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Briefcase - USA

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60 External Comments

Where can I find briefcase-style tool boxes w/customizable foam inserts, like electricians & assassins use? I haz tools to carry. (Snook*****)

Blast from the Past Saturday: Briefcase Full of Blues, original album by The Blues Brothers. great stuff from back in the day! :-D (Char****)

Just met Bruce Smith Hall of Famer from the Buffalo Bills and Washington Redskins.100million nucca in da Flesh! Louie Briefcase. Gag (Blackbe*******)

I shall always wonder what is in the briefcase in Pulp Fiction. Hm. The head from Seven? Goldmember's key? Food? (Jacobl*****)

At 6am the trains are full of tradies; the briefcase penguins march later (Jurgu*****)

JackSwagger cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase at this week's Smackdown is no surprise. Swagger has been rumored to be headed to (Sports******)

Jack Swagger cashing in the Money In The Bank Briefcase was good, I liked it! . I think it will get viewers curiously watching! (RexxWi******)

Good lord but I need a Saddleback Leather briefcase. and by need I mean "obsess over to the point of sickness." (Jcwi****)

This boy opened his briefcase in class and there's nothing in there but a hairbrush and post it notes. (MEinThe******)

I need to find a briefcase asap. Any suggestions/recommendations? (Briz***)

Nigerianmoviestaughtme that uni gals go to hotels to straff big men for money. and most times they fap the man's briefcase b4 he wakes up (Oyza***)

One of the lawyers here is rocking a white leather briefcase from the 90s. Pimptastic. (Rhoadr*****)

Banana Infused Molasses Cookies: buy cookies, loosely wrap them, put 'em in a ziploc w/bananas, forget them over weekend in briefcase. Yum! (Charles******)

Nigerianmoviestaughtme that you should never carry a briefcase or ghana-must-go bag when waiting for okada. it will get snatched. (YoriYo******)

UTA report 2. What can top a guy practicing nunchucks?! Guy longboarding with a briefcase and falls flat on his face and has to be helped up (Marku*****)

My dad said he would give me 10 dollars in gas if I bring his briefcase to him. In florida. (TrippWil*******)

NigerianMoviesTaughtMe A 'BIG' Man must always carry a Briefcase. regardless of whether it's empty or not! (MsA***)

Now the proud owner of a 1st gen Blackberry. I carry it in a briefcase, and if ever the big wave comes in, I be surfin' MON (Wall****)

Beauty and the Briefcase. Get it? It's like Beauty and the Beast, only with a Briefcase. Because she's a working girl. HA! (Duncd*****)

Spoiler alert! jack swagger cashed in the money in the bank briefcase & won the world heavyweight championship! wwe more 2 come! (Hip_hip******)

Poor mediator goose! It's kind of hard trying to fly with that briefcase stuck. never mind. I'm sure it'll eventually come out. (Larry*****)

Those three packs of trident white gum are going to make my brief case the best smelling briefcase ever! (Raf***)

Oh my god! Jack Swagger cashes in his Money In The Bank briefcase!? Oh no! Too early! -.- (Rate***)

You know u see a man of distinction when he carries a mulberry briefcase! (Bertha******)

Jack Swagger just cashed in the MITB briefcase n became champ. Wow. Thats. really. fast. Its only 2 days after he got that briefcase (Camelhom*******)

Just witnessed a senior man with full-on suit and briefcase rock up at JP Morgan on a micro scooter! (JoeyRa*****)

He didnt know she was into reading, wore his suit nevertheless. Along with the briefcase in his sedan he left pretending to go to work. (Nirav*****)

Dude on the bus has a MASSIVE briefcase and a "power" haircut. I feel like I'm in a hot tub time machine without the ensuing benefits. (Brodi****)

Jack Swagger cashed in the money in the bank briefcase and won the World Heavyweight Championship!! (Jm1t****)

Lost Season 1 - I've been to the pool where Kate & Sawyer found the metal briefcase. It's in some state park on Oahu. (Wellsla*******)

For a U. S. title briefcase or I. C. title briefcase and any other briefcase. Sounds so much fun! It will also feature WWE title match and WHC (TNA_S****)

I am hearing the MIB pay per view will feature qualifying matches between superstars and the winner gets a briefcase. The briefcase may be (TNA_S****)

Cannot believe swagger cashed in the briefcase and won the world title wats wwe coming to? (Axeln****)

LOL! That was an April fools joke. Swagger didn't cash in his MITB briefcase yet. Lol im so going to prank u guys! (LucasTh*******)

Friday Night Smackdown Spoiler: Jack Swagger cashed in MITB briefcase against Jericho and is now the new WHC. (Sports******)

Jack Swagger cashed in his MITB briefcase tonight and beat Chris Jericho after Edge speared Jericho. Tune in to Smackdown on Friday. (Kimch*****)

Best thing about seeing 'Clash' in the theater, those awesome trailers!! That briefcase-turned-iron suit scene in Iron Man 2 always rocks! (FlixCh*****)

I'll send you a photo of mine tomorrow. I have an old 1970s briefcase and a laptop sleeve. It's quite a fine combination. (Normal*****)

Haha nice. The first Apple laptop actually had a handle and looked like a briefcase (Tylerc*****)

Finally found a new carry-on-ish bag! Went w/a tricked-out Samsonite laptop bag/briefcase kinda thing. Commence nerdy excitement. (Organize*******)

This guys keeping it old school. briefcase. planner. pen. paper. and the same underwear he wore when he got married in 1925. nice! (Jca***)

Just found a sweet leather bag/briefcase in our Yard Sale staging area. adminstrativeperks. (TheHa*****)

MIT flea finds: Electro-Voice speaker built into plastic briefcase; lovely analog kitchen scale; small cute mic; Raiders of the Lost Ark 7"! (Fielde******)

New background enlight of Beauty & The Briefcase premiering tomorrow night on ABC Family, exciting! (JoshLe*****)

I have used soft "briefcase" or laptop bags that have dividers and pockets. The downside? They are big & get heavy. (Andre****)

Ugh, i'm so fed up of being skint. someone hand me a briefcase full of paper money please. (Ohki***)

Next to me on the bus ride home - guy in expensive suit, rolex watch, leather briefcase. But on his iPod: High School Musical soundtrack. (Davi****)

Delectable man on the train, mulberry briefcase, mont blanc pen, he has great style! :) x (MarkBal******)

Audemars piguet watch, dimples in your necktie, hermes briefcase, cartier top clips, silk-lined blazers, diamond cream facials (PureFA*****)

OMG how could i be so stupid. and not to forget Upgrade You; Audemars Piguet watch, Hermes Briefcase and stuff ;p (Jessed******)

Wishing The Jetsons were real so we can push a button and our bar + all the contents would fold down into a briefcase. (Z8*)

A music stand. All folds up into the backboard like a briefcase. (Maria*****)

Hahaha very true! but if people don't know it;s an oboe they probably think im walking around with a briefcase, ahahh (Erinr*****)

Trying to find a gucci luggage set for under a G that includes a briefcase.. (Danter*****)

Mike just walked in with an old briefcase he found in the garbage. I'm happy he's dumpster diving but it's no Eames chair. (LakeJa******)

Also found an old montblanc generation fountain pen in her dads old briefcase and he said I could have it! (Anra****)

Check Out Samsonite Business/Computer Cases Leather Flapover Briefcase Black (Hostsbu******)

Burberry coat, d&g glasses, farragamo loafers, hermes briefcase and louis vuitton belt. double yikes! (KHill*****)

Check out sony vaio vgn-nr330e/s 15.4-inch laptop carrying travel quickpass checkpoint friendly computer briefcase/messenger bag (Hostsbu******)

Audemars Piguet watch. Dimples n ya necktie. Hermes briefcase. Cartier tie clip. Silk lined blazers. Diamond-creamed facials. VVS cufflinks. (Darr****)

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