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Mitel 68765 Belt Clip photoMitel 68765 Belt Clip
$ 9.25 ($9.11 after rebate)

60 External Comments

So, word on the net is that Glenn Beck went totally insane today. I am so going hunting for clips later. (Soulr****)

The old guy sitting next to me at Great Clips is talking to himself. You'd think with multiple personalities, one would be interesting. Nope (ItWasH******)

Thank you great clips for reminding me to never have children (Billpri******)

Great clips has one of the most awkward pictures i have ever seen (AndrewD******)

Dr Towler musta went to great clips over break. He should ask for a refund. (Joelv*****)

Just got back home from getting my hair cut again--on Sat. the girl at Great Clips really screwed it up!! I shouldn't have went there!! (Rachel*****)

Congratulations to Great Clips Driver Jason Lefler who finsihes in the top 10 at Bristol Speedway Saturday, March 20th. (GreatC******)

Expansion continues for Great Clips the week of March 15th signing 6 new leases and opening 5 new salons. (GreatC******)

Um so why is their a guy dressed as a Great Clips shampoo bottle running down my block? (Lilo_AL******)

We saw kasey kahnes 38 great clips car in the gas station! Did you lauren?! Lol :) (Lilib*****)

Went out w/Vic & Phia 2day, wally world, great clips & the sports store. Was fun!! Ran 1.2 miles w/Phia 2day, didn't do 2 bad. Rain here tom. (MamaL****)

Donnie brought me to Great Clips. I'm an eighth of an inch of being bald. (Jake***)

Oh, and you're on my shitlist, Great Clips, for closing at 4pm on Sundays. (Jtwi****)

Poor kid at Great Clips thinks that getting his hair cut like Zac Efron will make him handsome like Zac Efron. Bless his heart. (Txagg****)

Am I the only 1 cracking up bc the guy on the corner holding a great clips sign is wearing a baseball cap? (Eterna*****)

At Great Clips: Time for a trim. I hear reverse Mohawks r in style! (Synthet******)

What to do today, what to do?? I wanna go to Target, Great Clips, Gibraltar and er um (TheOrgM******)

Sitting at Great Clips waiting to get hair cuts. I had no idea it was little kids' day. The place is full of them. (Pquir****)

Nice way of rushing through things hair cut complete but stuff at great clips. wonderful right? (Eugeni*****)

Now omw to Great Clips to see Kayleigh so I can look like a civilized human being again. (Vay**)

Kasey's sponsored by Great Clips. I may have to rethink my allegiance. Oh, who am I kidding? (Wordn****)

Catching sam tsui & kurt schneider's great clips on youtube! they even had an album on itunes! great! (Jar***)

Hmm, getting a haircut today. I have always wondered: Will it be great clips or grandpa? (I prefer Great Clips: Grandpa=bald=insane hair) (Stara****)

Im getting my haircut . Long effin line at great clips. Perhaps I coulda planned this better (Eroc5****)

Col. great clips tells me i have lice, i look and scrape the shit out of my hair, no lice, no eggs, no nits. cool freakin beans! (XFueledB*******)

Why cant black barbershop rin like Great Clips? if your hours say 9 - 7 you should be there (James_Ju*******)

Need hardware for signs and sign riders? We have stainless steel "S" hooks and spring clips, for a nice, secure look. (LetsTa******)

How can YouTube block britains got talent clips in my country? (Yani***)

I'll tie you up with phone cord. we'll play with whips and nipple clips and candle wax (Paige****)

I just moved the Spd clips of my cycling shoes a good 20mm back to keep my Achilles healthy, had some problems with it. :-( (Triathl*******)

Anyways. i told some special little boys that i would let them see a few "lego star wars clips" on youtube. be back later :) (Lyndsay*******)

Def needs a new digital camera n a tripod so I can make cool stop motions, 2 many white stripes clips i think lol got me all creative now!! (Magenta******)

Working hard to channel my inner mcgyvercat how do i turn dental floss, a toothpick and 2 hair clips into a furry rodent catapult? (Rosiean*******)

Drawer and cabinet dividers are a must when it comes to keeping pans, lids, spatulas, and chip clips in their respective places. (Stagin******)

Wish I had more time to but I have a few more clips 2 finish 4 my bow party 2morrow and a canvas bow holder order 2 work on :( (Thepolka*******)

Binder clips haunt me until I need one. Where did they go? On the upside, I've found 534 nail clippers. (SarahS******)

We're watching Marx Brothers clips in class. I miss Animal Crackers. (Songofth*******)

There are echoes of Antonioni's "Blow up" on one of Amerie's clips. Now, I was surprised by that. (Lucasyuk*******)

Watching clips of Jimmy Bullard on youtube, love the sky sports profile video! (Meaga****)

Ugh! i've been watching little bug clips on youtube for the last hour. i really want a vw beetle now! : ) (Fersu*****)

Fill out your census and mail it UAlbany and get a free 1 gb flash drive! Pens, pencils, chip clips, magnets and cups are free as well! (Carro*****)

Dontactlikeyounever dump all ur blunt clips into 1 whole blunt to get high (Jerze*****)

Well done Tom Ford. Extended clips of naked muscular flesh underwater. Sinewy, firm, lean, male. Sexuality in the brain. (TheBuddh*******)

Doing emergency sandal repair with super glue and alligator clips. (Dragon******)

Apparently networking equipment and cabling can be repaired with alligator clips. (Dgtlju******)

OOH! Alligator clips on the shielding of CAT6 cable -- that's how you "tap into the trunk line." (Kevin*****)

Went back to compressor and now all clips are the correct length. hmm. something funky (Urban*****)

I want a teddy ruxpin-type of bear but with gus johnson soundboard clips. i mean, wow! (Lwatk*****)

Forgot to mention Alex Bellos showed some awesome clips of Japanese kids doing lightening abacus calculations in their heads yesterday (Rubi***)

Bringing 64 hats, sock monkeys and other critters and hair clips 2 Divine Infant Catholic School, 8100 Jeanne D'Arc Blvd 10am-2pm craft show (Loopy****)

Anybody see a link lately featuring a photo of binder clips being used to organize usb cables etc? (Jameski******)

Who's ready for SOCCER fever? Prep started tonight for South Africa 2010 by watching world cup clips of Zinadine Zidane (Digi****)

Looking for FCP tip to very quickly "strobe" between two clips. Manual is possible but takes too long. Filter should be ideal. (Frankd******)

With chris, liam, joe and barnaby watching west side story clips on youtube! (Rock****)

I found lost nametag. I'll let the admin asst keep the fun clips, and I'll use them as leverage . for a new mouse pad. (K8sc***)

My boss played with the heartshaped clips on my workstation LOL (Appl****)

Oh so yu want a juice coture chain so i made her 1 wit paper clips nd use my christmas ornaments bell nd wraped it lmfao now go be happy (KayW****)

Heading down to Brooklyn's soon if you in Hamilton area come on down at 291 Queenston Road. Raps and Clips. (Dinonat*******)

Stayed up watching clips on youtube of the New Orleans Saints Superbowl victory. Still brings a tear to my eye. Goodnight folks. (KtP***)

Is building a time machine out of paper clips and beanie babies. (PaulThom*******)

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