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60 External Comments

I really need to get a new cat scratcher. my cats are tearing up everything. (Peract*****)

It's raining cats, dogs and small farm animals in Aiea Heights (Lester******)

My cats name is Pharoah. Pharoah in Egypt means Big House. My cat is fat. :) (JojoK*****)

So the new fish I got are so awesome, three angel fish and two catfish. The cats are very cool lookin! Black with yellow stripes! Awesome! (Timz2r******)

Inductees: li philharmonic, twisted sister, stray cats, run-dmc, vanilla fudge, gene simmons, paul stanley and peter criss- li kiss members (LIM***)

Just another Friday night spent in my room with my cats, a ball of weed encrusted foil and a laser pen. (Babt****)

Yard long iguanas and other reptiles regularly made our acquaintance, and I lived with a dozen cats. (Ex**)

My cats are sniffing the Baby Bjorn, and then running away from it. I don't understand. (SillyM******)

Ha! I want a new Guinea singing dog, they live for 15-20 years too which is another benefit. They are also independent like cats, love it! (Misfit******)

Cats are the gatekeepers to hell angels are for heaven but what's the gatekeeper for the middle life!? (IYung_A******)

Watching the kentucky wildcats vs. michigan state womens basketball game. go cats! (Tapan****)

O C A T S CATS CATS CATS kentucky wildcats rolling along much better chance of winning the national championship since kansas is gone (Woodbr******)

Kit has a weird habit of dipping her paw into the water bowl. It disgusts the other 2 cats. :( (Condo****)

Wonders why her cats are obsessed with drinking water out of her cup instead of in their own water bowl. Brats. (Tzu***)

Women's B-Ball tonight: Vermont (my alma mater) vs. Notre Dame (my daughter's school). I can't lose either way! Go Irish! Go Cats! (JeffHun*******)

Curbjawing my cats gums. she was caught climbing the cat tree (Teethlik*******)

And would it be too much to ask for someone to paint my chicken coop? Seriously, what are we paying you fat cats to do? (MikeGe*****)

Coolin with the old heads. Adrian Crutchfield, Ashlin Parker & Harvey Cummings. These cats set a standard for me (T_sco****)

Missing my man, missing my crazy cats. but Stanley the dog is here. (Yu_***)

Lee Rocker's (Stray Cats) father- Stanley Drucker- is principal clarinet of NY Philharmonic and member of the orchestra for almost 60 yrs. (LIM***)

Hoarders is gettin retarded. smh. Piss burning thru the floor, a foot of shit filled adult diapers, 35 dead cats . one home. (ThatDud******)

Loving the Cats new vintage clothing line, would have been great if they made it for the kids as well. (Notjus*****)

What is it with cats and old hair things? My cat is having the time of his life batting one around (Queensn******)

Thinks the Geelong Cats will win another AFL Premiership, North Korea will win the World Cup & San Antonio Spurs for the NBA Championship! (Hsin****)

Yea, we're using an air mattress. miss my queen pillow top. looking forward to june for that :) was afraid cats were gonna pop my bed though (Bookwor******)

Bathroom sink still terribly clogged. Wonder what the cats knocked into the sink. It has to be their fault. Really, what's down there?! (Just***)

Really cant wait 2 watch Kentucky play tomorrow~ GO CATS!! beat Cornell!! (KC_R***)

Northwestern lax warming up for its game against Ohio State at Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium in Columbus. Go 'Cats! (NU_Spor******)

Cats at window, as shot with Canon Powershot SD1100 IS in time lapse (Barba*****)

Why don't ceramic cats come complete with synthetic hairballs? (Gaming*****)

I love the Dog Whistle app on my iPhone. Let me tell you, it works on cats too. ;) (__bumb******)

Putting a man in a cat costume: Easy. Squeezing 5 cats into a man costume: Difficult! Hey, it was their idea. (Don**)

My caravan or tent would be full of Big Issue sellers, gypsies, stray dogs, birds damaged by cats, 3 legged dogs, divorced/single women, . (KB_Sha*****)

If you own 7 cats then people will think you're crazy. If you own 7 sharks then screw what people think because you're a BADASS. (HiImRi*****)

Has allergies to cats. But the ironic thing is, we had a total of 4 cats before. Iguana. Fishes. Turtles. Rabbits. Prawns. Crabs. FROGS (Fdou****)

I just shouted to myself and 2 cats "no way, there's a firmware update for my archos 5at! version 1.7.95!" ha! ;p (Sword*****)

My cats have a mad obsession with bridal tulle! I think they mistake it for a delicacy. . . ?! (Omni***)

Also, my next bed is going to be a platform bed with no underbed storage, specifically so my STUPID CATS can't poop under it. (Lastw****)

These people have 25 pets, including but not limited to cats, dogs, birds, ferrets, a gopher, and a kangaroo. (Darkblaz*******)

I just discovered that one of the cats BIT A HOLE in the spray bottle I use for cat discipline. My money's on Slippers as the culprit. Brat. (Wyrding*******)

The cats are both licking my feet! they started this last night, i've showered, different slippers different pants. huh? weirding me out! (QuiltN*****)

Uk cats trounced wake forest and east tennessee state. who's next? (Fetch*****)

At work. Looking at art prints and chairs on Trade Me. The cats have taken my comfy chair so I'm left sitting on the floor. (Beady_Ey*******)

Bbcqt I have just recorded the wonderful Baroness Warsi . it is the only way to get all the cats out of the house in the morning. (Dave****)

Cats win their 14th in a row in a 9-3 win over Oregon! Second game of the series tomorrow at 6pm (ArizonaB*******)

Poodle and these 2 cats didn't feel safe so the looked online to buy a Cat Enclosure Kit so they wouldn't have to worry about dogs or. (Cdp***)

I bought a new cat bed on Monday. Today, 3 days later, one of the cats sat on it momentarily. Progress. (Hears*****)

The internet is going so slowly today, it makes me think fondly of the days of dial up! Oh and I think I ate my cereal from the cats bowl! (Samjb****)

Two traumatised cats, one cat box full of cat wee, one large vet bill but no war wounds this time!! (Ranso****)

Dishes done, cat box cleaned and replaced, cats fed, rubbish out by 5.30, this is some kinda record. (Mikestu******)

Vet in the morning for the cats yearly checks. only 1 problem. how do you manage two cats with only one cat box? bloody tidying up! (Sausage*******)

I was bent over scooping out the cat box, one of my cats decided to jump onto my back and watch the proceedings from over my shoulder. (LaLaLaL*******)

My cats won't shut up! they have food, water, clean cat box, and attention. So stop meowing! (Freeski******)

The dead rising from the grave, human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together. and Steve Jobs having lunch with Eric Schmidt at Calafia. (Kevin****)

Cats getting in my raised beds! Any ideas on keeping em out? Other than the air rifle?! (Benj***)

The smell of glitter, markers, and glue in these hallways has the similar unpleasant smell of dissecting cats in high school anatomy. ew. (Kenze****)

Wishes that Purina would invent a pet food that was for both cats & dogs beings they will only eat each others food anyway. (Corrin*****)

During our 1st pet food distribution day, we gave out over 4600 pounds of food to 137 pet owners who had over 700 dogs and cats total! WOW! (CintiPe*******)

Cats score four in the bottom of the 4th to take a 6-2 lead over Oklahoma State. (B_dr***)

Softball Cats take Game One from Northwestern Oklahoma State, 6-4 (RSUHil*****)

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