Warwick, is named the artisan art and craft village. (WVBa***)

But all the craft stores seem to sell, if their websites are any indication, is sculpey, which is an oil based polymer clay with sulphur. (___Pika******)

Found an old cache of polymer clay beads that I love. :D Cleaning out the craft room really IS like archaeology, and with treasure! (Starncro*******)

Craft totd: Silly string art: spray silly string over cardstock or paper; let harden sponge or spray paint then remove string when dry. (I_am_li******)

Hop seminar tomorrow hops and barley production for wisconsin craft beer at the skyline golf course, black river falls, wi by uw ext. (Another******)

Calisaya Liqueur - ancient Italian recipe, now craft distilled in the Pacific Northwest - try in Vegas Indyspiritsexpo. com - April 8th (Indysp*****)

Should be using CostCo gift card on bulk food. Instead I'm investing in my craft and buying a digital recorder. (JackJ****)

Fogo de Chao. Palms. Craft. Charlie Palmer. Loft 610. Wolfgang Puck. I would rather eat Pepe n' Mitos salsa all day in Deep Ellum! (PhillipT*******)

Paul hung up a sheet of felt in my new craft space so I can experiment with quilt square placement. (Purl****)

Fendi baguette "craft your own" blank canvas needlepoint bag is GENIUS!! Need inspiration for a cool, timeless design. Any ideas people? (Bet***)

I have the best kid ever! She's organizing my craft table right now! (FruitsOt*******)

Watching wishbone sit a kid's craft table eating an artsmock. (Audia*****)

Its 80 and windy today. can do w/o wind. blowing stuff around on craft table. uurgh! (Tris****)

I am repurposing a table top that needs a new surface to become a craft table. Anyone have any suggestions? (RiverDo*******)

Spent the last hour scrubbing a tin of black paint from the floor. and the craft table. and the chair. and my favourite jeans. (Knockan******)

If you could only see my craft table. whew! I have got a big job ahead of me organizing it! yarn and paper and stamps and ink, etc. lol (MrsKH****)

Um, if people are getting stamps for crafts. then the craft table will definitely be busy o3o; (Kawaii*****)

Craft table covered in glue and lavender, not a good combination (Pantsan******)

At the Sarasota Art & Craft Festival. A gorgeous day in Southwest Florida. (Yrpev****)

Norman's going to visit villages to see craft demos! Patricia and I are heading for the swimming pool. (Rebecca******)

Using orphan lampwork beads to make sweet little handbag charms for upcoming craft shows. Only semiprecious designs on the website though. (Beady****)

And has developed a superior range of individually naturally brewed craft beers. (PaddysB******)

I'm trying to craft PCG freelance application in the shape of a re-install article, but I can't decide on a game to use. Help me ! (Dant****)

She warned me not to get into a book I was check out about black art and recommened other books on witch craft. I learned a lot tonight. (Josie_T*******)

Kuretake saw another successful Create & Craft show last week. Thank you to everyone who watched it! (Kuret*****)

Had my first craft show nightmare for a while. Must have been all that Art Star talk! (Elisa*****)

Who has inspiring ideas for craft show booth designs? Please share! (SimpIn******)

Craft show 2 - YHAY - now working on some custom. New for the Westwood Nj show - feathers and crystals. (Dainty*****)

Stitches and Craft show: Cancelled. 15 Free Tickets: Revoked. Not impressed. (Alfa***)

It's less than 3 weeks until my first craft show of the year! Have you ever been to the Wamego Tulip Festival? (SimpIn******)

Getting ready for the craft show 11-6, 7 & 8th at the Howard County Fairgrounds Maryland. come get your beerbottle chimes. West Friendship MD (Tamar*****)

Craft show over the weekend was so-so. Made a few sales but it was a "garage sale" mentality out there on Saturday. :/ (Male***)

My beer soap was a BIG hit at this weekend's craft show. Yippee! Now I need to take photos & get it listed online. Stay tuned! (Concor*****)

Any craft show vendors have any suggestions for how to display knit scarves in a creative way? (Cutesyb******)

SPOTD Were you inspired by some great craft ideas at the craft show in Brisbane last week ?: I have so many components listed that wou. (OZtion*****)

Had a busy weekend - another birthday party yesterday and a visit to a craft show today. All in all, a good couple of days. (Wbear****)

Ds has built the biggest fort w/my craft show set - I was 2 tired last night 2 put away & now its filling up living room. Fun! (Original*******)

Craft show is almost ovah. Not overly impressed with the turnout, but there's gotta be bad years to balance out the good, right?? (Starr*****)

Went to Cotile Trade Days. It was pretty cool but just like any other craft show I guess. (Drb***)

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