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Buffalo - USA

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Buffalo technology linkstation pro 1 tb network attached storage . (Peran*****)

Tim Tebow has 5 workouts pending: the Washington Redskins, Cleveland Browns, New England Patriots, Seattle Seahawks and the Buffalo Bills. (Univers*******)

Is surprised to find that there is indeed still buffalo at the south park game preserve. Haha. (Xlets*****)

Southwest Airlines continues to beat the competition on cost and service! Booking trip to Toronto. Best route- fly to Buffalo & drive in. (Salad_S******)

So I guess buffalo ran out of celebrities bone thugs and harmony (Ronni*****)

All teams voted for it except Buffalo Bills, Minnesota Vikings, Baltimore Ravens & Cincinnati Bengals. Rule change is for post-season only. (Brendac******)

The Dolphins voted in favor of the OT change. Buffalo, Minnesota, Baltimore and Cincinnati were the no votes. (ArmandoS*******)

Minnesota, baltimore, buffalo & cincinnati voted against the nfl's new overtime rule aka 'the brett favre rule'. owners voted 28-4 (BassistF*******)

Buffalo LinkStation is dead. Any recommendation for Network drive/backup with print server and sftp/scp capability. Accessed from Linux/win ta (Beno***)

Montreal Canadiens have won 6 straight, within four points of Buffalo in Northeast Division (Patrickm*******)

Today - johnny flynn, avi buffalo, freelance whales, middle east, washed out, real estate, sleigh bells. thank you austin, i'm done. (Bluefl*****)

Gotta luv Buffalo in March pulled the charcoal grill out and grillin while drinking cold beer (Kerm***)

Digging the setup process on my new Buffalo wireless router. Wizards and over the air firmware update are super easy. Diggin it (Frew***)

Ok so my new mac book pro should arrive today, having traveled from china-alaska-kentucky-ontario-buffalo-ontario-calgary-richmond bc. (Ashcro*****)

Bed time for me. so exhausted after a weekend in corning, attica, and buffalo! (Melyss******)

I need someone in Buffalo, NY to go to the Galleria and see if a hard case in a Sabres theme exists for a Blackberry Curve. Thank you. (Jess***)

Wow MSU. You almost took a book from the Buffalo Bills, Cleveland Browns and my beloved Syracuse Orange of old. (Jasona*****)

Not going anywhere tonight. Chilling at home with the kids at home. Buffalo Wild Wings to go. Must win situation for the Denver Nuggets. (Tho***)

The Minnesota Vikings, Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals and Baltimore Ravens were against the change. (Green_Ra*******)

Lots of Mountaineers and Wildcats just outside of Buffalo! Pumped for the game! Let's go. (Oliver******)

My mum is intent that i need a second job. Buffalo wild wings here i come. :( (Waylan******)

At Buffalo Wild Wings in the Village. "The road goes on forever and the party never ends!" - Robert Earl Keen Jr. (Mor***)

Options so far: Hawaii at Manoa, Buffalo, Binghamton, or Albany. All I can say is not Albany lol (Swanso******)

Kurtis Foster out tonight, did not skate; Ohlund is in, so is Mihalik as TBLightning will dress 7 D vs Buffalo, Downie is probable (Erlends*******)

Once again pinned down by the old horny goat while collecting the buffalo down. Sigh. (Cyn***)

Random *dancing like Tupac on the 'I Get Around Video' biting into buffalo wong** (Jerk***)

Miracle at St Anna is on Encore. Everyone should watch it. It's about the Buffalo Soldiers. (DrRDM****)

Buffalo for this glorious weekend. Salvatores Italian garden for dinner. AMAZING (Amand*****)

Just ordered some buffalo chicken pizza, can't wait until it gets here. yumm! (CoCoDe******)

David Hale (lower-body injury) will not play against Buffalo on Saturday. (Fantas*****)

I'm at Blue Tower inside Buffalo Thunder tonite. You can win snowboards and girls are in Naughty School girl outfits. (Djauto*****)

With Connor and Grace going to buffalo exchange and then the art festival! (Jays****)

I smell like vomit and buffalo wings from Applebees. It was well worth it though haha! :D (Surge****)

Up makin buffalo wings fa breakfast with the twin. true fatties (PrEtTyk*******)

BOT: buffalo chicken- fried chicken patty, buffalo sauce, ranch mayo, lettuce, tomato & micro greens (Flipb*****)

Two shows today in Buffalo! I am already tired just thinking about it hahaha. (Lauren******)

Special: Michigan raised buffalo meatballs served open faced on an Italian sub bun topped with a chipotle chili sauce and bleu cheese (Mudg***)

Actually nevermind. Anybody that was going to UFC 1, go to Buffalo Wild Wings instead. (LosAaro*******)

Buffalo I'm hunting for jamaican food. I know of 3 spots but what should I get? I'm thinking goat. What do yall recommend? (JayMoor******)

Its been a while since I . I was at Nehru Place yesterday. Got myself a Buffalo Wireless-N USB Adapter & a Belkin Laptop Cooling pad. (Ap0***)

News:The Oakland Raiders, Buffalo Bills and St. Louis Rams are considered to be most interested in Donovan McNabb (Jshack*****)

Poor Mcnabb. lol Oakland Raiders, Buffalo Bills and St. Louis Rams are considered to be most interested in McNabb. (Vinnyv******)

According to multiple reports, Buffalo Bills & Oakland Raiders reportely have interest in QB Donovan McNabb. AZ Cardinals also have interest (Benjami******)

Put a fork in them. This Tampa Bay Lightning season is over. 6-0 Buffalo in the 2nd. (JB_L***)

For those asking, its a hockey game between the Buffalo Sabres and the Tampa Bay Lightning. Score 0-3 Sabres. Go Buffalo! (Quiet_so*******)

Watching Criag Rivet and the Sabres playing the Tampa Bay Lightning 2 period just underway Buffalo up 3-0. Rivet scores the opening goal. (Swong****)

Which NFL team's mascot is a dog named "Gumbo"? (a) Buffalo Bills (b) Jacksonville Jaguars (c) New Orleans Saints (d) Indianapolis Colts (PeteCarr*******)

At the Rochester Knighthawks lacrosse game next to some rowdy buffalo fans! We r losing badly:-( let's go boys pick it up! (Rachelw******)

Oy vey. I didn't know what I was signing up for. Apparent Rochester and Buffalo are huge lacrosse rivals. Hilarity will ensue, promise. Haha (Kimber*****)

A people without history is like wind on the buffalo grass. Sioux -American Indian Proverb (Vana****)

QB Jarrett Brown has private workouts scheduled with the Carolina Panthers and Buffalo Bills (Univers*******)

In nhl action buffalo sabres defeated the carolina hurricanes 5-3f. (CarSprt******)

We thank our fundraising gala sponsors to date Midcan, Multimedia Risk, Buffalo Gal, On Screen Manitoba! Thanks so much for the support! (Winnip******)

Celtic Thunder's coming to Buffalo in September. not too far from Erie. might round up a posse and get tickets! (TishWhis*******)

BTW, for those of you thinking of building or buying a NAS: Buffalo NAS's are very reliable and cost less than building your own. (MarkLeo*******)

Whistler: Buffalo Bills has highest douche per square meter ratio I've evee seen. (Hot**)

His Buffalo Bills vanity plate, "you're the 1st Bils fan i've seen in Atlanat." 'st of all, John's not a real fan, but the voice came fro (The_jam*******)

Getting out of ikea just saw a lady with a buffalo bills tat on her arm (2020P****)

My Buffalo bills season ticket holder seat relocation day is may 20. Probably the last possible day, ha. (StevenRu*******)

Hey Buffalo Bills fans, the highlight of your franchise's history is on the NFL network righ now - The Comeback (Ho**)

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