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Brush - USA

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60 External Comments

Get a brush (hard brissles) and some grease (dax/murrays) that wave kit shit is cheatin!! (Swatbo******)

Wardrobe tools: Wooden hangers, clothes shaver, shoehorn, clothes brush, professional steamer, steam iron, shoe-cleaning kit. The details (Parisd*****)

Everybody haffi have so mi get meh Clarks. di leather hard, di suede soft. tooth brush get out ti dust fast (_MrW***)

Enoughisenough ur breath should not smell like old baby diapers! Floss brush rinse & repeat. (Msvalent*******)

Some adults smell like baby diapers. Is it their breath? Come on ppl - lather, rinse, repeat & brush your teeth (Mmme***)

I'm looking for a clip of Elliot's 'I was right' dance from Scrubs. Anybody? think I can remember some of it but I just want to brush up ;) (Norther*******)

My pipe b the paint brush her body is my canvas abstract art milk mustaches and pearl necklace (Maccxam******)

Beautiful weekend. basketball, Joey's birthday party. and lots of yard work. Fired up the wood chipper to shred all the brush from storms. (Lemona*****)

Rockin my fleece pj bottoms & the throwback brush c/o 08 senior tee (Breeasph*******)

Missing my horse *sigh* purchased shampoo, conditioner, brush's and treats for him. (GypsyH*****)

Sotd: gillette superspeed/supermax blade, rooney 3/1 brush, mitchel's wool fat shaving soap, c. o. bigelow bay rum asb & cologne. (TheTrace*******)

Housecleaners dug deep into couch to clean today, they found: 5 barrettes, make-up brush, paint brush, lighter(!), nail clippers, pencils (Peacefu******)

Received a lot of random objects in the post today - hair brush, 12 forks, dual purge valve snorkel, rope, screw driver & letter from Dad :) (BillyBu******)

I went into my mothers toilet to brush my teeth and i found 10 toothbrushes in the toothbrush holder?? only my mother and sister uses that?! (Joelsim*******)

Sotd: gl oil, col conk brush, co bigelow cream, edj89l, gillete green (4), lab series burn relief, emj cooling gel (Gryf****)

Wash hands, cleanse face, brush teeth, acne treatment, floss teeth, clean plugs, q-tip ears, wash hands. ~_~ (_billp*****)

I'm a professional make-up artist now that I've a brush set worth using. And happy that I finally decided to get hair dye again. lol (Ambe****)

I feel like an addict.. My new 20 piece brush set came in.. Straight glamoure right now. I'll be a makeup whore playing till i leave tonight (Cocktai******)

On that not I gotta clean my make up brushes. And I need a brush set for my bday April 29th. thank u. Lol (AmbzR****)

Wow. great deal on the eye brush set from sigma. just ordered it. i love. love. love the pencil brush. so glad i will get another one (Xxxxx****)

I defo need Sugarbomb (the new Benefit box powder) and a MAC brush set for my birthday. Also NYX jumbo pencils in Milk and Black Bean. HINT! (Libb***)

Lookin on Ebay to see if i can get a MAC brush set for a good deal! (MissA*****)

Besides Advanced Photoshop UK, my Evasion Brush Set will also be featured in Advanced Photoshop Germany soon! (Shiftyg*******)

Gonna go up and try to make up using my new brush set. HAHA, baking next time thn.. (Angel****)

Ugh I need a new make up brush set, gosh that's one more thing added to my list to buy (TheGoo*****)

I am about to take advantage of the sale on the aDesign brush set! Can't frikkin beat that deal. (Leonn****)

My B-Day will be here in 2wks! All I want are Dillards gift cards or a M. A. C brush set (Victori*******)

Should i bring my brush set tmr? but im afraid that people would want to borrow them. (Agne****)

YAY! I just got the Sigma Nice in Pink brush set as a birthday present! I amo so exited! (Latina******)

Aveda products sell for much cheaper on ebay. also today I bought a BE brush set, and some lip liner, and Ralph perfume. holla (0fthe****)

Itchy fingers. saw something online that i just could not resist. what is it? mac makeup brush set. -_-" (Ayu***)

I'm making a Brush set for Photoshop of House Of Night Tattoos (-: (Itssoph******)

Egads! It's 11 pm already? All right, going to go take drugs (yuck), shovel cat litter (yuck), and brush my teeth - not in that order! (Seak***)

I swear, Bob Ross was a freakin genius. one minute he's just tapping his brush on the canvas, the next there's a whole forest there. genius. (Liie****)

Life is like a canvas, it begins blank, and every day is like another brush stroke, make your life a masterpiece. (Njonas*****)

Iknowhowto speak french i gotta brush up on it tho! je m'appel laura! ((: (IdHate*****)

I was black and white until you walked into my world with paint brush in hand and painted the town red! :D. (Poetr*****)

Today, I woke up at 430pm and somehow managed to take a shower and brush my teeth. Also downloaded more Animal Collective. Spring Break. (Xavier*****)

My dog is houdini. Baby gate, door with 2 locks, a brush and a suitcase wedged against the kitchen door- she's on the sofa when I get home. (Llipry******)

My mums badmind. as soon as my cousins reach my house. she gives them hoover and brush and tells them to clean the car. smh.. (Nor**)

Omg define - a - lash brush with voluminous mascara stuff = great lashes! (Miszm****)

Minor flash flooding occurring ssw of summerfield in guilford county on brush creek at muirfield rd (Pati_*****)

Just think that I need to pick up a blush brush but then I just thought wait a min I'm getting that with my package. I hope it's nice. (Bonnybu*******)

Large print biography of Basil Brush - actually thats quite good (StephWal*******)

How to Paint with Acrylic Paint : Choosing an Acrylic Paint Brush (ArtSupp*******)

Hmm, if you eat cheez-its in the morning before you brush your teeth, your mouth tastes like it's full of baby diaper residue. (Robot*****)

Lost epic game of Twilight Struggle by 1 point (as US). Memorable moment: USSR controlled Europe, until I turned Italy with Brush War :D (Opti****)

Ur morning dragon breath ThatCantBeLegal - Go brush yo mouf wit Scope! (NikC***)

Pen & Pad, Mouse & Mouse Pad, r even a Paint Brush & Canvas. I fux with all 3 (Creativity flows thru my veins not an ounce of blood remains) (Psylen******)

Mineral makeup is so easy to apply Just dip your brush in a small amount of the powder and run the brush over your face in a circular motion (CNatural*******)

Borghese "Prima Platinum". In only 1 coat (the brush designed to coat entire surface in 1 stroke) the colors in its sheerness is beautiful. (Huey****)

There a fan in cleveland that said he has shaved his chest and will brush his teeth with hot sauce if lebron james stays with the cavs! (MakinHis*******)

From the features desk. Tom Edwards' Oz odyssey: Ayers Rock, Aboriginals and a toilet brush: all In tomorrow's Guernsey Press. (Guernse******)

No worries: the floods will probably put out the brush fires. Still, odd weather for the tundra in March. (Mmb***)

Put live chickens in a bathtub. shampoo them. Dry. Dress them and brush their teeth. Piece of cake. You're ready to be a parent. WantKids? (Janea*****)

So. is it OCD if you want to clean the inside of your vacuum? Mine has dust caked around the brush, I guess from carpet cleaner? (Neal_D*****)

I forgot to do something. Was it brush my teeth or unplug the waffle iron? (Adma***)

You got a toothbrush, go brush your teeth. you've got a beautiful surface with so much hiding underneath (Lacey****)

To help blend liquid foundation, try spritzing your brush with a hydrating toner. We like Jane Iredale's d2o Hydration Spray! (Skin***)

Mineral makeup does not flake my sensitive skin the way liquid foundations do. and it is so easy to apply. The stroke of brush feels nice. (CNatural*******)

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