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Buckets - USA

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60 External Comments

SFU indoor rowing erg-a-thon still rowing strong! Outside B9200 until 1130am. Donate your spare change in the pink & green buckets :) (Bever****)

Overheard from a Minnesotan to someone talking a lot: "Great buckets! Who put a nickel in you?" (Bitterro*******)

High fived 'coach' buckets, kramer, jj, lew, barlow, 3'twan, smith, dj sticky-bird, kg, and coach keady at the airport! howled for wolford. (Thu**)

Found one of the boys missing sippy cups, with curdled milk. Stuffed in one of their toy buckets. Still missing another one. (Missionm*******)

Note to self. Never wear diesel jeans with buckets of metal on through airport security. Never heard so many loud buzzes! X (Jamie*****)

Buckets of water for the past 2 weeks have worked.. not one single spot or blackhead in sight :D (Sarah****)

Old man buckets play of the day, detroit pistons gettng 9 at home, enjoy! (Aches****)

Some people think it's funny to throw buckets if fake blood on you as you're walking out of Burlington coat factory. (Diaryo******)

Our Sparkle Gift Buckets are economical & eco-friendly. Wrapped in biodegradable cello w/a gift tag of plantable paper it keeps on giving! (YumYum******)

Bout to clock out and give some buckets for a few hours.. me and an old opponent from sam houston state (Jtwill******)

KFC should do an ad that goes like this "eat to a breast to save a breast" for their buckets for the cure (Barber******)

My room is by the ice machine -- just heard/saw (creeper.) a guy get 6 buckets of ice. I'm assuming there's a dead body in his room (Awkpa****)

Sorted through buckets of drill bits and misc. cutters: or that is what I put on job card. Really I battled spiders with reamers Ahab like. (Memph*****)

Sorry! i flaked on buckets this morning :( couldn't open my eyes without agony this morning. do-over? you at uni thurs? (NyuIs*****)

I am home. My hair is red on red stripey! Some tin buckets have been wrapped in tulle and tied with silver ribbon. Sprout wants hugs. (Johan*****)

Those KFC buckets for breast cancer are kind of a joke. No cancer, but hey, here's heart disease excess body fat and onset type two diabetes (JohnLe*****)

Many drops make a bucket, many buckets make a pond, many ponds make a lake & many lakes make an ocean ~percy ross (Palmbea*******)

Creation was a film about Darwin, finches from Galapagos I thought. Buckets of tears later I'm shaken still, Wossy and Jools didn't help. (Msimps*****)

Hello again. Meeting went well, got a B on my 15 page paper. Practice went ok, they hit from the pitching machine, until it poured buckets. (Ace2***)

Is anyone else confused why KFC is promoting Buckets for the Cure when one of the risk factors for breast cancer is being overweight? (FLPin*****)

I LOVED our outdoor showers in Malawi. Although, we had to carry buckets. Not there during rainy season. Hang a curtain. (Smull****)

The komen foundation: pink buckets campaign. working with kfc ( kentucky fried chicken) to raise money for breast cancer awareness. what? (Brwilli******)

Shaughn just got us tickets to the San Diego Zoo WITH sky buckets! I just pee'd in my pants . like a lot! (Osvyrod******)

Smallmouth bass made their way across the US in water buckets and water depots that were used for steam locomotives. (GYS***)

Free oil coming soon bring your buckets and mops to any west coast Florida beach, slick is on its way, should be here in 3 days-big problem! (Moonbat******)

Under the guise of charity, how many pink buckets will be cleared by Charlie Weiss on Sunday? (Killer******)

At the airport here they had a display for a new sony laptop, and you could pour buckets of water over it, and it still worked! (BriiMo*****)

Thunder storming in Provincetown & raining buckets. Love a good roll and crackle of thunder. (Kalan*****)

Flashes of lightning and manageable tea cups (not buckets) of rain this early Sunday evening. (Spinni******)

We have had a great day. helped dad put me in a new storm door. whew! that was "fun" . NOT! :-) all while it rained BUCKETS (Sds***)

I decided to try frozen waffles. with buckets of syrup. AND MILK :D That's healthy, right? o-o (MikeF****)

Use 4,862 for pink puke buckets: sorting gigantic prince of persia lego sets. (Magnific*******)

Sweating buckets. My insta-dry cycling jersey is working extra hard on the 'insta' part (Iphone*****)

I love it - it's like a battle of the Buckets, keeping up appearances. (MDR***)

You can stuff your Bora Bora, your Seychelles etc, if I had buckets of money, I'd be hiring a yacht and cruising the Med. (Hos***)

I am sitting in a bra and shorts in my apartment, not moving, sweating buckets. UGH. I am getting a window air conditioner. (Laurak*****)

I had a look around yesterday. They do mixing bowls and buckets for a pound and massive bags of sweets, so it's not all bad. (Duncan_D*******)

Thanks, Jane. I found my costume buckets and put them in my trunk. Ready to help bring Famous Americans to life! (Wood***)

The clean up crew. mop buckets sitting around filled with blood. til the next disaster (Geoffde*******)

I'm all snuggled in my crate. I'm really liking the fluffy down comforter in here. Daycare tomorrow - though it's supposed to rain buckets (Wdlndg******)

Lotus needs to add buckets to the list of touring package options. Cuz if you get stuck in the rain your bound to have a leaky hard top. (Bobaf****)

This to do today. 1. get buckets. Literally I need buckets to make stadium seating 2. bed risers 3. plywood 4. GET BUCKETS (KevinS*****)

OMG the table full of BUCKETS sittin acrss frm us is gettin on my nerves! Mostly bcs thy all thnk theyre fly! Think again wildebeests! (ShoeG****)

It is pouring buckets in genf today. I think I'll stay in and read my new historical fiction thriller. James Rollins, here's to you. (Nancye******)

Including vintage classics? little women for me; buckets every time. also les miserables. (73car*****)

Open fields, rusty buckets, springs & bicycle wheels. Good times! (Papavs******)

Fully acclimatised today, drank buckets of tea & water. 2.02 in high jump. Got to wave red & white flags, but it didn't do england any good! (ClanC*****)

It's more of an operation than a kit! But for 15 years I've fermented in 7.5g plastic buckets. U should step up to 5g batchs (Shama****)

Dear Red Lobster: I'm interested in having buckets of pureed crab slurry fed to me via a tube connected to a gas mask placed over my face. (Mob***)

A full day of cleaning and washing out buckets and vases from last weekend's events. Prepping for this weekend's events. (Anighti******)

I want to get my hands on a couple lego buckets and make a lego castle.. (Spinsp******)

Scan Threaten to scan their system with Net Nanny & check their cludge buckets. That's the word isn't it? No, it's cache. (Denzi****)

For kids? Buckets and shovels, squirt guns, balls, kites, hot wheels cars, travel games, playing cards. (JayTur******)

Oh, and leak from upstairs condo's AC unit has gotten esp bad thanks to 100* temps. Count: 2 buckets in basement, 1 tub in closet, 2 towels (SpaceM******)

Our die cut stickers will be in soon so whoevers hoodfamous can sport them in the back of there buckets :) (HOODFAM******)

Allis/Chalmers ordered 20 empty buckets & lids to Jordan Valley, I'll take 'em. (QEC_****)

Hm.. wife is getting an Alienware laptop.. i7 quad-core, 500GB HDD, buckets of RAM, Blu-Ray and flash looking machine.. am I jealous? :P (Martin*****)

Someone told me they have buckets of spare parts. obviously depending on how long ago the item went obsolete. (Guita****)

We deconstructed folding tables, threw away buckets of uneaten food, and sullied hundreds of budget-brand paper towels: the team was superb. (Belac*****)

Jonas isn't ready to be a go-to, back-to-basket scorer. Same way Vidmar gets his buckets: go grab it for yourself. (Euro_Adv*******)

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