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Brushes - USA

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60 External Comments

DeraFutureHusband we will sing at the top of our lungs together in our chonies to our fav songs using brushes as our microphones (Appl3o******)

Took a notion to buy new paint brushes and a drawing pad, so I guess I'm going to do some art for the 1st time in nearly a year! (31ruec******)

Every one always needs paint supplies. Arundel Restore keeps a selection of new brushes, pans, drop cloths, rolls, tape and more! (Arundel*******)

Things never found at kristens house: finger nail clippers, scissors, pencils, pencil sharpeners, brushes, socks, and the thermometer. arg! (Kriste*****)

Scrambling around to look for one of my 5yo's paint brushes so that I can apply the gloss on the polymer clay charms that I made:) (Shoppin*******)

Note to self: Get turpentine to clean the brushes after oil painting. *O* (WongaW*****)

Have oils, canvas, brushes, and easel! now something inspirational. (Judie****)

I believe it is time to wheel out the easel with palette and brushes in hand and light floating in. Onward and upward (Andymcdo*******)

On that not I gotta clean my make up brushes. And I need a brush set for my bday April 29th. thank u. Lol (AmbzR****)

Sonic skincare brushes can really improve blemishes but can prepare your skin to accept your moisturizers and anti aging products. (SkinGif******)

Decided to go for broke and make the third bookcase. *brushes sawdust from hands* (Sarah*****)

Just returned with a sack full of art supplies If you're in Vancouver the DeSerres on Main has a sale on acrylic & brushes. Perfect timing. (Ato***)

I bought new acrylic-colors, paint brushes and backgrounds today. (Ree***)

A pair of new trainer, new camera/video cam, makeup brushes, makeup case, new clothes ~ byknya benda nak beli! (Azahyg*****)

Instead of throwing away old bottles of 'poo with sulfates. use it instead to clean makeup brushes. Then of course, recycle the empty bottle (LolasGr*******)

Home Staging Tip: Swap colored towels for plain white in all bathrooms and remove bathmats, toilet seat covers and toilet brushes from view. (ITs_Ta*****)

Ever accidentally let acrylic paint dry in one of your favorite brushes? Rubbing alcohol will dissolve it away in seconds. (Studio*****)

NEEDS a new mac lipstick and blush . but also wants a mascara , brushes , eyeshadows , primer and lipgloss'. FML i need a job! (CaitlinF*******)

Loading the truck for Carmel Church; burlap, brushes, glue, chainsaw. (AltonD*****)

Put makeup brushes in the silverware tray of your dishwasher to clean and disinfect. Let stand in a glass to dry after. (Barbizo*******)

Having a massive charity shop clear out, this is hard but my hats. jewellery. shoes. brushes. tea cups and other things take up so much space (Whale_o*******)

Shiseido at a fabulous penthouse in the city. armed and loaded with makeup brushes ready to show tackle makeup contouring. (Shisei*****)

Stupidrandom why is a toothbrush called a toothbrush and it brushes more than one tooth shouldn't it be called a teethbrush (Rags_2_r*******)

Jane Iredale mua/rep was here today, very informative. still not my fav, but damn the brushes are amazing. (Sarah*****)

Woohoo got my new makeup pallet and my new makeup brushes. Now if only my Stila lip glosses would come in i'd b a happy camper! (Sarahnd*******)

Free Kabuki brushes with every full size pot of mineral makeup sold. Makeup Artists these are great brushes to buy to use on clients or sell (Makeup*****)

Cleaning my make-up brushes. I need like 2 new shadow brushes. MAC or Sephora.. (BeUti*****)

OH didn't mention for what my daddy and i was running on streets! All this scene to find and buy makeup brushes for me! LOL (Yasmin*****)

Cleaning all my M. A. C brushes.. I really don't like doing this as I have over 50 makeup brushes :-/ (MsJessi*******)

Exciting Friday night 217: Ate Sonic, read menus for DC restaurants, cleaned makeup brushes. (Inkst****)

I just cleaned & counted my makeup brushes. THIRTY!!?? and yet I still wish I had another MAC 226 brush. of course it was limited edition. (Misseri******)

While my hair dries in the towel, i'm gna clean my makeup brushes. :) (Asdfg****)

Is cleaning my makeup brushes for another bella donna shoot tomorrow! (Expertma*******)

Man i really need to clean my makeup brushes. i have been seriously neglecting them! (Foodf*****)

Left makeup brushes at home but found a mac counter at the airport! Upgrade! (NympheD******)

Awh ok just cleaned my makeup brushes. haven't done that in a while .. -_- . & yess I know thats bad. (Ashley******)

Man, those bamboo makeup brushes at Target right now are seriously gorgeous. (Unpretti*******)

Omg you guys I am obsessed w these new makeup brushes I just got. Called 'branded J'. So amazing and the are cruelty free! (MNMac****)

I want to buy a huge amount of makeup brushes for the makeup classes what should i get am so confused? (Makeupm******)

I need makeup brushes, Hip hi eyeshadow duo, and my jewlery box. uh. (Oliviai******)

I'm watching my kitten go crazy with one of my makeup brushes. she tosses it up in the air then takes it in her tunnel then tosses it agn! (TheNat*****)

Cleaning My makeup Brushes and putting the new Mac makeup in order (MissE*****)

Got this cool mug and gonna but my makeup brushes in it! See how it looks! X (Missla******)

I love cleaning my makeup brushes. It makes me happy. A bit too happy haha (Thatgi******)

Just cleaned my makeup brushes using dawn antibacterial and evoo, works wonder, but it makes the black from my sigma stippling brush bleed (Famousl*******)

New hair dryer (old one died), new makeup, and new makeup brushes :D (Xwhenpi******)

Okay I take that back, I'm not gonna play with my makeup cause I can't find my makeup brushes -__- blah (Reer****)

I am so drained right now, going to wash my makeup brushes and take a nap?? (Prince******)

My godsister turned me on to Mark. Their makeup brushes are pretty practice tools. Cheap, too. (PrimpBe*******)

Sometimes I wish I could sit my makeup brushes under a dryer after washing them to speed up the process :( (Face****)

Woaah, didnt know that old makeup/brushes/sponges are bad for your skin.. think its time i got a new foundation sponge then.. oops! x) (Roxann******)

Sober me would like to thank drunk me for cleaning my makeup brushes at 2 am. (C_be****)

Tip for washing your makeup brushes if you run out of cleaning solution: Aveeno Baby Wash & Shampoo! (Robi****)

Wish my cat would stop stealing my makeup brushes. I'm not sure what he does with them but I suspect there is a Jezebel cat out there. (4Lint*****)

After 30 minutes I'm finally done cleaning all of my makeup brushes :) they last longer so. (LisaK****)

I've had some makeup brushes that I use regularly in my pro kit for well over 12 years & still goin strong! (Coachg******)

If I "had" 2choose 1over the other choose high quality brushes over high end makeup. Makeup brushes R so worth the investment! (Coachg******)

Just cause you put your ass out there for free. don't mean imma put my makeup brushes on you for free, come on ladies step your game up (Crystal*******)

I think ima going to go home get dressed kim curl my hair aand wash all my makeup brushes. (LinaB****)

Don't forget to spring clean your makeup brushes! Baby shampoo & warm water (ACCIDEN*******)

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