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Building - USA

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60 External Comments

Nerdville in the associates lounge, talking about building a water cooling system for the Xbox 360 (Weders******)

On the way 2 texano franklin rd. marrietta. shop ent kingz of hiprock hot 107.9 in the building shot out 2 e. t. shopboy zay money man money (Baky***)

I'm enjoying building a business right from my home right here in the Tampa Florida area and enjoying the nice weather (Success******)

Is spending these days building gardens and evenings imagining them. Thurs, was J. Tankard, historian. Tonight, APLDWA gala w/ T. Delaney. (Ianfth******)

Some parts of UWA buildings were damaged by d storm. Ooh how I love that old n classic building. much better than ECU ;P (Cheri****)

It's an emotional week for me. The last one at CFM towers in Durranhill Industrial Estate. I've been going in that building since I was 12! (PeterAda*******)

So I go to the front of my building, and realize someone already took my idea of using rope to lift up bags to your apt (Ginger******)

Building a video set in my basement. 1/2 sided logs along with mounts. Need lights, got camera, need action. (Fullmoon*******)

Durellsmith: Breadman us in the building!++NowUCanEat++DontStarve++ (GatesOf*******)

I thought building electronic kits would be easy. Soldering smells. (Rour****)

Also, it looks like I'll be building a subwoofer to go with the speakers I built. (Sd**)

Ah, terrific. it's deep underground jack-hammer season in our building again. (Uncout******)

It's a beautiful day here in Free State! Come to the Pelican Community Building to cool down with free smoothies! (FreeS*****)

Keeping track of Gordon Brown talking about Building Britains Digital Future. Hm (Hannah******)

I'm building a chicken coop. No, not for eggs, for slaughter. I'll be hungry for chicken and will go out and be like oh, he looks good. (ShitCel*******)

Busy weekend building a chicken "Coop de Ville". This thing truly is the Cadillac of chicken coops! (Wendy****)

I wonder if I could talk my dad into building a little chicken coop for me for my birthday. And my husband into letting me have chickens. (Maria*****)

Is finding that building a chicken coop out of junk is good for business! (Ferma*****)

I'm really shocked by jodi's reaction to my plan of building a chicken coop. no chickens! she says. hmm. (Nip***)

So there's a guy in my building that looks like bill from L4D. Also, there's a man that looks like Charles Bronson. Weird right? (Ryukage*******)

After some research into building my own lead-acid battery portable footlights, maybe I just need to use rechargeable flashlights. (Busted******)

If you have an Ironstone Bank close, try them. They were 1.5 points lower than the next lowest for our new building. (RickG*****)

Jr Bricklayer found a toad in the firepit he's building - initially thot it was a poisonous tree frog. ;) he asked to keep Mr. Toad. Uh, no. (Gen***)

HTPC is on the fritz yet again (this time I suspect the power supply). I think I might buy a slimline HP instead of BUILDING a replacement. (Jas***)

JRM Antiques now open at Bedford Depot Building 80 Loomis Street. Features Antiques and Vintage Collectibles. (Bedfo****)

Richard Jefferson of the San Antonio Spurs is in the building.. (Jayisthe*******)

Building the Illustrator Academy for the New England SCBWI Spring Conference. Fun last minute changes coming in! (CaseyG*****)

Gr at law building. Been the same decor since 4 yrs ago. "where law ends, tyranny begins." (Xxn***)

My Creative Memories digital scrapbook just came for my Aunt. Even though I thought I was building 8x11 & it turned out 7x5, it's amazing!! (Sha***)

Today's goal. not to pounce too hard on the food trucks parked outside of the CNN building. this will be a test of willpower! (Jamw****)

Dearfuturehusband accepting my ridiculous addiction and building me a marvelous shoe & wardrobe closet will always keep me loving you lol (Viva_L*****)

Sat right behind Franco Harris last night in the Capitol Building. Pretty cool. Not as cool as Garrison getting photo with KY ball team (Jton***)

Buzz building for Adobe CS5. check out the sneak peek of the incredible Content Aware Fill (oh math, what will you bring us next?) (Calume******)

NightTime Photography Society meetup tonight, Ferry Building. You should come! (Origamis*******)

No sunshine or capris today, but there was King Kone and Cop Out instead. building a new snake tank later? maybe. pup walk also? i think so. (Rocknro*******)

Someone out of the steps of the building has an old school boom box, unfortantely, it's louder than my music =/ (Shanna******)

Hawaii's cost saving building measure: just don't build walls (Alexphr*******)

New tv stand was delivered today. Guess I know what I'll be building tonight. (Chris*****)

Just finished building the ad for my 20 Lincoln LS. Yep. I'm selling my black beauty. Time to get back into a Lincoln Town Car for good (PhilMo*****)

Big oil's cutting edge solar project? Chevron building facility in New Mexico. (Thegogr*******)

Ky legislature was upset yesterday when a man wore an empty gun holster into the government building. Odd yes, but threatening? (Aftami*****)

Back in the mix at Fuel. Feels good :) - minus the cigarette smokers. 50 peeps in the building, 49 smoke! Boo Thanx I like 2nd hand smoke :( (Dj2**)

What I've learned from building a house: Kitchen and Bath, Lighting, and Custom Cabinet companies, have TERRIBLE websites. (EricOC*****)

Alfonsoarturoschombug If we live in NYC specialy african american need to know him. also there is a building named after him in harlem. (DOTO****)

Heading to Woodcraft today for some light colored dowels for a Walnut credenza I'm building. (Ryangr*****)

The campus ducks have been spotted on the roof of the humanities building, though just in passing, I think. (Jwdtu****)

Building crazy soundscapes using Ableton Live, Amplitube, Effectrix, Alesis Micron and Pianissimo. (Jph**)

Waiting for hubs at Home Depot. We're building an outdoor daybed. Spring has sprung and I'm looking forward to patio fun. (Lisa***)

My husband is building a frame to set inside our platform bed to add sturdiness. Very industrious of him. we'll see how this turns out! (Jakkij*****)

It kills me that students are building a community garden at UVic. You might as well try to grow carrots in a rabbit hutch. (Reya***)

In Cleveland Ohio. 4 events in two days. Get ready for a fresh excitement about building your business. Love the people of Ohio! (Darryl******)

Tonight at aurora 2 parties in one building.. true desire + kritikally akklaimed. ladies free until 11pm w/heels | fellas free before 10:30. (Mspret******)

How much bass is enough in a car audio system? Building a truck for a client that wants enough bass to shake his balls when he drives :/ (Quinton******)

Posting in Markdown is like building a house with Lincoln Logs. (Lau***)

Lincoln logs structure at 5 feet at jeremiah joe and still building (Ottawa*****)

Instead of building things with lincoln logs, my nephew pretends they are windshield wipers. (Smbe****)

Just got thru building an entire Farm . with lincoln logs. LOL I don't remember there being "2" cowboys. hm brokeback kids toys (Cade****)

I'm pretty excited that the only thing on tmrws agenda is working out, building Zac's swing set, and relaxing! Momma needs a rest (GirlGone*******)

The picture of me and jon in my background, that building behind us is radio city music hall! :d (CaitlinW*******)

Our church got a steal on a baby grand piano and tonight was the first it was used. When opened fully, it fills the whole building (music). (J_du****)

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