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Attending HI state green business award ceremony at capitol bldg today. Receiving award on behalf of Fairmont Kea Lani! (PRwa****)

Had a business meeting with my three female bosses in the restaurant at the Fairmont. Topic of discussion: Who in the group needs a shower (Coli***)

Seriously, this apartment hunting business is making me tired. In other news, I quit my job today. (Roxve****)

Is collecting business tips from WPPI Classes! For Rangefinder article! Marketing, sales, social networking--WHO taught you WHAT? (Loisl*****)

Helena Rubinstein started her cosmetics business in Australia in 1891, expanded to New York in 1912, and grew a very successful business. (WellWom******)

JWPratt Beck took a Mo-Tech Industries Going-Out-Of-Business Freebie Pack from the shop placeholder. (Garde*****)

Guilty! i purchased some wigs from rockey trading. had no business doing that. why do i want more already! the shame. (Coloure*******)

There is no business as rewarding as the art of anti-aging medicine. Making ppl feel beautiful or viable. wow. Skintastic. com (Barb****)

Just finished my business plan. Gotta take the Caliper test tomorrow. Watching the selection show before I head back to SC. (JeffOk******)

They say you should never mix business with pleasure- really? Well then explain to me how a putt putt golf company operates. (Wyot****)

Is writing dynamic precall plans and telephone scripts for a boutique, woman-owned business serving the Inland Empire. (MarcoE*****)

A boutique business is about client experience & superior product, not price. Please consider that when making your buying decision. Thx! (Marnie******)

I'm enjoying building a business right from my home right here in the Tampa Florida area and enjoying the nice weather (Success******)

Guess it's time to watch the Houston Rockets give T-mac the business. (TheChel******)

So what does UPS do? Sends them back to Louisville Kentucky.. WOW. now thats efficient Business. (Markfis******)

Business Knowledge Systems is currently looking for a commission only sales person. If you know any IT sales people please pass this along. (BKST***)

Any Hull Business people interested in participating in some website testing for KC in the future please DM me. (KCemploy*******)

Leaders need to be optimists. Their vision is beyond the present. ~Rudy Giuliani cases business (Mybusin*******)

The absolute fundamental aim is to make money out of satisfying customers. ~John Egan cases business (Mybusin*******)

The core business of Theovision is the recording of the Bible in the native languages of Africa, targeting people who can't read. (Theov*****)

Someone in Seattle is going to win a Garmin 255 GPS. If you have a conference you are planning, DM me, I will come get your business card. (Dianesp******)

Will be doing a little of the Gates Foundation Postsecondary Business Convening from Washington DC (Mpst****)

Get in on the free-pre-launch of a very exciting Wireless Business. over 50,0 expected at time of launch (Windp*****)

Had a photoshoot for Notre Dame business mag. I wore a suit coat for the 1st shoot ever- no more MuggleNet tshirts! I must be growing up. :/ (EMERSON******)

Needs a recommendation for a business lunch in or just west of downtown Toronto, nothing fancy and good for conversation (Chrisw******)

A light day in the people's House. 5 Suspensions (mostly transportation) and begin H. R. 4849, the Small Business/Jobs Tax Act of 2010. (Bobby_Fr*******)

US House expected to begin consideration of the Small Business & Infrastructure Jobs Tax Act (HR 4849) tomorrow (Chrisg*****)

Complete Consideration of H. R.4849 Small Business & Infrastructure Jobs Tax Act of 2010(Sponsored by Levin/Ways & Means Cmte) More crap! (Sponge*****)

Join us live at 10:00 am et for our markup of: h. r. 4849, small business and infrastructure jobs tax act of 2010 (WaysMea******)

Had a good Lia Sophia jewelry show today, but really want to improve my home based business sales, anyone have any tips for me? (Little*****)

Ask a question related to automotive, law, business, personal life, homework, health, computer and internet. (Solve*****)

Whenever you start up a business there'll be associated costs; the cost of your computer and Internet service, which are just accepted. (BizS****)

Hmm, not sure what to think of that ending, s'like there is unfinished business - generation 1 at least ended with a hint of generation 2.. (Gracec*****)

I didn't get to go to afterschool business =( I think the Meade cried. (Sophi****)

This is the reason why i dnt to ppl at skool cause all ur business get out. I was never talking to you from the get go ijs (Hotkid*****)

Recommending R. Middleton's marketing manual, Information Guru, for people new in business. It set me on the right course. (Smoot*****)

Supper excited! just started my own Business with NHT Global. can't wait to try the 30min face lift. I'll let you know how it goes!! (Blissfu*******)

Ubuntu 10.04 lts server, google apps, cisco firewall, dell poweredge r710 = business plan that will kill network support companies! (Migrati******)

Be rewarded for booking accommodation. Why wouldn't you join "SCP rewards" when it is free? UK Serviced apartments for business and leisure. (CityP*****)

Funny business comedy club. Asheville nc tonight 2 shows 8 & 1030. Bring your gf sisters mothers and emotional baggage (Jchrisn******)

Travel Marketers - do U have High Res JPEG images of U, your business, what UR selling available for Media? (Rorit*****)

Macbreak Weekly discussion future of Palm, making good points, maybe hardware-only is the way to go for them, or just out of business (CookJ****)

Starbucks now has blueberry belgian waffles. With Syrup. This place is def trying to put both cupcake shops & bfast joints out of business. (Rabah*****)

Linksys (Cisco) could save users time by saying "Don't use our software if your business needs more than 1 wireless print server." (RickHo******)

My experience with Bank of Montreal today will result in my ceasing to do business with them. Their service and empathy sucked! (B2bspec******)

At linkingraleighnc. com luncheon "the future of social media & impact to small business" at the mathews house in cary. panel is killing it! (Lama****)

I genuinely just emailed 'them upstairs' and asked if anyone knew anyone who had a working business plan for a US online radio station. Err (Stephen*******)

Is finding that building a chicken coop out of junk is good for business! (Ferma*****)

Lookahere Antiques & Collectibles Apparel Arts & Crafts Beauty & Fragrance Books Business (Iambar*****)

Dell latitude d531 laptop with 2.0ghz cpu, 2gb ram, 80gb hard drive, dvd/cdrw optical drive, built-in wifi, and windows vista business to (Marianel*******)

Im seeking a job no matter what im dressed as. malibu barbie still has a business casual outfit in her closet somewhere. (Meliss*****)

Couple of single family houses lined up to see, and one promising looking multifamily, which could double as indexing business space. (Aburch*****)

So badoptus have alerted their business customers to intermittent cellular phone/data probs in Canberra. Personal users are unimportant? (Adamru*****)

Time to read up on the Small Business Server 2008 training book. Red Bull and chips at hand to keep me awake. (Blah****)

Before getting a business printer is a few canon printers sorts of time. (LaurenB******)

Internet cafes are such a stupid business idea, oh 20 computers and we'll charge everyone a quid an hour, wow (Littledo*******)

GNFCC Business Expo is going great! Come find our booth and say hello. Marriott hotel at Windward Pkwy exit 11 on GA-400. until 5p (Yep***)

Oh my goodness!! Business class is nice. They even have power plugs so I don't have to worry about my iPhone battery (Jates****)

Dearfuturewife the easiest way to turn me on is to buy me computer accessories and audio cords. you'll get the business dat night. (JustT*****)

Tried "Billings" app for mac, and now I'm sure that it's not suitable for trade business. this app is only for web designers / writers etc. (Burakba******)

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