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Buildings - USA

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Not merely in terms of the objects they produce or their conservation value to old buildings (AIR_ar*****)

Los Angeles is funny. Even the buildings are obsessed with facelifts. They alter a few things, change the name & pretend its all brand new. (Kristina*******)

Damn po po stay at my buildings this 3 nights in a row diff. Spot each time (Mz_M****)

Just got to New Orleans. WOW! These buildings r beautiful! I have only seen Disney's version of awesome architecture. Originals even better! (1amanda*******)

Walking past Circus World Museum at night, really makes me wish there was creepy calliope music coming out of one distant buildings. (Industri*******)

No one does vehicles like DICE and this has buildings flying apart from explosions. Oh and the guns sound better and feel better (Josh****)

Tony Abbott made some good points about insulation and school buildings today. Did anyone tell him the debate was actually about health? (DrJava*****)

LOL at Michael Moore putting crime scene investigation tape around wall street buildings! haha (Syd**)

Working just five buildings away from mom makes my mom terrorizes me to have lunch date everyday. (Dinasa******)

Hm there is smoke coming from one of the buildings. never seen that before. (Salad****)

Randomthoughts. lowkey sometimes i just be on campus walkin around looking at buildings like ugh why the hell am II here!! (LaShaun*******)

My german lesson for the day? 'Menschem, die aus brennenden Gebauden springen' AKA 'People jumping from burning buildings' (Miss_****)

I want to have a big neon paint party with blacklights, electro dance music and the whole thing! And DJ!! Empty buildings? (Bjh***)

Jrg news - l&t bags new orders worth rs. 1500 crores in buildings & factories segment (JRG***)

It's time for school once again. Sun is almost up, it paints all buildings light red. Beautiful. (Tia**)

Lol i use to go like every othr weekend . lol i can tell you all the main buildings (Luciel******)

I saw JoJo Simmons in person once. 2 years ago, in front of one of NYU's buildings. It was random. Kind of amusing. (Ohchan******)

God is good! Big meetin thurs!! But in the mean time, in between time we lookin for buildings. Any suggestions?!?! (DREAMY*****)

I. e. how successful r these flagship museums? Do they benefit local community? How do the non-Bilbao, Tate, Getty buildings do in long-run? (Poundfo******)

Can't get to bed. Keep hearing noises. Bah apartment buildings! (Johnma******)

Flies out from the back of the truck/up/up/over the buildings/starts flying around* (The_M*****)

Sitting on the balcony overlooking most of San Diego. I love tall buildings! (ElizaW******)

Our buildings have fallen, our walls all caved in, and we can't comprehend this sad state that we're in. (LessThan*******)

Some parts of UWA buildings were damaged by d storm. Ooh how I love that old n classic building. much better than ECU ;P (Cheri****)

So do you reckon that those ramps they've got going into government buildings are for the disabled or Daleks? (Sydg****)

Still no power here in duncraig! Yet I can walk 2 mins down the road either direction and see buildings with power! (Tomm***)

Bummed that all of my buildings on We Rule have disappeared into the ether. :( *sniff* (Semap*****)

Man can't wait till I get home jus done wit these buildings. n da studio 2ma (Skillz*****)

Someone was monkeying around with our buildings outdoor cable conections. I wonder if you can steal internet - or my identity - that way? (ECKl***)

My uni is like being in china. And this is the toilet sign u find in the int buildings Bcoz they dont know how to use it (Shagade*******)

Holy shit one of the college buildings is on fire! I'm gonna go watch (Alphasce*******)

I love living damn near downtown. Riding below the buildings. Good ish. (Alphais*******)

Why do people pay to go up tall buildings and then put money in binoculars to look at things on the ground? (_Kami*****)

Talk about buildings, planning issues, regeneration and any other topic connecting with Leicester Architecture. (LeArchi*******)

Building construction that properly integrates architecture and engineering can easily be net carbon zero buildings. (Cmci****)

Created my first trip on gowalla, "Alvar Aalto buildings in the Helsinki area" (Tek***)

The Jakarta view from where I'm at is just fascinating. Tall buildings, houses, even with the slum areas visible, and the backdrop Mountain. (Sheany******)

Finished 30kW system on one of the state buildings. Ground-source heat pump, wind turbine, solar lighting, dual flush toilets, and much more (Green*****)

It's amazing what they've done to half of the old buildings. Stopped by Blue Mountain Bikes. (Djcno*****)

Last nights dream, a stunning train ride to Dublin, I remember a huge gothic clock tower and a cresent of buildings covered in gold leaf. (Wavel*****)

Could someone explain to me the trend in cars to have panoramic roofs but windows that have blind spots that could hide public buildings? (Tmp**)

Today so far, president's palace, gov't buildings, wreath ceremony at Gate of India, Humayun's Tomb. now nap. ^db (BLTh****)

On Fridays, everywhere I go, I go like Mary Tyler Moore, turning around while looking up at buildings, throwing my hat into the air. (JReh****)

Taking architecture photography isn't easy for me ytd. Really need a Wide-Angle lens to take a full nice pictures of buildings. (Austin*****)

Nice day in Victoria. Lots of historic buildings. I couldn't stop myself from taking a tour of "Victoria's Bug Zoo". Love those bugs. (Ghost*****)

If you have to work until 1 am with buildings going up in flames all around you, make the Beastie Boys' 'Professor Booty' your soundtrack. (Leicen*****)

Apartment Buildings with Laundry Hanging Out to Dry on Clothes Line Photography Framed Art Poster Print, 25x31 (Rokab****)

Ebony and ivory Hoe about, we build a huge mixed body sculpture at the Union buildings? Proclaiming unity. (Mari***)

Next Step, is to meet with Parks and Rec staff, Nesa to setup. Tom is to get pricing on modular buildings. (Groun*****)

Bouldercross: a fixed gear bike race combined with rockclimbing on buildings and bridges. Go Turners climbing! (Mreg***)

Grounding & Lightning protection installed in buildings lacks maintenance. (Sln***)

I wanna spray paint peace signs on all the free masonry buildings in washington I've seen a total of 4 masonic things. (_Sama****)

Buildings, too, are children of Earth and Sun. - UU Frank Lloyd Wright (Tapes*****)

We used fight for building blocks now we fight for blocks wit buildings to make a killin! NowPlaying D'Evils. Jay-Z (DBGsPo******)

Buildings are not safe anymore.. all contracters are on some type of drugs.. I need a hard hat!! (Chin****)

Saw a neighbour hoisting a space heater upstairs, so it looks like the whole buildings heating is on the fritz. (Brian****)

Used google earth on iPad, pulled up city with buildings, and landed my micro RC helicopter on buildings/rooftops/helipads. Not really. (Joegh*****)

Chinese media deleting names of children who died in shoddy school buildings in earthquake two years ago, on Day of the Dead (Freckle*******)

Enchanted by the fog. I can't see the buildings down the street. (Wor***)

The one show are doing a piece on MacIntosh. My mum's primary school in Glasgow was one of his 9 buildings. :) (MBJo****)

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