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60 External Comments

Im not usually a 'craft project' kinda guy but one day I want to design and build a pc tower with a rankine cycle cooling system (FrakT****)

And given that in any election year, only 1/3 of senate seats come up for reelection, we need to start in 2010 to build up the majority. (Bkp***)

Might get 2 build a Skype-only computer 4work. Probably going to use a Mac mini. Buying Macally IceCam2. Any better cheap recommendations? (Bears*****)

Right on 2011. my sister said she would build our family a new big house at a new city. I'll miss this old city forever. (MykaCe******)

I will one figure him out and put the puzzle pieces together but for now ill be waiting for him to come around before I build him up! (Msquared*******)

There's no happy ending, so they say, not for me anyway. Should I stop pretending or take the chance to build a brand new day. (Hatch*****)

Hf] cyberlink powerdvd 10.0 build 1516 ultra edition preactivated: cyberlink powerdvd 10.0 build 1516 ultra edition preactivated | 11. (Jocan****)

Tony Roma's softball team just suffered its second defeat in two tries. The score was a respectable 31-5. We can build on this. (NDoo***)

Home appliances - build them in for a better look: home appliances - build them in for a better look. . most viewed ezinearticles in. (Pepe***)

Since I have all the parts (yet not a workbench to build a complete one), I think I'll convert my GB2 proton pack to a GB1 soon. (Bro***)

This weekend. me and dude. with some tools. we are gonna build a chicken coop. (George_g*******)

This battery backup has a lead acid battery? Really? I wonder if I could build an inverter and hook a car battery up to it. (Tigor****)

You'll soon be able to build collectibles on the Widget Factory! (OMG_S****)

Even if it costs the same (which it wont) I LOVE DIY, going to build 1 or 2 portable battery packs for my studio strobes. Mine Vagabond. (AJMano*****)

So. i want to build a fire in the backyard. have some friends sit around. someone play the acoustic guitar. and we vibe and shit (Si_sean******)

Have been helping Jack build a big Lego Star Wars thing - we were just putting the final pieces on and the whole bloody thing collapsed! (Ruth****)

That's what I'm up to today. Smoken me some beef roast on charcoal grill. will somebody help me build one? (Cozyn****)

Listen to "Keep it Hid" by Dan Auerbach makes me want to build a swamp buggy and drnk copious amnts of Miller Hi Life in the hot southrn sun (Thebra*****)

Heaven is my throne. says the Lord. and the earth ismy footstool. What kindof house would you build for me. Where is the place for me to live in (Faithclu*******)

Thus says the lord: heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool. what kind of house would you build for me?.. (Doves*****)

I build my canopy of steel. It fulfills my sense of real. A chrome protection. - catherine wheel "crank" (Amy_r****)

The build-up to this year's WrestleMania has been pants. Not a patch on Orton and Triple H's rivalry last year. (Nath****)

Honestly, I've never really cared for hairy chests but he's making me build up a tolerance. (ThatQui*******)

Lets build an army of kids who DONT like the popular crowd:) and then overthrow them:) + make us popular, but we'll be nice to people.:) (Zinge****)

Method to build a system that compares baby photos to corresponding adult photos, and can by extension predict what a baby will look like. (Jeffso*****)

Hawaii's cost saving building measure: just don't build walls (Alexphr*******)

DearFutureHusband you betta be prepapre to pull ya damn weight around. BE A MAN lol. I refuse to build this tv stand by myself! (ESqueez******)

Time for bed. Ernesto build my new makeup desk and drawer. Im so excited. Friday he will do my TV stand. Can't wait. My apt is looking good! (Ambara*****)

Q: How much to fly a pet? A: Airlines will charge excessive fees, but anyone can build a catapult. (WikiFake*******)

Going all out to build a workbench for my room. My room's gonna be real gnarly by next season. (TheCa*****)

Yup my WebKit build is also just like Safari when it comes to detecting MIME types. Wonder what WebKit is Google Chrome using? (Abhi****)

The Alesis SR18 is nice. compact and packed full of stuff to build beats! (Youseen******)

I've got a truck load of wood, looks like it's time to build a platform bed! (JesicaM******)

IT'S FRIDAY! I've decided I want to build a platform bed this weekend, pricing all the lumber now. (JesicaM******)

Currently installing opensolaris build 134 with the textinstaller on my sun blade 10 sparc. Works nice so far. (Oxyf***)

Working out if it's really possible to get home, get kids to bed and build a double decker rabbit hutch before wwfc v West Ham at 8pm. (Stuart*****)

Yeah cos three thousand years ago we were too dumb to build stuff!?!?!? (Dynamo*****)

Dude, if a designer doesn't know that you shouldn't build saddlebags into pants, I don't know if they can be helped. (Thekat*****)

Watching Jessica build coin towers with her baby cousin Vanessa. this is what we call dance practice LMAAO. (Anjelica*******)

Oh! I just got an idea! I will use Mater to lift my lincoln logs to build my farm house. (Lilman******)

If you build it at karma lounge now! 8pm. hookah bar. bring your cigarette holder cruella devil. (Curlyc*****)

Cannon design's lynne deninger and debi mcdonald present "to build or not to build, that is the question at scup north atlantic today. (Cannon******)

Calling web designers in Malta that want to build up a portfolio. I have some charity projects you can have. Get in touch now (Maltama*******)

Bought the wood to build the kids table and chairs. Now I need to start measuring! Who Needs PB and Land of Nod? Not Me! (Mommy*****)

I am trying to build my Arbonne business back. I once was an RVP and want to regain that position. It will just take alot of hard work. (Rhondad******)

Nj transit transiting the dungeon that is NY penn sta i think the only way to undue the crime of 1962 is to build a majestic new Penn sta (Njtran******)

In Astoria Oregon on a site visit, getting ready to build our first home in Or. So far has been a great experience. (TrueBuil*******)

Block 5 design was asked to build the new Macnas website! Big beautiful images, stay tunned for sneeky peek. Mark (Block5******)

It took me 35 minutes, but I managed to build a very rudimentary tank in Little Big Planet! Worth it. (Zw**)

After build a very beatiful lancer evolution vi on faf tokyo drift (y) (Ardhi****)

So before we start, guess what my son did with his new huge Star Wars Lego set that took us 2 days to build? (Cutiep******)

My cousin bought the Star Wars Lego Clone Star Destroyer n were all excited to build it and everythin, only to find its missing 6 key pieces (Undernet*******)

If I had a hammer I'd build this bathroom cabinet. I own one, I just can't find it. (Mortic******)

Time to flash the old router and start figuring out how to build a wireless bridge. (Polar****)

Heading out to buy PWD award parts. Now that I've seen the cars, I'm ready to build them. (Cubmast*******)

Need to build 3 models of historical events that involve peeps for display case. cannot think of any that do not involve the death of peeps. (Faithles*******)

PBR with Video Phone. Build a team all around the world and support them with the Digital Video Phone technology! Building Toronto from?. (Punchg*****)

And when the person who buys property loses their millions in a slide, they will sue government for letting them buy & build on it. (Caro***)

Damn, after telling everyone to put clocks forward i forgot to do mine. Thank god for the hour build up. grr (MsCr****)

Homelesscraig Day 58: Helping my friend Chris fix his home (jealous) today. We're trying to build a concrete countertop this afternoon. (CraigMc******)

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