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Bullet - USA

(sorted by price before rebate from merchant located in or delivering to USA)

Magic Bullet Pack, 100/box photoMagic Bullet Pack, 100/box
$ 95.99 ($91.19 after rebate)
Magic Bullet Pack, 40/box photoMagic Bullet Pack, 40/box
$ 56.99 ($54.14 after rebate)
Magic Bullet Pack, 10/box photoMagic Bullet Pack, 10/box
$ 17.99 ($17.09 after rebate)

60 External Comments

A: Hey man, I need some bleach and a towel. B:Why. A:cuz I just shot out a Shit Bullet and now there is shit all over the floor and mirror. (Bendo****)

The bullet is bitten; this weekend; goodbye cable TV, Hello Apple TV; I'm going cold turkey. Mad? (Michael*******)

I've decided to bite the bullet and buy the iMac. I can't eat the Big Gummy Bear. =T Now introducing the budgeting module into my life. (Andr****)

Today, Chairman Mao Obama, put the first bullet in the gun aimed at liberty and freedom of the sane citizens of America. (Lepi***)

My Xbox console is in Texas for warranty repair. I hope it doesn't return with bullet holes and BBQ sauce. (Ameno****)

My cheap ass finally bit the bullet and upgraded to the HD DVR receiver. (Mark****)

DR M just done a bullet point stream-of conscious list for a top client for some potential parties & events in late 2010 now in RUSSIA, fab! (Drmasq******)

Baked cookies, brownies, & worked out on Friday night! That kind of week. Thank heavens for Tony Horton and my "silver bullet" hand mixer! (KHardyH*******)

I carved your name on the bullet, so that everyone would know you were the last thing going through my head. (_Spa****)

Just watched a guy literally cut an airgun bullet out of the air with a samurai sword. My mind is blown. (Darren******)

Rammstein, faith no more, heaven & hell, alice in chains, slayer, megadeth, anthrax, bullet for my valentine, coheed and cambria, volbeat y (NaniP*****)

The building where I used to work, on occasion, had either bullet holes in its windows or empty shell casings nearby. That's just Richmond! (Zir***)

Can I ask what is the aesthetic appeal of sticking random bullet hole stickers on cars? (Hellov******)

Radio's blarin' and my hearts on fire, put a bullet through my head and then we'll call it a night. (Ashli****)

What do you think was going through bambi's mother's head before she died?. Well, besides the bullet. (Andrewr******)

Dems getting bricks via airmail/House minority whip got a bullet thru his window. fyi Non-Violence is one of Green Party's values (DarylNo******)

Ya bullet points so hallow they could prolly pierce body armor. (IStyle*****)

Oh please haha i went on supream scream!! haha and silver bullet !! haha cause i have a pass to knotts berry farm!! (Erinsa******)

Sigh, I need to bite the bullet and buy an external drive. 1tb should be enough. for now. NAS? (Acci***)

Here is the problem with TV media and newspapers. How many of them will cover Cantor's magic bullet fraud or Steele's strippers? (Beni***)

Let's hope changing up the bowlers by KKR is the magic bullet to slow DD down! (Phryg****)

LOL nurse is so excited about her magic bullet! she is like it is so easy and you can take it anywhere. (Amgar*****)

It's 4 am and I'm up watching infomercials. I'm pretty convinced I need a Magic Bullet blender thing to live a fulfilling life! Haha (ZSta***)

I thought I wanted a "Magic Bullet" until I tuned to the next channel and saw the "Ninja." (Cuzimd******)

So far the Magic Bullet has made a good Orange Cream Smoothie (NadiaLar*******)

Did you know that you can use a wide mouth canning jar on your blender (like a Magic Bullet) if you break/lose the original jar? (Bellal******)

I made a chocolate milkshake with the Magic Bullet. Best milkshake i've ever had in my life. Edy's chocolate ice cream, milk and choc syrup. (Marki*****)

Walmart's "Great Value 4-Berry Mix" frozen berries + orange juice + Magic Bullet = Frozen Awesomeness (Himp****)

Im obsessed with going to the store & seeing all the "as seen on tv" stuff i can buy the snuggie, magic bullet, ped egg, & bumpits at CVS! (Yayim****)

Eating a chicken quesadilla I made using my Magic Bullet.& tortilla chips and salsa. yum. will be back when I finish my mexican fiesta! (ALYR***)

Puttin da foreman grill and da magic bullet in the kitchen finally LOL (Da537s*****)

BreitbartWantsProof that Cantor's "Magic Bullet" wasn't the same one that killed JFK. (DCP***)

Magic bullet is not equivalent to a blender BUT definitely does not compromise taste. (Jmastas******)

Drinking a milkshake thanks to the magic bullet. best invention since the radio. (Dobr***)

And where do these magic bullet express people get these massive bowls? I need one of those 2 replace the 5 plates i use now for dinner! (Illb****)

Lol, the acting the magic bullet express infomercial is almost as good as Mr. T's award winning part in the Flavor Wave ads! (Illb****)

I have so much work 2do, but i keep getting distracted by these magic bullet infomercials. 15 seconds to make nachos!! cheesecake in 60sec!! (Illb****)

Nothing is better than making ur own juice with real fruit w MY magic bullet! (TheAttra*******)

Something about the Magic Bullet ad makes me laugh. Just doesn't sound like a blender to me. (TxAd****)

Making a strawberry/banana smoothie with my awesome magic bullet. Love the magic bullet (Missa****)

Forex magic bullet - advanced forex trading system.: forex magic bullet - advanced forex trading system. forex magi.. (Sbutb****)

Blueberry, blackberry and strawberry smoothie. Thanks Magic Bullet! (Rauliux******)

Traveling back home didn't get my Shakeology this am. My body is in SHOCK! I so need a portable, battery op magic bullet! (Getfitw*******)

I don't know who I was talking to about the magic bullet but we were making fun of it so much!! (SarahAs******)

This infomercial is really making me want to make something on our Magic Bullet. Too bad that thing's as loud as a ferret in a crabcore band (Blaqm****)

Magic Bullet infomercial is on. How am I supposed to go back to bed now? (Jeri_*****)

I'm the demographic the Magic Bullet people were shooting for. I know because I've seen all the infomercials 435 times. I'm hooked. (MeganR*****)

Lol Everytime I have the tv on at this time, I always seem to be watching The Magic Bullet infomercial. no wonder I want nachos. (K__cou*****)

My favorite infomercial is on! The Magic Bullet Express! It's the sequel to The Magic Bullet. Aunt Martha is featured. (TVBlo*****)

I guess I'm staying in tonight. Magic bullet tutorials perhaps? (KatieS******)

Is defiantly getting a magic bullet blender there fantastic to make my smoothies and easy clean up. I dunno when I became so healthy (Miss_L******)

Angelica Ortega has never heard of the magic bullet! Wth!! Does this trick live under a rock? :b haha.. (Rayyj****)

Just came in THIRD overall in a curling bonspiel! Won a magic bullet!! (AprilW******)

Quoteof the day at pax: there is no magic bullet to save PC games. The war is over. Consoles won. Those still playing on PC are hobbyists (Kaar****)

I know you got a magic bullet DontActLikeYouNever masturbated before (MattSc*****)

I'm convinced child spit is stronger than super glue. This suction cup bullet is proving to be a worthy foe indeed. (Mildly******)

Everytime I hear the smashing pumpkins' song bullet with butterfly wings I think about south park episode of the whales and dolphin hunters. (Alfre****)

Green machine to silver bullet. Uh oh the walkie talkies have emerged (Rachel*****)

Ah ya'll know me so well! Yes I sure did forget my lil buzzer bullet pocket rocket thingy. *sigh* u have no idea :(:(: gr. (Kaylan*****)

I bought something from the computer store. i am nervous to try it because it might not work. im just going to bite the bullet (Natel*****)

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