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Chairman - USA

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60 External Comments

From Joe Biden last year to the chairman/CEO of Amex this year. I'd say WF class of '10 got shafted (Deacon*****)

Cooperation is the main source of prosperity (Bob Barr-chairman of the Liberal Party U. S.) (Vnn2***)

Winsted Civil Service Commission Chairman Porter "Skip" Griffin has resigned (THEdani******)

Today, Chairman Mao Obama, put the first bullet in the gun aimed at liberty and freedom of the sane citizens of America. (Lepi***)

Ever notice how White the GOP is? So why is their chairman African American? (MrCIn****)

Moses Lake looks like winner of BMW carbon-fiber factory: BMW's chairman said the automaker planned to use the carbon fabrics in its M. (Bmwg****)

Jim wiesemeyer, rep. mike conaway, anthony tancredi, ncc chairman eddie smith and dr. jane dever will speak at the pcg meeting in lubbock. (CottonF******)

Chetan maini, deputy chairman, reva electric car company: in an exclusive interview with et, reva's deputy chairman speaks about his g. (Indi****)

Can you say snowman now? Or is it Snowperson? Maybe they've done away with gender altogether, as in chair - instead of chairman/woman? (Nick***)

NC State Board of Education April committee meetings underway. Chairman Bill Harrison remembering member Kathy Taft who died earlier in Mar. (Vwje***)

Korean Air Chairman's daughter, who has a Cornell degree in Hotel management, is the CEO of KALHotelNetwork and Hyatt Regency Hotel in Korea (Seou****)

Correction: 11:20 pst on CNBC. Interview with NADA Chairman Edward Tonkin cnbc pdx oregon tonkin cars business. (AdamT*****)

Tune into Fox business news channel today at 2:30 pst. Bulls n Bears. NADA Chairman Edward C. Tonkin interview (AdamT*****)

To Tim Hart, the Civil Rights Commission's chairman in Davenport Iowa, no, the Constitution does not call for separation of church and state (Formatt******)

As a pro player i would leave lfc. however, as a pro chairman\manager i wouldn't let them go. they have contracts!! (DAVIDLO*******)

In Former Residence of Soong Ching Ling, honorary chairman of the People's Republic of China. (Liangb*****)

Yes we found a few old bottles. chairman mao figurines. vintage typewriter. telescope. old skis. candelabras. books u saw. (Maybel******)

BA chairman appointed new Liverpool chairman; cites experience with cash flow problems, striking problems and not going anywhere in Europe. (Pitofda******)

Modi in Dubai says 2day: "Kochi team's new chairman is Harshad Mehta." & hopes all will be well, as per a top tv channel. For info. (Deepak******)

I swear to God they would turn down Messi if he knocked on the Chairman's door. Muppets! (OrientM******)

Not only do i want scooter, i want the mick, jumpin' joe, the iron horse, the sultan of swat, yogi, and the chairman of the board (Seanr*****)

Chairman Mao said: "Religion is like the opium which is poisoning people". I respect him anytime, but he is a anti-religion. (VIcKy****)

Bears Chairman Mike McCaskey at the podium to discuss his plan to retire after next season. (Cbs2ch*****)

Chairman WOW! Targus are just sending me a tip for the old power adapter I have for my notebook for free (Henare*****)

Chairman Semanko is at the Ada County Republican Women's meeting today at the Plantation Country Club. (Idah****)

Also, Chairman Kaga is an actor, not a genuinely insane brocade-coat-wearing millionaire. (Djackm*****)

Ever notice that Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele fits his suits the way puppets do? (Theonet******)

Ingratiate yourself with your viva chairman. Give him telegraph crossword and play the harpsichord. (Zemo***)

Kruse: FDIC chairman supports the market and would like to tap into more. (Aren****)

Holy cow, chairman of a very prominent anesthesia department heard my talk last week and emailed me to talk about a job. (Mommy_******)

You'll hear the closing stages, from coach Steve McCormack & chairman Des Johnstone live. (BBCCumbr*******)

Motion to Proceed on Chairman Dodd's S. 3217 (Restoring American Financial Stability Act) defeated 56-42. Ben Nelson only D to vote "no." (Fsfo***)

Johnson overtakes nautilus as no. 2 home fitness gear maker: taipei, april 26, 2010 (cens)--kc lo, chairman of johnson health technolo. (Anna_an******)

Just went in for a swap-winter rims and tires for summer. If you not chairman of AIG how can the regular Mercedes guy justify!?? (Jbost****)

Eh, give or take - "I think there is a world market for maybe five computers" - Thomas Watson, Chairman of IBM, 1943 (Heinle******)

Dr. Heinrich Hiesinger proposed as successor to Dr. Ekkehard Schulz as Chairman of the Executive Board of ThyssenKrupp AG (Thyssenk*******)

Common Tones In Simple Time by John Adams from the 'The Chairman Dances' album. Trumps Glass for me. (Rjbi****)

Max Depree was chairman at Herman Miller, nearby to where I live. I feel a special bond with his writing (partially for that reason) (Mjas***)

Henry Juszkiewicz Gibson Guitar Chairman talking at the Digital Media Summit in London now. U can watch his speech via Gibson. com News link. (Gibson******)

Chairman of iit madras is also aware of the blunder done in iit paper but to maintain their dignity they are refusing to conduct reexam . (Malaviya*******)

Charlie Munger, Berkshire Hathaway vice chairman, blaming lax & dysfunctional gov. regulations for Wall Street's ills. (Thar****)

FCC Chairman's advisor thanks NCTA for being "great partners in the process" regarding consumer video device principles. (Brian*****)

I was invited to a board meeting by the Chairman of the Santa Clause Committee (Anae***)

Yohei sasakawa chairman of nippon foundation speaking at the opening session of 2010 wana forum (Ignoram******)

Syed babar ali is the chairman of coca cola, seimens, nstle, rose pettel, packages, tetra pack. Wat an amazing person :) luv to meet him (Burnin*****)

Goodnight sweet night mr. chairman (ik het the beatles white album) ms (Michiels*******)

Earth crisis : appointment of inec chairman should be non-partisan -pdp house of reps a - (Yugshr*****)

We need Howard Stern as President, Dave Ramsey as treasurer and Alex Jones as Armed Service Commitee chairman (Todz****)

History lecture video's awesome! I'm inspired to become a better communist class chairman :D (Zacha*****)

Alberto Lavia taking the reigns of Moncler as CEO on July 15th. Has been chairman of Kenzo and managing director of Calvin Klein Europe (Fromthef*******)

Honoring military fallen today with pcg chairman, maj gen john l borling, ret., 6 1/2 yr pow, as he chairs chicago memorial day parade. (Ritam*****)

Five chairman and CEP Dawn Airey is on LoveFilm board. Deal signed last month with Sony to appear on web-TVs (PaulMM*****)

ON MY RADAR: Barring any last minute change, Dr John Okwesilieze Nwodo will be presented to the PDP leadership as the new Chairman this week (Egghe****)

Drew McIntyre is making me nervous he acts like he is the new Chairman on the WWE well he aint hope someone tells him ''YOUR FIRED!'' (2001****)

Takes care of the people he represents - RPA Chairman Doyle Webb on (ARG**)

Has proven our case, she is a liberal and a tool of the Obama administration - RPA Chairman Doyle Webb on (ARG**)

Sen Lincoln has proven that she is a liberal after last evening-Chairman Doyle Webb, RPA (Rwo***)

Mukesh Ambani, Chairman, Reliance Industries: Supplied 510 bn cubic metres of gas from KG D6 bloc (Divyach*******)

Forget all dis sir,, we are looking forward to IPL 4 n you as its chairman again.. (MrJSP*****)

Shooting at the chairman of William-Sonoma's house in Palm Springs. He has the most amazing house and art collection!! (AlexLa*****)

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