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No-Rinse Shampoo Cap, 30/case photoNo-Rinse Shampoo Cap, 30/case
$ 112.99 ($107.34 after rebate)
Comfort Shampoo Cap, 6/case photoComfort Shampoo Cap, 6/case
$ 39.95 ($37.95 after rebate)
No-Rinse Shampoo Cap, 6/pack photoNo-Rinse Shampoo Cap, 6/pack
$ 29.95 ($28.45 after rebate)
Comfort Shampoo Cap photoComfort Shampoo Cap
$ 7.99 ($7.59 after rebate)

60 External Comments

Columbus blue jackets, washington caps, ottawa senators, gren mtn glades, waterloo, green bay, sioux city. (Beantown*******)

Remember pedal-driven sewing machines. carpet beaters. Franklin stoves, irons heated on stove, push lawn mowers,& bottle caps lined w/ cork? (HarryK*****)

Postman just passed. nothing. not my packcage from Rita, not the flower bead caps. Boring (Raba****)

Just found (and bought) the most amazing silver and gold bead caps in the shape of bell flowers. these are going to be kickin' earrings! (Twinkle******)

Just ordered gold reflector knobs, an amber switch tip, pointer washers, and 0.22 Orange Drop caps for my Agile guitar. (Luked*****)

Skate was awesome last night. Cant wait for Caps/Pens puck drop tonight (Pivotal******)

Pens- Caps rivalry is like Lakers- Cavaliers, Barcelona-Real Madrid, everyone wanna see the top players in the league facing each other (RPunt****)

Another truly amazing game featuring the Caps and the Pens. Capitals win 4-3 in the fourth round of a shootout. Nice Going Caps!! (MattJ****)

TSA prohibits Gravy, Blasting Caps and Snow Globes in carry-on luggage. There's more, of course, but these seemed the most relevant (Kathryn*******)

Globe_2010. Venture caps say future lies in tech. to clean up trad. energy, clean vehicles, cleaner fossil fuels & water. Blog post soon. (MikeCh******)

I admit, I'm not an ice hockey fan, but man I love the Caps TV crew- the pbp guy makes me want to love the Caps! (Swirl*****)

Pens and the Caps take it to overtime. Incredibly intense ice hockey, this. Go Penguins! (Jamesh******)

Caps vs pens tonight; also breaking in the new toy: a ruger blackhawk .177 pellet rifle with a low profile bi-pod and a 4x32mm scope (Jsonsdr******)

Briefly tempted to redo an entire keynote deck in all caps papyrus. related: anyone have a 3d projector handy? (Hayes*****)

Well good to see we've got ZERO momentum going into Wednesday's game. pens caps HWG Ron White is the man, not the comedian, either! (Mikeyha*******)

Was at the Caps game sitting 6 seats away in the same row as a black guy that looked really familiar. Turns out it was Clinton Portis. (STA***)

Slim chance of me getting me getting a good sleep because pens won, caps lost, and *drumroll* the new jersey devils lost to the leafs! fun! (Ilovethe*******)

M Found rolls of Bottle Caps at Cracker Barrel. It's like I've fallen back in to my childhood. Amazing. (Agcyp****)

In the hair store looking at potential lace front wigs, these glue caps gotta go (MommaMo******)

Ooh- so that's just the sound a washing machine makes when you try to wash bottle caps. (TamsinK*******)

People who wear tims, backwards caps and/or du-rugs are bad Christians. (ITmeans******)

Check out the Washington Capitals interview with Brian Pothier, good stufg, i'll in case you dont folow the Caps (Cardia*****)

The washington capitals take care of the tampa bay lightning 3-1. yea caps! (Mike_s******)

Does any1 know a store in Netherlands that sells new era caps that aint NY Yankees . I want to buy a Boston Red Sox and Cincinnati Reds cap (_Chr1st******)

I find Motorola's all caps naming scheme extremely annoying. Like they are talking in a very loud voice all the time (Il_b***)

Caps travel to NC to take on the Carolina Hurricanes. Pregame starts at 6:45 on 1500 AM. (Amorri******)

So this weekend was pretty epic. Long convos with friends, glow caps, knee socks and singing, six hours of mario kart and loosing the voice (Kathlee*******)

No shutout. But the Caps can send a couple of cases of Champagne up I-95. Flyers 4-1 Devils. (JayRo*****)

Since the Flyers are up 4-0 over the Devils in the 3rd, it's looking very likely that the Caps will clinch the Eastern Conference tonight (Caps****)

The Flyers are up 4-0 against the Devils. Part of me is happy because this means the Caps will be number 1, but how is this happening? (Denl***)

Finally got my gun hooked up with my laser sight and a scope, im ready to bust caps (Jmone*****)

Redskins linebacker Rocky McIntosh just walked past me at Caps game. Heard Chris Cooley is also in attendance today. (HomerMc******)

My new camera !: minolta xd 5 with a 49mm rokkor-x lens and a minolta macro 35-105 mm lens with the lens caps all passed by jmdc :d ! ili (_Ruff****)

Put your thinking caps on! At 9:30 this morning we'll post a trivia question and the person who responds first will win a Cyclone prize! (ISU**)

Umm. some dude has Jack White Caps sweater w/ 1 as the number. Thought I was obsessed but THAT tops me by far. (Or what I'd do in public) (KCit***)

Diggin' the science park guardians' new uniforms and caps - just the right fashmash of Strawberry Shortcake and Deathstar commander (Graphg*****)

Woohoo. vipers 2 - 2 at belfast. they've got a lot of ground to make up tho. doesn't look like Caps are gonna do it at the NIC either :( (HannahUn*******)

Texas longhorns caps is to what the yankee fitted is out here (Reni***)

Theyre saying winter classic 2011 may be pens vs. caps at heinz field!? hell yeah. so excited! (Namex*****)

Rumors that the caps might be playing the penguins in the 2011 winter classic?? yes please!! (Sara****)

Next year's Winter Classic is Caps-Pens in Heinz Field? Bleh. I was hoping for Rangers-Islanders in Yankee Stadium. (Brewto******)

I thought since Sid was already in the Winter Classic, that they'd pick someone else. I'd suppose you'd get the Rangers versus the Caps. (Puckta*****)

I really, really, really hope the 2011 Winter Classic game will be hosted in Pittsburgh so I can go see it! pens vs caps? hell. yes. (Shaan*****)

That whole rumor about the Pens/Caps Winter Classic is a lie. Everyone knows it's just going to be a Crosby and Ovechkin cage fight (Dear_g******)

I want to see a Caps/Pens Winter Classic, but I don't want to travel to Pittsburgh for it. (Whateve******)

Hell yeah! Winter classic at heinz field next year jan 1st againt the caps. Cant wait to buy my ticket! (THEtimho*******)

Im all for the Caps & Ovie being in it but the NHL knew how big the rivalry was to begin w/. Caps-Pens shoulda been the 1st Winter Classic (Flyersf******)

Tribune-Review reports that Pittsburgh is the leading city to host the 2011 Winter Classic. It is suppose to be Caps vs. Pens at Heinz Field (LNShoc******)

Hopes the Winter Classic will be at Heinz Field, I think that's a great choice for Caps-Pens! (Sports*****)

At Caps' practice w/ Mary.. A wee bit hungover but stoked about the Caps Pens Winter Classic announcement! (TruIrish*******)

I so grAteful for today! new haircut, new jordons, 2 new fitted caps, new sweater , new cell phone charger and saw hot tub time machine! (DjD3uc3s*******)

Is every 95-98 Nissan Altima (blk ones to be exact) missing at least 2 hub caps? smh (ThePlcl*******)

I can't believe I'm about to say this. but from a Pittsburgh Penguins fan to The Washington Caps (except Ovechkin), Congrats on the title. (Thel***)

Found a load of screen caps for the little mermaid. icon making time. :') (Said****)

Flying with USF baseball team. Common theme: goatees and Oakley sunglasses on top of baseball caps. (Heather******)

Now watching Fiddler on the Roof and pondering why one of my hub caps is missing. (Heavenl******)

Bestie admitted he likes Mike Schmidt. I'm hoping they have something at Modell's so he's not wearing that Caps jersey (sigh) :) (Kchri*****)

Backintheday 2 finga ring, rope chain, Kangol hat, Wallaby Clarks, Gold caps, Jansport bookbag, Nike sweatsuits (Juice****)

Ananas comosus - In West Africa it has been used for stringing jewels and also made into capes and caps worn by tribal chiefs. (Prot***)

My swagg in dha closet = levis jeans, blazers, vanz, polo (headaxx), hollister, express, fitted caps, lrg! (Brysen*****)

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