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Bumper - USA

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60 External Comments

Had a small fender-bender this morning in the school parking lot. Front bumper needs to be replaced. :( (Ross****)

Stolen vehicle alert: '94 saturn, white w/ black trim, tinted windows, busted left-rear bumper. where: 17th & q. when: between 2a to 7a. (Vincib*****)

I want a bumper sticker that's a Jesus fish getting eaten by a Darwin fish getting eaten by a big STFU (TheN****)

Show your support for Mike with a bumper sticker on your vehicle. Email us at info at hoganformayor. com to get yours! (HoganFo******)

After democrats vote for the craptastic hcr bill, i am "positively giddy" driving my car with its "trodabumsout 2010/2012" bumper sticker! (Trodabum*******)

Hey. kites music premiere 2mrw on radio mirchi 98.3fm. bumper to bumper .4to9pm. its hot . doubtlessly.! (Rj_ro****)

Bumper sticker in front of me - 'Buckle up: it makes it harder for the aliens to suck you out of your car.' (AndyRe*****)

Bumper sticke I just sawr."Nice truck. Sorry your penis is so small." (TheMay******)

I am having no luck lately. Bumped a parked car in our garage. Did the right thing & left a note (scratched front bumper). (Eeda****)

I know two boys who had an awesome birthday. Lazer Tag, bumper cars, video games, hot dogs and bicycles. Good times! (Solitai******)

Just saw some guy back into a pole while pulling out of a space. Then he pulled up then reversed faster. He now has no front bumper. (Rdotc****)

There's a difference between a philosophy and a bumper sticker. (Zwitsch*******)

People who have "Do not forget 26/11" bumper stickers are demeaning. Are they expecting 'whoops guess I chucked it with those other memories (Paddy****)

Bumpersticker Obviously this is not a lexus or benz since you reading this bumper sticker (Dvsst****)

Bumper sticker on car: "Silence is Golden, but Duct Tape is Silver.". :) (Inspired*******)

FML! While backing up my big a** car at 0545 I ran into a mazda 3 and ripped a hole in the bumper!! Thank god nothing else was damaged! :( (Mom_du******)

Saw a dreadful bumper sticker this a. m. Pray for Obama, Psalm 109:8. [FYI - May his days be few; may another take his place of leadership.] (Hattie*****)

Just saw a twilight bumper sticker. Lame. Oh did I mention it was next to a bama sticker? That explains it (Johnp*****)

Everywhere I go lately, I bump into bumper-sticker philosophers. No real depth to the arguments or discussions, just increasing volume. (Darth*****)

Pickin up the front bumper and the headlights for my car as we speak :) (Brando******)

After the Healthcare hcr phony-reform bill vote, I am "positively giddy" driving my car with its "TRODABUMSOUT 2010/2012" bumper sticker! (Trodabum*******)

Guatemalas back to normal. Bumper to bumper and everyones late. (Hrc**)

Hey, that "Stupidity Should Hurt" bumper sticker makes you look. stupid. (Terryl*****)

Just saw a bumper sticker that said screw your intern, not your country. haha excellent. (Steph*****)

Chuck Todd on MSNBC just made a New Order pun whilst Blue Monday played in the bumper, weird (Theends*******)

Bumper sticker says: "carolina girl is the best in the world" then what is a carolina boy? (Chuckla******)

I don't think a big rugged pickup truck should have three "i love poodles" bumper stickers. (Tyler****)

It's bumper-to-bumper trains most of the way in from FortTotten on the ShadyGrove RedLine train. Feels like commute on 270. (Jerem****)

So I just got mean mugged by a brown caravan with two white guys with a bumper of the confederate flag. (Hand****)

Imagine holding on to rear bumper of car w/your left hand while it's trying to go 8mph & fastest you can walk is 4mph. That was my last dog. (DogGuide*******)

Gayest bumper sticker ever."i drive like a cullen" what a vomit (Carel*****)

Like the former staffer who is coming to volunteer for me. Trying to forget that bumper sticker she's got for the awful VA attorney general.. (Library******)

Driving behind a car with a bumper sticker that says "I drive like a Cullen". Hahaha (Cozy***)

In other news. How about the valet at my miami hotel wrecked my bumper 2day! & Yes, I def cut up sidewayz after i found out. (Carmel******)

Awesome bumper sticker seen on a prius: "PBS mind in a Fox News world" (CleverAs*******)

Y is there car in front of me w/ a bumper sticker saying donktblameme I vote american the car is electra hydaii (Cherish*******)

Driving a rental for a couple days while my car gets a new bumper. I got a Dodge Charger. Pretty cool. (Travis******)

Ahh so excited for the bumper lip! never thought i would find it! Honda Accord CD5 in Progress! (Pengui*****)

Ah! i found where to buy my bumper lip! ahh and so cheap! ahh! im so excited! Honda Accord CD5 in progress (Pengui*****)

Received an olympic bar and 160 of bumper plates from Rogue. Now, there can be serious workouts in the garage. (Robinbat*******)

Votev bumper (rear) - check; Turbo S bumper (front) - check; Votex diffusor - ordered/pre-paid; Turbo S (front) components - next on list. (Ksw***)

The car in front of me has washington plates & a arizona cardinals bumper sticker. Get the hell out of my state you bandwagon douchenozzle. (Roryme*****)

Haha that last was from a bumper sticker my friend sent me on FB :D (ZoeG****)

Hit a parked car with a "property of Jesus Christ" bumper sticker. Wrote out five hail mary's and left it on the windshield. (Getunle*******)

Just saw a car with a bumper sticker "I'm a Triple M freq". Bring them back! (_sam_an*******)

Just so everyone knows. Abortion is not healthcare! The bumper stick in front of me told me that ;) (Bens****)

Bumper to bumper traffic on Victoria st with all these events on this weekend (Denn****)

Blowing a car. Drove up on it's bumper. Back decal said buckle up with Jesus. Is all imma say is sorry (Amyet****)

Bumper Sticker: "Democrats are Sexy. Whoever heard of getting a good piece of elephant?" I say Who heard of getting a good piece of jackass? (Interact*******)

This suburban in front of me has a shake, soda and oj on their back bumper (Thereal******)

Guess who had to get bumper rails added. Me! I am NOT ashamed. Lol (Miss_T*****)

Pt cruiser bumper stickers: ron paul 4 president, ron paul was right, milf hunter on the prowl. interesting choices. canirespectthat? (GDS1***)

Hahaha jay leno. our children are so fat i saw a mom with a bumper sticker that said my kid ate ur honor student (Kelly*****)

I think I want one of those bumper covers like all the new Yorkers (Kcur****)

Brain. Fried. 2 bumper stickers seen on same car today: "Who is John Galt?" & "Palin 2012" (Mazaf****)

A dog used the front bumper of a cop car as a chew toy! Gonna have to find a link to post. Too funny! (_debi*****)

Stray road trip observation: americans really, really like bumper stickers. (Littlemi*******)

LA: haven't seen a car bumper that hasn't been rear ended. Stuck in traffic tryna find some grub. (Monee****)

So I saw a Vibe with one of those "Out of a job yet? Keep buying foreign!" bumper stickers on it. Made me laugh since it's mostly a Toyota. (MechaB******)

Best bumper sticker ever: "Keep Austin a festering stinkhole of sin" (Steve*****)

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