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Cosmopolitan - USA

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60 External Comments

Britneycup. Angels & Demons lipshine. tweezer. USB-memory. YSL-bag. makeupbag. Cosmopolitan, Intouch. chic. Glamour mag. Guess perfume (Diva_La*******)

Ok looks like canon might be the answer. now where can I buy canon camcorders in cosmopolitan (not) pretoria (Al**)

Baru ngeliat majalah Cosmopolitan edisi April dgn cover Holly Willoughby, kayanya model kain brokat lagi berjaya lagi yahh (CallM*****)

Sumpah lebih seruan browsing cosmopolitan. com drpd googling jurnal! *setan sliwar-sliwer (YundaA*****)

Has a cosmopolitan - the cocktail, not the magazine - and lunch is looking up (Wendyb******)

Reading about George Frideric Handel. He was independent, cosmopolitan, talented and famous. He was everything I want to be, 300 years ago. (Masa****)

Just read cosmopolitan with a friend, what a stupid magazine (Yukic****)

Just had a sip of cosmopolitan and 3 sips of vodka with creaming soda. (Kellys*****)

Magazine's that were selected ( MAD, Rolling Stone, Playboy, Playgirl, Oprah, and Hustler) I choose Cosmopolitan its my fav. Mag. :D (Aymamiq*******)

I am once again awake too early. The wife was coming up with some funny stuff last night. Think it was the cosmopolitan. (Glen***)

Cosmopolitan, gorgeous venue! Killing the dance floor with Reggae! (MrMal*****)

Cosmopolitan and socal I'm aboutto pads out but Stoll able to . (Sush****)

Cosmopolitan Tonite in the Financial District of SF. Pass by and say hi! (Trace****)

A nude spread in Cosmopolitan is probably the best way to get elected. (Kell***)

News : Gaga on cosmopolitan april, special interview with Cindy Lauper. The reason why Gaga wore Lauper style on telephone. (LadyGa******)

International Pillow Fight Day Hits South Florida: Hundreds of residents of Israel's most cosmopolitan city gathered for the event, or. (Pam_str*******)

Toronto is too fast, Montreal might be too cosmopolitan, Quebec might be too artistic, but Halifax feels just right! Now at the Old Triangle (Patrickm*******)

Guest list is closed for Essence! Now is prep time and let the show begin! See you tonight friends! Cosmopolitan - 121 Spear St, SF. (MrMal*****)

Cosmopolitan turned into a sex manual so gradually I didn't even notice it. I bought it cause Lady Gaga was on the cover (Js**)

My life isn't Cosmopolitan and Dsu sure as hell ain't a catwalk if I wonna walk outside in an oversized tee by all means I will (PrettyM******)

I need men that have had botox and are willing to admit it! Need 3 case studies for a piece I'm writing for Cosmopolitan. Help! (Lifestyl*******)

I thought I recalled seeing something connected to G-ON but turns out Smash Hit! is linked to Cosmopolitan Prayers. (Cala****)

Happy b'day. smoga sehat slalu, makin sukses. i'm one of ur biggest fan on hardrock fm n cosmopolitan fm. (Din_****)

After watching Jose Andres on 60min, I am so excited to try out his restaurant at the Cosmopolitan . When it opens :) (Becoming*******)

So why is Pink on the flipplin cover of cosmopolitan.? I thought Kelly Rowland was going to be on this months issue (Skinny*****)

Just read about 50 great things you can do with your breasts in this months cosmopolitan. (Nateb****)

Ok guys, is on the cover of Cosmopolitan mag June 2010 issue !! Go get it!! (PinkF****)

Such a good (but freaking hot) day. Walked in a fashion show, yogurino with the boyfriend, reading my cosmopolitan and having starbucks. yup (Trina*****)

Wow, i went to a phramaxy, and Gagas cosmopolitan was all over! hell yeah! (Anaval******)

Laying out by the pool, beers, ashley, cosmopolitan magazine, sunshine, more beers = perfection (Erickami*******)

I think London. It has a lot of history, is very cosmopolitan, and is close to the multicultural stew of continental Europe. (MonkeyX*******)

Cosmopolitan started as a national political public opinion magazine? seems odd (Jeremy_*******)

I love cosmopolitan and everybody loves cosmopolitan around me. (Mazd****)

First impressions of Argentina (as compared to where I've been): clean, polite, organized, civilized, safe, cosmopolitan, expensive. (JJtra****)

Tonight lots of funkinpuree cocktail mixes + canapes. Snow leopard vodka + passion fruit funkinpuree is my fave cosmopolitan is second (Alasta*****)

I am glad i am not the only one leading such a starstruck, cosmopolitan editorial worthy existence *giggle* (NoFlas******)

Yet another power cut. Congratulations bangalore! Cosmopolitan status and we still look and feel like a village! (HouseOf*******)

I feel it is time for a cosmopolitan as tomorrow is a bank holiday. :) (Seana*****)

Sitting up in my room reading Cosmopolitan :)) Loves this magazine (The_Rea******)

Gogirl n cosmogirl aren't coming out yet, pf why took it so long?! Next cosmopolitan ;) (Emilda*****)

In the new Frankie and Benny's drinking a Cosmopolitan - I have a new 'Penguin' shirt! Spread the love! (BigBlu******)

I want to see on Match of the Day, footage of noted Cosmopolitan editor steaming onto the pitch at Sheffield. (Jeffm****)

Bought Cosmopolitan for change I didn't need. Reading/looking. (Arsyp****)

Reading Cosmopolitan magazine+listening music n chocolate menemanikuu' (Ntiim****)

Mario Lopez hosts Cosmopolitan magazine's third annual Bikini Bash, presented by Nivea, at Planet Hollywood's newly renamed Pleasure Pool. (Mosaicl*******)

Try , silverado ranch, late nights. cosmopolitan tapas; asia, europe, usa+korean bbq and private karaoke rooms (MatchRes*******)

Silverado ranch, late nights. cosmopolitan tapas: asia, europe, usa + korean bbq (MatchRes*******)

Pouring bamboo n green tea, spa, plumeria, sweet pea, lilac, egyptian sandalwood, cosmopolitan, pina colada (Yummy!) and sex on the beach:) (SimplyS*******)

I'm going to use some of my new bath salt, then read Cosmopolitan. And sit with my sick cat (and my other cat who is taking care of her.) (Lenagab******)

So, who's buying me a Cosmopolitan subscription? i'd get an extra Bvlgari perfume to it. come on, i thought you guys liked me :D (Veronika*******)

Las Vegas Strip's newest hotel, The Cosmopolitan, is joining Marriott's Autograph Collection. to open December 15. (GoRoddy******)

I've been reading this Cosmopolitan sex positions blog. 77 positions in 77 days. that's one brave chick! (Katt***)

Delighted with the coverage we placed in Cosmopolitan mag on behalf of G-Technology & its ECU film festival sponsorship (out now, pg 74!) (TheLiq******)

Where to Order 2009 Cosmopolitan Armless Deep Brown Club Chair With Coordinating Pillow (Emoxch*****)

Yes i went to Droog. the Cosmopolitan has an amazing lobby & a huge chandelier with a bar in the middle of it. (DaDeGa*****)

I highly recommend the Cosmopolitan Hotel. it's modern and chic, staff are accommodating, and you can't beat the Shizen Spa! (MarkCh******)

Just made it to the cosmopolitan vegas for the bnc top 100 nightclub party at marquee! (Thestu******)

Cosmopolitan Hotel Vegas few months old hip vibe and great restaurants however overall lack of attention to detail which is disappointing (Itrav*****)

At the cosmopolitan hotel vegas to see above and beyond. Let's get this party started. Hahaa (Melisa*****)

Are your seriously at cosmopolitan hotel vegas! im THERE What a nyt you most play starryeyed 1st xoxoxxo :) (PhilipJ******)

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