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Briefs - USA

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TENA Ultra Briefs, XL, 120/case photoTENA Ultra Briefs, XL, 120/case
$ 166.99 ($158.64 after rebate)

60 External Comments

Best thing about a home gym is. i can work out in my drawz! wife beater and some boxer briefs! =] (Chick*****)

I usually sleep in silk boxer briefs or BUTT NAKED wit a robe. so imma just wear that to pajamajam maybe bring a sleep mask. ;) (Jtoll*****)

Thekindagirliam Changes a tire, briefs 400 soldiers, cooks breakfast, cops vera wang, and buys lunch for coworkers - all b4 Noon! (Captiva*******)

I returned the faulty electric razor and got myself a pair of boxer briefs instead. They're blue. (Fireb****)

Almost run over in warehouse by skid loader transporting pallets of incontinence briefs. (Tus***)

Guy sitting across from me on the panther bus: Versace glasses, polo shirt, true religion jeans, & prada shoes. I suspect juicy briefs? (KBJohns******)

Underweardujour - diesel light blue bikini briefs with white trim. totally (Speedo*****)

LOL! My favorite brands of boxer-briefs are: 2 xist, calvin klein and emporio armani. (Cocoa*****)

Are there different UFC categories based on trunks (e. g. boxers, boxer briefs, banana hammocks)? (Cowhate******)

My bio: xl-shirts, 34-36 pants, PITT hat, size 15 sneaks, 34 boxer-briefs, L wifebeater, Nike watch, samsung, iPod touch. (SC_Ri****)

Hey girl - hey girl. come here let me slide them hanes boxer briefs down guul! yeah you - wit yo sexy ass i see past the boy (TORIAN******)

The news ran a story on on adult Transformers briefs. The newscaster posed & went " I am Megatron! Do you want to see my Optimus Prime?" (Lm**)

Becauseofmyex i lost like 2 books, 5 dvds 2 psp games, 5 pairs of boxer briefs, and a sock! (TheMigh*******)

I don't think they make girdles anymore but they have these tummy control spandex briefs? Just let your bod breathe. more comfy (Ynq2****)

Business briefs: April 29: The meeting will start at 7:30 am May 18 at the Best Western Inn, 75 W. Thousand Oaks Blvd. Craig Huey, pre. (Mee_s****)

How? we got names andre pussy beater keith fat pussy sc5otty the boxer / briefs dropper mark the video recorder lol (GGucci******)

Commodore and I are talkin. What if there was a brotherhood of the travelling briefs. Gross. :| (Thesteph*******)

Don't want to know what "military briefs" are? Watched MTW earlier & heard a gag abt how Pyongyang sounds like knicker elastic (_C**)

GUH X 10 "except that he was clad in only a pair of gray boxer-briefs and the silver cross and dog tag." (Eastsi******)

Stock market news briefs: at&t, campbell soup company, citigroup .: stock market news briefs: at&t, campbell soup company, citigroup. (Investme*******)

There are so many secret projects under strict NDA going on, I feel like I work for MI6. Except without the cool gadgets or a hunk in briefs (Wicked******)

If I somehow manage to answer the qs, I will immortalize this lucky red briefs of mine! (Mr_awe*****)

Just made myself some briefs from old compression shorts. Really trying to get a good full tan (Lpsm***)

Why didn't I switch from boxer briefs to compression shorts before?! These things feel GREAT! (RyanLee*******)

Me. Panty briefs. Knee-high Gucci boots. Wet concrete. Pyrotechnics. Diddy. Dancing. Wind machine. Someone make this happen. (Corporat*******)

I think do some excellent laptop briefs, there are other brands about like Swiss gear etc. (Chris*****)

Mmm, okay. *Pulls her briefs down her legs and drops them beside him, grabbing the shower gel* (MattyF*****)

I said I wanna feel like I'm NOT wearing draws. Briefs are like period panties for men. And they don't cool my nuts (ChocoA*****)

I bought a child's hooded towel that makes you look like Woody from Toy Story, and Iron man and Batman kids boxer briefs. Thanks Wal-Mart! (Heathers*******)

PHA have started on new social media briefs for 4 clients in last month alone. Call us to see how we can help (PHAM****)

LOL. I've too many packs already--computer bags, briefs, duffels, you name it. family loves LL Bean and such are constant gifts. (Onshor*****)

I added "Amurricuh" to my spell check dictionary while writing case briefs today. (CaptMic******)

Royal Oak Aurdemar Piguet w/ the mahogany band. Tommy briefs. Rugby pullover. Prada jogging sneaks. (Larry*****)

Marks and Spencer has a new line in 'male enhancement' briefs if they're interested. (Teb**)

She wanna see whats hiding in my ck briefs i tell her wear some suspenders and some pvc and then il film it all upon my jvc (8) (PudP****)

Lmfao! Yeah I'd advise u to steer clear! I straight got on tiger print pink white and yellow GinchGonch boxer briefs! Lol (Roder*****)

He's got a black BM, I've got a white TT. I wanna see what's hiding in his CK briefs! (Insert line here)then he'll film it all up on his JVC (NeeN***)

She wants to see what's hiding in my ck briefs, i tell her wear suspenders and some pvc and i'll film it all on my jvc. tune! (DreamBi*******)

She wana see whats hiding in my CK briefs.. I tell her wear suspenders and sum PVC and then i'll film it all up on my JVC.. MiAmI To IbIza.. (Essex****)

Hahahaahahaaha dan his fone rings and he reaches for his briefs. N96 JUMPD out! Nw dats resourceful (MrF**)

He gt a blak BM I gt a white TT I wna c whats hiding in his CK briefs he tells me wear suspenders &sum pvc and he'll film it all on his JVC (Princess*******)

Yeah I think they are boxer briefs. He is in red swim trunks in other pics. (Teamtwil*******)

Looking at Target ad & they have high waisted briefs on sale. Thanks to Mad Men they are popular. I know they're kinda granny but I want a pr (MiChia******)

Tonite episode spongebob hits the gym&wears briefs everywhere Muscle Bob buff pants (Brian****)

This boy on the bus is a G. Purple coat, purple jeans, and I even peep his purple briefs(not a pedophile) (Himynam******)

I love girls with glasses, but if I saw one like that BnT I'd probably have to go straight to Lowes to buy new briefs (Jbone****)

So if you're gonna be there too, say hi. I'll be the guy walking around in orange briefs and an orange top hat. Seriously. (Fredhy*****)

She wanna see wats happening in my ck briefs, i tell her wear suspenders and some pvc, and den i'll film it all on my jvc. (Fik***)

Red briefs the basic pilot is available for your viewing pleasure on Sunday, have the EVS op get it from MDL folder (JShepc*****)

So, uh, when does the shirtless men of LA Galaxy calendar come out? Bonus points for blue/gold boxer briefs only. (Mrsgala******)

She wanna see what's hidin' in my CK briefs. I tell her, wear suspenders and some PVC, and then I'll film it all, up on my JVC. (Hauso*****)

Pillocks. Maybe we can get the Sun to have it in their news in briefs. Elaine, 21, Paisley 'I think the MPC should raise rates' (Travelli*******)

Really challenging morning. Setting up planning briefs for Income Tax, QuickBooks cert., Enrolled Agent, employment, and business. (Poppe****)

I love wearing boxer/briefs, boxers, male sweats, bball shorts & male V-Necks! So comfy :)) (Bentl****)

Lmfao at that last . The closest thing to booty shorts I own is some hanes briefs. (Thee****)

Your shoulders are looking huge as is your chest and how small is your waist I have the same colt briefs. (Fuzzy*****)

Press Briefs: President Obama Nominates Corinne Ann Beckwith to be an Appellate Judge for the District of Columbia Court of Appeals (Brief****)

My sister just said I should work for Calvin Klein just cause I walk around a small black v-neck t-shirt and black boxer-briefs. -_- (TheLoud*******)

And maybe a couple pairs of Diadora briefs sized XXS for yo skinny ass (Wally*****)

Apex bionic soft shell jacket and icebreaker briefs on way from ready for Dartmoor trip next weekend - bring it on weather gods! (Daylight*******)

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